According To Verge All Internet Marketers Are Scammers

The Verge just published an article about internet marketing scams giving the entire industry a bad name. Did we have it coming?

I am not going to link to it but you can look it up yourself. The title of the article was:

“Scamworld: ‘Get rich quick’ schemes mutate into an online monster”

In my opinion it’s a classic example of how just a few bad apples can ruin it for everyone else. Basically, if you are marketing your products, yourself, or your services online you are a scammer who is taking advantage of people that buy your stuff.


The term Internet Marketing describes both a particular business model used to sell fraudulent products and services online, and the community or subculture that embraces it. It operates out in the open — with poorly designed websites, tacky infomercials, and outrageous claims designed to scare off the wary and draw in the curious, desperate, and naive. The Internet Marketer positions himself as a marketing “guru” with a product or coaching services guaranteed to generate income.

That’s the new definition of “Internet Marketing”.

You know what though? There are indeed scammers out there who will take your money for nothing but not everyone is like that.

So if you are doing any of the following you are a bad person who needs to be shut down.

– SEO (search engine optimization)

– Email Marketing

– Media buying

– Affiliate Marketing

– Blogging

– Info Marketing

– Social Media

– Network Marketing (I don’t like it myself but there are some legit companies in the MLM industry with good products)

We may as well just shut down our computers and go back to working a 9-to-5 job slaving away for someone else because trying to create an income for yourself online is now labaled as scam.

Funny how Verge published this but they also use the very same internet marketing techniques themselves to promote their tech site lol

The Salty Droid is featured in the article who contributed quite a bit to all of this. To be honest, I actually read his blog and some stuff that he has exposed over the years should be squashed, but throwing everyone into one group called “internet marketers” and then saying it’s all a scam defeats the purpose.

Google does internet marketing…are they scamming people too?

There is a lot I don’t agree with what Google does. Sometimes I hate them but at the end of the day our world without Google would be sad and boring (unless they get some real competition).

Even Matt Cutts (the head of Google Webspam Team) tweeted about the article Verge published.

You know what? I might not agree with Matt Cutts when it comes to Google penalties and all but I do agree with him on this one.

The Verge is painting with a broad brush and I think they owe a lot of people an official apology.

After reading their article a few times I feel like the message they were trying to send got blurred out after the fifth headline that says:


Man…that is a bold statement there. Read it a few times and tell me that it’s not broad. After reading that headline I thought of Barns & Nobles “trying to get your credit card to scam you” which is not true.

The core message I believe that Verge was trying to bring to light is how the boiler rooms operate. It’s really sickening actually, and if you read Salty Droid blog I am sure you have listened to some of the disturbing recordings he published exposing the dirty “closing pitches” those guys use.

The way it works is that some internet marketers in the “make money” niche send their leads to these boiler rooms so they can upsell them with expensive coaching deals. For $2,500 you can have some kid teaching you marketing who actually has never done it himself.

To those that do that I will say this:

A real internet marketer who values his following and subscribers would never sell his leads to a third party to milk them for everything they got.

If you do you are not a real internet marketer…sorry.

I wasn’t going to use any particular names in this post, but one of the popular guys that sends his leads there is Mike Filsaime. I really hope that he will stop because Mike had some really good products and I respected him for that. He developed the Butterfly Marketing Script software that kicked ass and did exactly what it was designed to do – get viral traffic.

You need to realize that internet marketers are mostly just regular folks who are trying to make a living online by testing what works (there is nothing wrong with that). Sometimes they fail by putting out a product that sucks and everyone calls it a scam. Then 2 months later the same person comes up with a really good software tool and everyone loves him.

You can grow by trial and error and that’s the only way I think. When it doesn’t go as planned a good thing to do would be to admit you did wrong, take care of your customers, and move on (the real scammers though just disappear instead of admitting anything).

Sometimes it works the other way around. A marketer starts out by putting out a good product and then a month later turns into a zombie pushing bullshit push-button crap.

That’s the main reason why I try to distance myself from all the product launches lately because I don’t know who to trust anymore. There are some good products out there by people who after their initial launch will bombard you with emails promoting other not-so-good products simply because they owe a reciprocal mailing to their jv partners.

It’s the stupid “you scratch my back I scratch yours” idea that does a lot of damage in the IM space. It also keeps the real scammers in the business because since they have a lot of push with their mega lists you do want them to promote your product. But after it’s all done they now expect you to promote theirs which probably doesn’t qualify as quality product anymore.

So in order to have a successful launch you sort of have to “sell your soul to the devil” once in a while. That’s the real problem believe it or not. It perpetuates itself and continues to grow every year despite all the negative press and people trying to expose it.

Anyway, I admit that there is a problem that exists in the “make money” niche and I am not really sure how to eliminate it. There is no law that says you can’t promote someone else’s stuff to your list because that person promoted you before.

