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Today I want to talk about Adult traffic and how it converts with CPA offers. I have had really good results with some of the Adult traffic networks lately, so I wanted to give you some tips and show you which networks can get you a lot of cheap traffic really fast.

You might think that the adult traffic is worthless but it’s not and the stats prove it.

I am not going to reveal to you my profitable campaigns but I am going to prove to you that you can get adult traffic to convert and after some optimization get it to make you some money.

I did a test campaign for BeNaughty offer from Neverblue and was able to get some promising stats. I tested the campaign for BeNaughty Australia that pays out $7.50 per lead.

I created some banners of my own and also used the ones they provided. The ones I created got a lot better CTR which is what I expected anyway.

My banners were very simple. Some had a graphic and some had just plain text on green background to really stand out.

My top banner had a CTR of 0.25% which is not bad for traffic from Adult sites by the way.

Here is a screenshot from my Adxpansion account for that particular campaign:

I had to blur out a few of the banners I created because some people might think they were inappropriate 🙂

The other ones were provided by BeNaughty inside my Neverblue account. So my first tip to you is to create your own banners. Don’t use the ones provided. If you do some outside of the box thinking you can greatly increase your CTR which means more traffic and more conversions.

I spent $106.99 for this test run and that got me 731 clicks. So my average cost per click was $0.15.

Here is how it converted for me

Some of my clicks were not recorded by Neverblue probably because part of the traffic didn’t come from Australia, but the stats are promising.

If I did some optimization and dumped the banners that didn’t perform well I could probably get this campaign to make money.

The result is quite interesting though:  $90 made from $106.99 spent on the first run, that’s not bad at all.

I like using Adxpension because they allow you to target by countries and bid per click instead of per impression.

Some other networks I had success with are:



The trick to making adult traffic convert is to get them out of the state of mind they are in at the time of browsing the site they are on … lol

Adult sites get millions and millions of visitors every single day. If you think about it those people are also regular consumers who spend money online, especially the US traffic. They are just in a different state of mind when on these sites and your job is to convert them back.

What’s cool about these adult advertising networks is that they can send you thousands of visitors very fast at a very low cost. You can literally set up a few test runs and see which CPA offers convert for you and which don’t. Then do some simple optimizing and get it to make you money. After that it’s hands-free income from there.


10 thoughts on “Adult Traffic Converts

  1. Again Pawel great post! I am not sure if I want to get into the adult industry yet but this is definitely something to think about. Your content just keeps getting better. Are you still running this campaign? That’s some cheap traffic for sure…Have you tried anything else besides dating offers?

  2. No I paused it for now, but I am going to do some optimization. I constantly try new offers with this type of traffic and some do convert well 🙂

  3. Nice case study Pawel. I just signed up with Adxpansion and I am going to test out their traffic with some CPA offers. Thanks for this post.

  4. Wow man, I have never even heard of Adxpansion before. Adult traffic has always been a mystery to me but I need to jump on this bandwagon soon. I got some very cool ideas after doing some research 🙂

  5. If your looking for adult cpa offers or adult pay per sale offers then is by far the best adult cpa network out there. Hundreds of offers in everything from adult dating to cams to hardcore niches. If your an ACO affiliate you get a 5-10% bonus with eros advertising, reporo, choker, adxpansion and a few other adult traffic companies. Check it out you wont regret it. If your an adult webmaster you owe it to yourself to signup and increase your ROI today

  6. i used to promote adultfriendfinder and making good cash, 3000USD Per 2 weeks recentely i was converted due i no longer able to get paying member, i have tried different stuff like clicksor and exoclick but in vain

  7. Hi Powel, I was looking for info regarding adult media buys and luckyly came accros this post. I will bookmark it! I just would like to know if you were using a landing page before sending traffic to offer or if you were sending direct to offer! Thank you.

  8. Don’t Ever Join A CPA network.. most scrub you hard like “Adult Cpa Offers” known as ploose known.. don’t waste your time and just go directly if you can always Negotiate higher payouts and some even pay weekly.

  9. If your looking for a good cpm network go with plugrush. I have had a ton of success with them on my small niche tube sites. Just a warning stay away from there mobile redirects, you’ll get de-indexed by google. But if your going to use blackhat methods then defiantly use mobile redirects they pay up $7.00 per cpm!

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