10 Essential Steps To Become A Super Affiliate

Most people start with affiliate marketing because it’s easy, fast, and profitable. But for some reason still over 90% of affiliate marketers fail to make any money online. Why? Because they try to “reinvent the wheel” instead of using strategies that are already proven to work.

Affiliate marketing can be hard especially if you don’t have a decent budget to start with, I am not going to lie, but if you follow the simple blueprint I have outlined here for you, you will minimize the likelihood of failure.

If you want to become a super affiliate you need to put on your gray hat and get to work 🙂 This business is getting more and more competitive so you have to “steal” what’s already working and improve upon it. That is the easiest and quickest way to profit.

Once you are making money and life is good then you can start getting creative and trying new things.

So in this post, I want to give you a simple 10 step formula to follow, so you too, can become a super affiliate and start generating gangsta cash 🙂

Step 1 – Identify Profitable Markets

Stop going after these small niches, where traffic is almost non-existent. I am serious! You need to get into markets with lots of passionate people and buyers. I am talking about markets with monthly search volume over 500k. Sure you can target some smaller sub-niches inside a bigger profitable market, but you need to plan ahead and scalability is crucial.

Go to Google and start researching different markets. Some of the most popular are Health, Financial stuff, Entertainment/Gaming, Mobile, Internet Marketing/Make Money, and Software.

There is no reason why you should torture yourself trying to figure out which niche market have no competition, because quite frankly nowadays if there is no competition; it means there is no money in it.

Think big and kick ass! Don’t be scared entering a big market with lots of competition. Competition is your best friend in my opinion, because you can spy on them and see what’s working and what’s not. Let them do the testing.

Step 2 – Find Other Super Affiliates in That Market

Go into spy mode and start writing down what other super affiliates are doing in the market you are trying to get into.

Visit high traffic sites and click on Ads. See what other marketers are selling and most importantly; how they are selling. It’s a very simple concept and that’s what true ninja affiliates do. Write down what offers they promote, how they do it, analyze their copy, their banners, sales process etc.

You can even figure out what ad networks they are using by simply paying attention to your status bar on your browser, but you need a good eye for that lol

I would dedicate 2-4 days to just spying on other super affiliates. I would take some notes and gather all the data I need. Once you have everything you need, then you start designing your own sales process that is similar to theirs.

Step 3 – Design Your Sales Process

Build your list! It’s important that you take this into account when building your sites. I know that some offers convert better when you send people directly to the offer, so if quick money is your main objective then you can run with that too. Eventually you want to integrate list building into your sales process though.

Pay attention to what problems people are having in that market and learn their language. Insert those emotional points into your ad copy, landing page, and emails. Sell sell sell!

Don’t forget video in your sales process. Video can be a killer converter if done right. Here is a simple sales process you can use for your campaigns using video to presell.

Step 4 – Research Traffic Sources

If you pay attention to your status bar, when you hover your mouse over links, you quickly figure out which ad networks other affiliates are using to drive traffic.

Some networks you should check out are: Adsonar, Adshuffle, Pulse360, and Adblade.

For example, going to Foxnews.com and looking at their text ads I see this:

The link will take you to Adsonar, which is a self-serving platform for Advertising.com (AOL)

You need to test out all these traffic sources and find the one that gets you better ROI, simple as that.

Step #5 – Launch your campaign

So many people do all 4 steps; by then something happens and they don’t launch their campaigns. You need to take massive action and follow through. Nothing is going to change if you don’t take chances and actually drive some traffic to your site.

Build your sites, write the ad copy, and create banners. If you want to be a super affiliate then you need to learn how to put things into motion quickly. Speed of implementation is the key here. 3 months from now the campaigns you researched today might not be profitable anymore.

You need to learn how to catch waves of cash and ride them for as long as possible. Adapt and promote different offers during other parts of the year.

Step #6 –Test and Track Your Affiliate Campaigns

Testing and tracking is crucial. You need to test everything – banners, ad copy, styles of your landing page, colors, etc.

First, you need to test out the big stuff like the layout of your landing pages, and then split test the small factors.

Test your banners! It’s all about CTR. The higher your CTR (click-through rate) the more clicks you get, you make more money, and most of the time your cost per click goes down too.

You should create different styles of banners for all sizes and once you find the winning style, start testing colors, and ad text.