It would be like Google meeting with Facebook behind closed doors and making a deal that nobody knows about. For example, Google would get access to FB data in exchange for including FB pages with Google+ listing in the serps. They could mutually co-exist and grow their dominance together instead of competing against each other. Nobody would stand a chance to compete with Google in search and Facebook would become a monster social platform that nobody would ever leave (it’s almost already there anyway).

But don’t think it’s limited to the internet marketing world. It happens in the offline world all the time and many businesses and companies have been using these strategies for years. The thing is that on the internet it’s more visible than offline.

Internet marketers use the very same techniques that major corporations exploited for decades on much bigger scale but you will never hear about that in the media. It only becomes a problem when the regular folks start using it for themselves instead of just a few big powerful companies doing billions of dollars every year.


11 thoughts on “According To Verge All Internet Marketers Are Scammers

  1. Oh man..that article is just nonsense except the stuff about boiler rooms. I can’t believe they used Frank Kern’s picture like that. His product is bad ass and delivers. If people are happy with his product then what’s the problem? I bet SaltyDroid or the author of the post on Verge didn’t actually buy it so how would they know? They should just take it down and rewrite it because a lot of it is simply not true.

  2. yes, it does make for depressing reading when you think you are either a mark or a scammer or alternate between the two if you have anything to do with the IM industry. It does paint some pretty broad brush strokes but is also one of the few articles that actually name names. They even dis Napeoleon Hill …sacre bleu…that’s sacrilege !

  3. Yes there are scammers in IM. There are scammers in most facets of business. Wherever there is money to be made you’ll find scammers. Wall St, the mortgage industry, insurance industry, medical billing, accounting etc… Remember the savings & loan scandal – Charles Keating. Insider Trading – Ivan Boesky, Michael Milken. Franchising was considered a scam in the 50′s before regulation in the 60s. Wall St execs are still cooking the books and there is another Enron, Worldcom, Tyco scandal waiting to hit CNBC. There is another Madoff studying economics 101 at an Ivey League or City College as I type this. The challenge is to separate the scammers from legitimate owner operators. JP Morgan recently posted a 2 Billion dollar loss. Is that a scam? I’m certain there are no 60 day money back guarantees on that deal. No clickbank refunds there. Do you still have automotive stocks in your portfolio despite the bailout? Microsoft/Bill Gates was dragged into court on a collusion scandal yet they’ve revolutionized how we do business, gave birth to the Googles’ and Facebooks’ of the world and created new industries out of thin air. Some argue that social security is the biggest scam of all. You can’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Internet Marketing doesn’t have a monopoly on “scammers.” It could perhaps use a little regulation but that could very well be a slippery slope. Nothing to see here.

  4. The funny thing is that the way they presented the story only makes people who do want to do this type of stuff even more interested in it. A teenager who sees all the cool cars and the possibilities doesn’t give a damn about what someone else thinks about marketing online.

  5. Lets face it, 99% of it is nothing new and it is all just repackaged stuff! You can’t tell me me it’s not. Have have been researching it for 8 years now. Hell, Pawel you have been sending me emails on a daily basics for 1 1/2 years now, trying to sell one product or another. I have emailed you 3 time and never got 1 answer back from you ever, that’s how much you care. Pawel, I know you never put this on your comments, but I do hope this might set you straight! You are just like the rest of them and I do not take your word for any product you represent. You are not an expert at any of this & you are a IM suffer and auto responder junky. I will not be buying anything from you ever again. Sorry you joined their club? Good Luck! (Kim Smith)

  6. Dear Kim, I am sorry you feel this way. I am pretty good at monitoring my emails. If you have submitted a ticket you would have probably gotten an answer from me within 24 hours. If you have used the contact form on this blog I would have responded.

  7. By the way “Kim” I just checked and you are subscribed under a name “Bryan” correct? Well, for your own good I just unsubscribed you because I have a feeling you will keep on buying things anyway. Go out there and do things on your own. There is a lot of good info here for free on my blog that you will find in paid products. Good luck!

  8. OK Pawel, I was a little sick and tired last night, it was late night been up for about 21 hours. Yes I have had some problems with respect to finding products out there that actually walk you through the simple processes that everybody is trying to sell you. There is no way a person can actually background check any IM promoter on the Internet. You just have to trust them. (Yeah Right!)

  9. Hey Kim, I really appreciate your reply. I didn’t think you would come back. You are right, you need to build sites and provide value or drive paid traffic to an offer that converts (it could be your own offer if you know how to develop it).

  10. The term Internet Marketing describes both a particular business model used to sell fraudulent products and services online, and the community or subculture that embraces it. It operates out in the open — with poorly designed websites, tacky infomercials, and outrageous claims designed to scare off the wary and draw in the curious, desperate, and naive. The Internet Marketer positions himself as a marketing “guru” with a product or coaching services guaranteed to generate income. This is very needful. Thanks….

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