5 Tips For Creating Content For The Newbie Internet Marketer

How many times have you met someone who wants to be an internet marketer or in their words ‘make loads of money online’ but never actually start? In my job I have met many, and many of them have paid huge amounts of top dollars to learn from the experts but still do nothing.

I believe that these people are not particularly lazy but have jumped so far ahead that they have overlooked the most important aspect of any online business and that is creating content. So much so that they fail to even understand how to do it or where to start. They know you can make a lot of money online selling information products etc., they know about outsourcing but after paying out large sums of money for that information they usually have nothing left to get started with. We all know that you need content, So what can you do to get started when you have no money to invest?

I am going to give you my top 5 tips for creating content that you can sell or use to create traffic for your site if you are an internet marketing newbie.

1. Writing a blog

This one is really the top tip for me and one that is not often mentioned by many people. A blog is a great content creator. Why? Because it needs to have great content on it regularly for your readers to enjoy otherwise they will stop coming to your site. Why do I keep returning to Affhelper.com? Because Pawel makes sure there is new fresh and great content added regularly.

Writing a blog post for instance every couple of days is great because it not only gets you and your mind trained in the art of writing but, this is the bit I love, after several weeks of writing you have a ton of re-usable and editable content that can be used to create free reports, slide shows or even scripts for Podcasts or videos.

It is far easier to work with and edit something written than anything that is just a thought in your head. Posts can be as little as 500 words; they do not need to be long. Over time several posts will add up to a sizeable chunk of workable content. Do yourself a favour, get a blog, and get writing now.

2. Creating Slides

People love slides and in truth they really are not that hard to make. Most computers these days usually come with a slide creating program like PowerPoint but if not there are free programs available. If you have a Google account you will find a great program in Google docs.

Remember Tip no 1? Well to create a quick and easy slide presentation go to your pre written blog posts and find one that you want to reuse then simply copy and paste it in chunks into a series of slides.

Changing fonts and colours can add an extra dimension, if you want to add bits or take out parts to make it a bit more unique then you can but essentially your work was kept to a minimum and you now have a professional slide show ready to send to the four corners of the web bringing you traffic back to your website.

If you want to make your slide presentation that bit more professional then you can spend time making a great background for your slides or you can buy some fantastic professional looking slides from places such as GraphicRiver.net for just a few dollars.

3. Creating Videos

This one scares people a lot. But again just like making slide presentations it can be simple enough. When starting out you may not be able to afford screen capture software like Camtasia but that is ok, there are several great free versions available to use. Jing and Screenr are two free softwares that will do the job nicely. They only allow you to record 5 minutes but that is more than enough to start with.

Screenr is part of the Twitter family and any videos that you make can be Tweeted to your followers as soon as you have finished recording giving you instant exposure. Now you can record a screen tutorial live but if you are not yet that advanced and not quite sure what to record then I have an idea, remember that Slide presentation you have just made? Yes exactly, now you are thinking like me.

Record the slide presentation that you made in tip 2 and this time you read it or parts of it as you go along. Stopping to elaborate more on parts of it will give the video more of a unique feel. The video is then ready to be uploaded to video sharing sites like YouTube or embedded directly onto your blog.

You will need a good microphone or head set, I use a Logitech headset that can be found on Amazon, it is cheap and does the job perfectly.

4. Creating Podcasts

There are two ways to create a great podcast, the quick and easy way for instant exposure is to take the URL of your recently made video, paste it into the bar on listentoyoutube.com and hit ‘Go’. This site will instantly rip the audio from your video and give you a downloadable mp3 ready to upload to Podcast site like Podbean or iTunes.

I prefer the more professional approach myself which, before you panic, does not need to cost the earth either. You now have a good headset: all you require is some free recording software like Audacity (Available to download form the internet) and possibly a piece of royalty free music as an intro to your podcast. (This bit is optional)

Take one or more of your pre written blog posts and read it into the microphone and record yourself as you read. Tip here is not to just read but talk as if you were on the radio, so you want to make it sound more like a discussion but using your posts and the points within it as the backbone of your podcast.

Once done, upload the recording to your blog, iTunes and other podcast sites for traffic and exposure.

5. Writing Free Reports and Ebooks

I think now you are getting the idea here and I am sure you have figured out where I am going with this one. After several weeks or months of blogging you will have a nice collection of posts that you can reuse or edit into those all-important give away reports and ebooks that will help build your email list. Again you can edit these posts so they do not look just like a collection of posts but a proper report.

You will have several posts covering the same topic and from different angles which will group together nicely. The important thing here is to remember that once written it is far easier to edit than if it was just an idea floating around your head.

For a giveaway report I do suggest spending some time editing and adding to the posts for your reports. Adding a few extra images to the report will make it look better and longer which in the eyes of the person who exchanged their email for it is good. Of course it has to be full of great useable content.

The other method is to group similar posts into a report or ebook and convert it into a PDF document to share on sites like Scribd and free-ebooks.net for the sole reason of traffic generation. People will read your books and if they like what they read they will share them on creating a possible viral effect. They do not need to be overly edited; you can simply copy and paste them all together to make a longer report.

Remember, when you wrote your blog posts you wrote them to be as high quality as possible so in reality you are giving lots of high quality posts away together. Readers will not be disappointed.

So there you have it, 5 great ways to start creating content that can help your business grow and give you more exposure.

I have seen information products sell for a lot of money which were nothing more than a re-edited and re hashed compilation of reused stuff. If they can do it, so can you.

Maybe it is time to start that blog and create your very own content library. What do you think?

Author Bio: Andi Leeman is the main writer for Tim Lowe on his new educational & fun Internet Marketing blog www.timsminions.com


8 thoughts on “5 Tips For Creating Content For The Newbie Internet Marketer

  1. Thank you for the tips. This is a really good post. I need to stop procrastinating and start creating more content. I like your traffic generation ideas too especially the one about writing free books and distributing it to other authority sites. Looks like I am going to be very busy this weekend.

  2. Hi Jessica, I am glad that you find this so helpful, procrastination unfortunately is a lot easier to do than working I have in the past been seduced by the power of doing nothing. Have a busy but enjoyable weekend. – Andi 🙂

  3. Creating content takes sooo much work 🙁 I wish I had more money to outsource everything.

  4. Hi CBWarrior, I know exactly what you mean, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day, especially when you are starting out. After a hard day at work, getting home then doing the evenings chores, it is hard to get started when all you want to do is chill. I wish you all the best – Andi

  5. Thank you for your interesting article Pavel. I’m from Germany, I’m still a young new internetmarketer and learn a lot from you.

  6. Like most, I find there isn’t enough time in a day to do everything I want to do, but I do agree with you, stop thinking and procrastinating. Starting a blog is a great place to being, at the very least a small website showcasing yourself, your services and/or products, that you can send people to.

  7. Hi Jamie, thanks for your comments, having your own blog or website is great for many reasons, one recent study showed that unemployed people or folks wanting a change in career were more likely to be offered better jobs and work placements due to them having a personal website where they showcased their talents and skills. Having a blog is a very important place to start. All it needs is that little bit of effort to make a start. – Andi

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