Step #7 – Scale Your Campaign

This is how you are going to go from 4 figures a month to possibly 5-6 figures. Let me tell you a little secret. It’s easier to make $10,000 per month or more than $1,000 per month. Not many people talk about that, but it’s true.

Once you find something that gives you a good measurable ROI with one traffic source, then it’s time to hit other traffic sources and get more traffic. It’s easy to scale once you have found the winning formula and you know your metrics. It’s almost as easy as copy and paste.

Also, by then you will have a much bigger budget to work with, so you can negotiate better prices with an ad network. When you buy a decent size of traffic volume, you will pay less for clicks.

Step #8 – Go Inside Another Market

So what do you do when you finally find something that is producing ROI and you have scaled it to its maximum potential? Well, it’s time to get into another market. Don’t just sit and wait till your income dries up. You should get into other markets and scale those campaigns as well.

What you want to do is have 3-4 good campaigns running at all times, so when one stops producing you have another one in the pipeline.

I wouldn’t waste time on trying to create tons of little campaigns making some money here and there. Go deep not wide. Having 3-4 good scaled promotions running is good enough. It will make things easier and you will have much more free time to enjoy 🙂

Step #9 – Create Your Own Offer

After you get used to the new lifestyle and money is good, you will want more cash… that’s just how it is. So what’s the next step? Create your own offer and let affiliates drive traffic for you.

Since now you already know what’s selling and how to convert offers, it shouldn’t be hard for you to come up with your own product to sell.

How do you do that? Reverse engineering comes into play once again. You could create a similar better product you are already selling as an affiliate. You already know that affiliates are promoting these offers so why not cash in on their efforts?

Create something that you know will convert and put it on the same network that other super affiliates are using, so they can pick it up and send you traffic. Now, you don’t pay for traffic anymore and just worry about monetization of your sales funnel.

Step #10 – Rinse and Repeat

You can repeat the entire process I just outlined as many times as you want. Why not create many income streams and grow even bigger? The sky is the limit here. You can make as much money as you want in today’s economy.

It’s all about spotting trends and riding the wave.

The 10 steps above are basically essential to becoming a super affiliate, but remember that nothing is going to happen if you don’t take action. Massive action is the only thing that separates those who make tons of money from those who don’t make squat online.

So if you just read this post and close the page you will probably forget about everything in 10 minutes from now. Don’t ever leave this blog post or better yet print it out.


18 thoughts on “10 Essential Steps To Become A Super Affiliate

  1. Thanks for commenting Tony. It’s really not that hard if you follow this blueprint. Just need to take action, that’s pretty much it.

  2. Awesome stuff man. You could have packaged it all into a nice low cost product and I would have been happy to pay for it. Thank you for providing so much value on your blog. I have been reading a lot of your posts and I already have learned more from your free info than from many paid products I got in the past.

  3. Thanks for sharing these valuable insights. I have unsubscribed from a lot of internet marketing gurus lately because all they push is garbage.

  4. Really great advice thank you. I gotta get my butt in gear and work on some of my sites. I stopped buying traffic all together after relying on adwords for 2 years. Time to move on, dust myself off and start over. This is very helpful . Thank you.

  5. Jill, check out this post I wrote a while ago about reverse engineering affiliate campaigns. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  6. Sounds like you have great knowledge about the Financial market. Why not build authority blog about that and provide useful information? Put at least 90% of your effort into content creation and 10% into link building. Lots of money to be made in your area of expertise.

  7. Pawel, the information you gave out for free was more helpful than virtually ALL the information I have paid dearly for. I am new to your blog, and to affiliate marketing. Ben and Dave (you know who they are, I’m sure) seem like great guys, but they just drive you to another company, who want thousands of dollars to actually help you. My site that they built with/for me is stagnant. I want to start from scratch. Can you offer any links that can really help a novice like me? Thank you in advance

  8. Fantastic tips – thanks a lot. I’m wondering, if it’s really worth it, creating/launching your own products (considering the huge workload involved: product creation, support, networking to get super affiliates on board – you need to successfully promote for them first…) ?

  9. As always Pawel. But these tips are for the pros who has thousand of loyal followers. I thinking building a fanbase is really important before trying to set your foot in affiliate marketing.

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