10 Ways To Make Money Online That Work Extremely Well

Making money online is great if you have a blueprint that works. Nowadays there are a lot of different methods and strategies but the learning curve is huge for the most part. Most people get lost and never achieve their goals because of information overload. Sometimes they are even being lied to and misguided.

I am writing this article for you today to give you some of my best affiliate strategies that have worked for me in the past and continue to work.

It’s important that you know which methods are effective so that you can pick one that works and stick with it until you achieve your desired results.

I am going to give you 10 killer affiliate tactics that are proven to generate results. These strategies have generated a lot of money not just for me but also for many other super affiliates who are in the know.

So let’s get started 🙂

1.  Build A List – You probably have noticed by now that most money is being made from email marketing. Having your own list of subscribers is crucial to your success. Building a list should be your number 1 priority because once you have a list you own a traffic source.

You need to set up your own sales funnel that you can drive traffic to. Identify your niche market and set up a squeeze page. Obviously you are going to need an autoresponder service as well.

Your sales funnel needs to be fully set up before you start driving visitors to your site. Best way to get people to optin to your list is to offer something of great value. It could be a report, software tool, or even a full blown video course.

It’s important that you prewrite your follow up messages that will go out to your subscribers over at least 2 weeks. Here is where you are going to monetize your list by promoting other people’s products that can help them get their results, or solve their problem.

2. Use Video – Video marketing has really taken off in the past few years. What’s really cool about video is that it’s a low cost (almost free) method of driving traffic that in many cases outperforms paid forms of advertising.

You can literally create a simple video in less than 15 minutes and upload it to Youtube for instant exposure of your business. By doing so you are not only going to cash in on the existing traffic from Youtube but also get additional visitors from search engines. Videos get indexed in the serps which really helps and if you get some backlinks to your videos they will rank for some of the most competitive search terms.

Video is a great way to presell affiliate products and you should seriously think about integrating this highly effective method into your marketing.

3. Write Free Reports – This is one of my favorite ways of driving traffic to my sites and selling affiliate products. It’s extremely effective and can produce mind blowing results. Not only that but it’s also free and the only thing you need to invest to make it work is your time.

The first thing you should do is identify what problems people are having in your niche. You can also research what info products are already selling well. Then simply write a 20-30 page ebook on that topic and distribute it for free to all the places that allow ebook submissions.

Of course you will also need to monetize your content with affiliate products. I recommend adding 2-3 affiliate links inside your report. Do not pitch 1000 different offers inside the report because that will not get you paid. Keep it simple and provide value while at the same time recommending something that can truly help them.

Once you have your report ready convert it into a PDF format and submit it to ebook directories, forums etc.

You will be surprised how well this works once your ebook starts going viral on the web 🙂

4. Do Solo Ads/Swaps – Building a list is important and we have already established that but how can you get a list of subscribers fast? The answer is solo ads.

There are tons of people out there in many different niches that sell advertising in their newsletters. Once you have your funnel set up with a squeeze page you could simply purchase an ad slot and instantly get hundreds of new subscribers literally overnight.

Before you jump on this method I highly recommend that you do some research on the person you are buying the solo ad from. There are dishonest people out there and scammers who will gladly take your money and never deliver anything.

Do not purchase solo ads from brokers who claim to have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Most of the time their emails are worthless or worse scraped from the internet for spam.

Once you build up your list to let’s say 1000 people you can start doing Ad Swaps with other marketers. The way it works is that you simply send out a promo for them and they do the same for you. This way both of you can grow your lists at the same time.

This method alone can quickly snowball your affiliate income and produce very impressive results.

5. Guest Blogging – Guest blogging is the new form of article marketing. It works very well if you have an established website that you are trying to rank in search engines.

Submitting articles to article directories lost its effectiveness with Google’s new algorithm update. Now you should write high quality content and distribute it to other sites in your niche. Your article should also be unique and written exclusively for the site where you are submitting it to.

