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Do you advertise using Adshuffle? If not you are missing out big time! Adshuffle is a great content advertising network that gets almost 2 billion impressions daily. Their inventory is quite impressive. If you are a marketer who wants to start driving loads of traffic to CPA offers, your own products, or even Clickbank products then you definitely need to take a look at Adshuffle.

First of all, they offer $50 credit just for signing up :)   Once you create your account you should load it up with funds. The minimum is $100 and with their credit you will have $150 to spend on your marketing campaign.

Adshuffle’s interface is also very user friendly. Once you login to your account for the first time I highly recommend that you click on the Support tab in the right top corner and download their Advertiser Quickstart Guide and Reference Manual. They are very detailed and you won’t be left out in the dark. There are also some nice screen capture videos in there for you to watch which is cool.

Next, you need to set up your campaign which is very easy to do. Simply click on the Advertiser Tab in the navigation area on the left sidebar and then click on “Exchange”. Next click the “Search For Inventory” button and that will pull up all their sites that you can target. Once you see the inventory, you will be amazed.


There are tons of high traffic authority sites that you can target, even the Google content network.  When you click on the publisher it will reveal to you all the ad sizes available for that inventory and their winning bid range.


You simply check the box you want and it will be automatically added to your shopping cart. Once you are done adding the inventory you want to target just click the big green button at the top and click the “Bid now” button to start creating your campaign.


On the next screen you will be able to set up your daily budget, targeting, bidding strategy etc. What I like about Adshuffle campaign builder is the Creative Optimization Template option which basically allows you optimize the serving of your ad creatives based on conversions or revenue.


Once you fill out all the details the next step is to select your ad placement method. Adshuffle offers 2 placement methods Javascript or IFrame. The next step is to add your creatives and launch your campaign.

Adshuffle is a great marketing tool and you can use it to drive traffic to your own offers or for your clients. It’s very user-friendly and you should not have any problems with setting up your first campaign. There is a lot traffic out there just waiting for you to tap into, so go get it :)


7 thoughts on “Adshuffle – Start your campaign

  1. Hey Pawel, this is awesome. I just signed up with them and their inventory just blows my mind. So many possibilities Wow. Thanks man

  2. I am using Adshuffle and they are great. You can get some massive traffic through them, but be careful and make sure you track everything.

  3. Roberts just go to and sign up. It’s free to create your account. When you do that go and check out their inventory.

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