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Today I was on the Shoemoney’s Affiliate Cash Tree webinar where he talked about affiliate marketing and how his method works better than traditional direct linking to merchants from your landing pages.

Well, he is right it. It does work better and it puts you in the driver seat basically. I actually published a guide on how to make money while building a list, but Jeremy’s approach is a bit different.

He talks about creating high value services to capture users and then sell other relevant offers on the backend.

At the end of the webinar he pitched his Affiliate Cash Tree system that you can pick up for $997.

Is it worth it?

If you are on a low budget and don’t have an existing cash flow then you probably shouldn’t buy it. It will save Jeremy a headache that comes from dealing with people who drop their last money on courses thinking they will get rich next month.

On the other hand if you got money to play with and want to get some insightful tips then this might be worth investing in.

The Affiliate Cash Tree comes with some great bonuses too. Jeremy will do 2 live training webinars where you can ask him anything you want etc. It also comes with his Shoemoney System and one year PRO membership to Shoemoney Tools.

It’s not a scam lol Shoe is legit, but his offer is not for everyone. To implement his system you still need funding for your campaigns, development etc.

Overall I think you will be better of investing into Affiliate Cash Tree than buying 30 ebooks for $37 from Clickbank about making money overnight.

You can get Shoe’s system here.

Price: $997


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