Affiliate Marketing Is Hard

Why is that some people make money online quick as affiliate marketers and some don’t see any substantial success at all? There are a few reasons for that. The fact is is that affiliate marketing is not easy for a lot of people. Regular folks who just want to supplement their income and have never built a website before struggle to make money from the net. There is a huge learning curve that a lot of marketers leave out in their sales letters.

Anyway, I think the major killer of success is lack of capital to start with. There are so many people out there that know exactly what to do, have some awesome ideas, but they just sit on it and can’t move forward because of lack of money to make it happen. Sure, starting an online business doesn’t really cost much if you just take for consideration the domain name and hosting. But what about all the other stuff like traffic, SEO, link building, tools etc. It DOES cost money.

I am NOT saying you can’t make money without money, but it takes a lot longer to do that and it requires a lot of motivation that most people don’t have. If they don’t make the money first month they usually give up even though their project could turn out to be highly lucrative in the future. Get my point?

There are also so many ways to promote affiliate programs. Most people don’t know where to start because of information overload.

So if you got money to work with you could easily be making profit even your first week. It’s true! For example, you could hire someone to program a cool application or software that people want or need. You could outsource product creation, salesletter, graphics etc. It’s obvious that most super affiliates sell their own products so you should work towards doing that as well, because that builds a massive email list. If you got money you can also afford advertising and testing what works. Without cash you can’t afford testing, you need a 100% winner or you’re toast. Oh and trust me nobody will give away their working campaign.

The only alternative to having capital is skill and that also takes money to learn (most of the time)

If you are starting out, you will need to buy some marketing courses too. Let’s be realistic, without buying a single product from other people you won’t even know how to create one or how the procees works.

You need some capital. I am not talking about thousands of dollars, but you need some money on the side that you can put towards your online business. If you don’t have any money and buying products will put a lot of stress on you then you need a job, plain and simple.


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  1. Well said. This was actually one of my biggest problems when I started. I hated doing the manual work and didn’t have money to outsource. I basically went and got a second job and once I saved up some cash I started marketing online again. Once you have money to outsource everything is fast and easy. Get some money first then jump into this business and you will save yourself a lot of stress and frustration for sure.

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