8 Tips On How to Use Twitter Effectively

Facebook and Google are locked into a seemingly never-ending battle for social network supremacy these days and there is no getting around this. While Facebook’s popularity and audience cannot be underestimated, the case for Google+ is one that has yet to settle down. With Facebook and Google locking horns over which social network will dominate the landscape in the longer term and creating so much noise around their respective products, you would think that the social scene on the Internet is mainly about their websites.

The fact is that Twitter is another social network that is absolutely vital in today’s business world. Its usefulness as a marketing tool is paramount and the number of people logging in to Twitter every day is further proof of how useful it can be. However, simply having an account on Twitter and updating it from time to time no longer suffices. If you want to use Twitter effectively, whether to market your products or simply connect with your existing and prospective customers, there are things that you should do and things that you should absolutely never do. This article explains how to ensure that you are actually using Twitter effectively.

1. Set a customized background – While Twitter does have a selection of backgrounds to choose from, none of these will support your business purpose as well as a custom background. Your first step after opening a Twitter account should thus be to switch to a background that includes your main information such as your website and blog address, your Facebook page’s address, and your contact email. Even if you do not have the skills to create such a background, you can easily hire someone to do so.

2. Change your profile picture – Similarly, you should change your profile picture as soon as possible as the defaults ones Twitter provides are very generic. Your Twitter profile picture should usually be your logo so that people may more easily associate the Twitter account with your business/website/blog. If you do not have a logo, you can of course stick to using your own picture.

3. Fill your Twitter bio – Your Twitter bio is great at describing what you do but it is also an ideal place to insert those keywords that directly affect you. Use as many character as possible to fill your bio without however sacrificing its quality. A bio that only consists of keywords is unlikely to impress people and you should focus on using real sentences that people can actually read.

These are basic things that you need to implement on your Twitter account to increase its effectiveness. However, in addition to these, there are annoying things that you should refrain from doing.

4. Don’t go on a posting hiatus – If you are truly intent on tapping into the marketing powers of Twitter, it’s important to realize how important it is to actually use the account as much as possible. This does not mean that you need to post drivel every other thirty minutes but you should not also suddenly go several days without posting anything. People who are following you on Twitter are doing so because they want to see your tweets. If you go days without posting, you run of risk of losing these followers. Moreover, other users may not be inclined to start following you if your last post dates from more than one month.

5. Don’t post the same thing multiple times – Many Twitter users make the huge mistake of posting the same thing over and over again in an attempt to get people to notice their great link. This however can have huge risks as people can be annoyed at seeing their feed completely overtaken with the same posts. You should thus generally avoid posting the same thing several times within a short time span. If you do feel the need to post something more than once, wait a couple of days between each post so as not to alienate your followers.

6. Don’t overload on hashtags – Hashtags are a convenient way of tagging your posts and are great at allowing more people to discover you either through trending lists, searches within Twitter, or other applications. Unfortunately, this has also led to many Twitter users abusing them where each of their post would come with four of five completely irrelevant hashtags. This is a bad idea as it will only lead you to obtain extremely short-terms followers that will never actually pay attention to what you are posting.

7. Don’t address several Twitter users in a single post – Another thing you should avoid doing is addressing too many users in a single tweet.  You get only 140 characters for a tweet, which means you will not have many characters left for your update when you do so. Moreover, some users may feel annoyed that you could not take the time to address them separately. You should generally address a maximum of two users per tweet to avoid such problems.

8. Make sure your tweets actually include words too – One of the most annoying type of Twitter users is those whose tweets consist exclusively of links. These are extremely annoying because they do not give any information about what you are clicking on, thereby essentially making the whole tweet useless. If you want people to click on your links to your website, it is thus important that you accompany that link with a great description that will encourage people to do so.

Ashvin is a search engine and social media strategist from Mauritius and the webmaster of the french official Réunion and Rhum Maurice websites.


4 thoughts on “8 Tips On How to Use Twitter Effectively

  1. Good tips but I don’t use Twitter that much. I tried it for a month and I felt like I was wasting my time. I think Twitter is for people who already have a following built up through their blogs or email lists.

  2. Twitter is something you have to commit to. Many marketers hate to invest time into something with such a wait for the ROI. The one thing I can tell you is that sticking with it produces results and doing nothing will provide you with nothing. You can’t just Tweet hard for a few weeks and wait. It has to be part of your routine. I totally agree with point #8 of this post.

  3. Those are good tips Ashvin, the one that really gets me is #7, I hate when people put a link and then five names, one or two names is a max for me, and it has to be relevant to them directly.

  4. I have to say I never really received much traffic from Twitter. I spent some time on building it up and I just don’t think my niche is for Tweeters LOL

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