5 Reasons Why Mobile Marketing is Worth Your Time – Startups Included

Have you ever received a text containing a coupon to your favorite store? How about a notification talking about a chance to win a dream vacation? These are prime examples of mobile marketing practiced by companies today. Mobile marketing is the advertising of products or services through any mobile device. Traditionally, mobile marketing started with Short Message Service (SMS) Marketing, but has spread to a wide variety of applications, such as QR codes, social networking games and mobile web marketing. Nowadays, companies understand the advantages of mobile marketing and are implementing it into their marketing practices.

We all know there are a million and one different ways to market a product or service. With all the buzz surrounding social media, many less established companies feel like mobile marketing is not worth the trouble. If you are unsure whether your company is ready to take the plunge into the realm of mobile marketing, consider a few of the benefits:

Benefits of Mobile Marketing That Will Have You Running To Your Phone

1. Low Costs

Compared to traditional marketing efforts, mobile marketing allows companies with a limited budget to reach out to their audience effectively and quickly. There are few production or distribution costs, but the actual marketing requires very little manpower or time. In addition, mobile marketing is relatively easy to utilize and requires little technical experience. Once again, this can be a huge benefit for companies who do not yet have an established IT department.

2. Personalize Your Message

An attractive factor of mobile marketing is that ads are sent directly to the individual. Mobile marketing methods can be customized and personalized to fit the individual’s profile and interests. Ads can be placed in online games, in QR codes, or even sent through Bluetooth headsets. One of the key characteristics of mobile devices is that they are geographically located, meaning that messages can be personalized based on the phone owner’s locations. For example, if someone is at a shopping center and is looking for shoes, there are a number of retail locations that can take advantage of that situation and address his or her needs.

3. Contact your Audience from Anywhere

One of the major benefits of mobile marketing can be seen right in the name. Given the nature of the medium of mobile devices, receipts can receive messages from literally anywhere in the world.  Marketers do not have to rely on the recipient’s proximity to a computer, television, or radio. Because most people have their phones on them at all times, marketers are granted direct access to the recipient.

4. Reach out to a Large Audience

With mobile marketing, campaigns can be sent out to nearly anyone with a phone. Given that nearly 80% of the US population own mobile devices, marketing departments are given quite a large audience. In addition, marketers are no longer limited to simple text messages. With increasing mobile applications, marketing efforts can be done in a variety of unique and creative ways.

5. Send Messages Instantly

One of the major advantages of mobile marketing is the immediacy of sent messages. Phone devices are always turned on, and ready to receive timely messages. Mobile marketing allows texts to be instantly sent to the recipient, and eliminates the worry whether they have received the message at all.

Various companies have turned to mobile marketing as an efficient, affordable and quick means of promoting their products. As technology improves and more people adopt mobile devices, the applications of mobile advertising will only continue to grow. Through mobile marketing, advertisers can reach their audience quicker than ever before. In the end, this is one marketing tactic your company should not live without – even in the early stages.

Amanda DiSilvestro is a writer on topics ranging from social media to company credit cards. She writes for an online resource that gives advice on topics including business credit card applications to small businesses and entrepreneurs for the leading B2B Directory, Business.com.


4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Mobile Marketing is Worth Your Time – Startups Included

  1. Great insights on what looks to be one of the most explosive markets to come .. the growth mobile marketing is and will have will be the future of how we interact!

  2. Mobile Marketing is definitely going to be huge in the coming years. I haven’t decided how happy I am about it, but it’s happening! Neil, I’m going to look into this a little bit more for you. I know our company is just now starting to put some attention on mobile marketing, so I’ll see what services we’ve went with!

  3. Mobile marketing is one of the hottest trends today. But of course, relying on mobile marketing alone won’t generate good results. It should be paired with other marketing techniques. Marketers should optimize their site to mobile viewing also to make this method work.

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