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Lately there are a lot of products poping up about making money with Google news. The concept is simple, you submit your site to Google news and once they approve it your content will be syndicated to their search results.

It would look something like this:

It’s an awesome strategy to get instant traffic and instant search engine rankings for highly competitive keywords, but there are a few problems now on the horizon. First of all, affiliates are abusing the hack out of it and post reviews for products and include affiliate links within the content of their news. Google has caught up with it and now a lot of those sites are getting rejected and removed as well.

I mean the whole idea of news is that it’s supposed to be a news release not an affiliate review. Do you see any major news sites including affiliate links within their content? Exactly!

So anyway, it’s still a good method to earn money though, you just need to think outside of the box.

Here is how you submit a site to Google news and get approved:

Step 1 – Build a trustworthy “News” site (not an affiliate site). Get a nice theme and set up the site using WordPress. Get the Thesis theme for this if you can. Hire someone to write news releases for you for different sections of your site. Set up categories like “Health” “Business” etc. Make those news without any outgoing links. Once you have about 70-100 news releases posted on your site then it’s time to submit it to Google for approval. It’s very important that your site looks like a news site. Have thumbnails for your image posts and images within your releases relevant to the content. The more trustworthy the site looks the higher chance you have for getting approved and included in Google news.

Step 2Submit it to Google and wait for approval.

Once your site is approved make sure you don’t start posting affiliate links all over. Keep doing what you are doing which is posting news. Monetize traffic with Adsense or other networks. Once you build up more trust then you can include other monetazation methods like CPA offers etc.

I wouldn’t include affiliate links within the content of your news releases.

A lot of people are getting rejected because they create their sites overnight with 100 articles published on the same day LOL  It’s obvious !!

Give it some time and spread out your releases over time. Don’t even think about submitting it to Google the first week or even month. Build up some trust first and get the site fully indexed before you do that. Get some nice backlinks too so it doesn’t like some fly by night news site.


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