This is a win win situation for you and the blog owner. You get a backlink back to your website which increases your search engine rankings while the blog owner gets to post good content on his site for his readers.

What’s important to note here is that when you submit your article to high traffic sites with an existing audience, there is a higher chance it could go viral and generate more links to your website. When you start doing guest blogging always make sure to write highest quality content because if the article gets popular and bookmarked all over the web that link you get will be much more powerful.

6. Use Press Releases – Most affiliate marketers do not use press releases to drive traffic which is a big mistake in my opinion. One good press release can get picked up by major news sites and produce massive backlinks to your website.

Of course it’s important that you have a website that provides valuable content otherwise this technique is not very effective.

To get the most out of your press releases you should combine it with a linkbait on your site. Linkbait could be a piece of content or tool that people want to link to. Then you announce it by submitting a press release.

Properly structured press release campaign can get a lot of traffic and backlinks to your website which of course translates into money.

Here are some press release services that I use.

– PrWeb.com

– Webwire.com

– 24-7pressrelease.com

– PrLog.org

– 1800pressrelease.com

– Onlineprnews.com

– Free-press-release.com

7. Create Low Cost Products – By low cost I mean $27 or less price point. These products are easy to create and easy to sell.

The strategy is to build a list of buyers. The best thing to do is to set up 100% commission payout for your affiliates with these products because your main objective is to acquire a customer.

The affiliates will drive traffic to your sales pages and you will build a list of customers who are much more likely to buy from you later on when you promote something to them.

There are already different platforms that you can use to run these little affiliate programs. You can check out the 7 dollar script or Rapid Action Profits software.

The income potential here is quite impressive because you can monetize that traffic in many different ways.

8. Get Social – I am not a big fan of social media but you cannot ignore it anymore. It’s important to be out there and interact with people in your niche.

Create a fan page and give out something of value if someone “Likes” it.

There are tools out there that will automate it for you such as FBMaxed.  You can then go to Fiverr and for $5 you could get other people to blast out your fan page to all their friends.

If you got something that has the potential to go viral you could cash in big.

You could also advertise your fan page using Facebook Ads. They offer some great demographic targeting. You could target by likes and interests to get the best ROI possible.

Having fans on your Facebook fan page is almost like having a mailing list right now. When you post something on there all the people who liked the page will see it in their feed.

Create a channel on Youtube and post valuable videos. Answer your viewers’ questions and watch your channel get more subscribers.

9. Media Buying – This requires some upfront investment but the potential is enormous.  In March of 2009 I was one of the top affiliates for Neverblue using Media Buys.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars right away. You can start small and build your way up to a bigger advertising budget while making money at the same time.

Trick is to visit some of the high traffic sites and see what other affiliates are doing. Spy on them for a week or 2 and see what’s working for them.

Then simply replicate their campaigns. It’s really not that hard, you just need to take action that’s all.

Create a landing page and presell your offer. You could even create a video and make your visitors optin before they can watch it, so you build a list at the same time. Split test different versions of your landing page and see which one converts better.

Then scale up your campaign and buy more traffic. That’s all it takes…really!

10. Build Authority Sites – This strategy takes time and dedication but it’s well worth it at the end. It’s a long term business model that produces passive income on complete autopilot.

You should create authority content sites that you keep growing all the time. Original and quality content is key though, but you could totally outsource it too.

Authority sites can produce massive free traffic from search engines, but it won’t happen overnight. It’s not even going to happen your first month. Like I said it requires time and effort, but once your site starts gaining traction it’s going to snowball from there.

This should be your side project you keep working on while using other methods to generate cash flow. The money you make using other strategies should provide fuel for development of your authority site.

Once your site starts getting thousands of visitors you can monetize it by selling advertising, promoting CPA offers etc. You basically then own your own traffic source.

…Or you could also cash out big and flip it for some nice coin 🙂


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  1. Great post Pawel! I love reading your blog bro. You are right about press releases. I distributed one to PrWeb one time and got tons of backlinks overnight. Good stuff

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