50 Cent Gets It – Viral marketing at its best

Some people hate him some love him, but 50 Cent definitely gets it! Just recently there was a video loaded on YouTube of Keenan Cahill (who is a kid that does these lip singing videos) where 50 Cent appeared as a guest singer. Freaking awesome! 50 just earned a lot of respect from me and I am sure thousands of other people out there.

The fact is 50 Cent understands the power of Youtube and how to use it to market himself.  It doesn’t cost him anything to make these videos and it’s probably the most effective marketing he is ever going to do for himself in my opinion.

I like 50 and there is a place and time when it’s cool to listen to his music (if you know what I mean 🙂 )

Anyway, here is the video that I am talking about:

Other celebrities need to wake up and get it too. Music industry is having a really raugh times these days and thinking outside of the box can really pay off and that’s what 50 Cent is doing.Very smart on his part.

What he is doing is basically going to make him lots more money for sure….

LMAO! Anyway, you can hate him but he simply gets it


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