Affiliate Networks That Pay Instant 100% Commissions

I think one of the biggest challenges that affiliate marketers face is keeping up with funds to run their profitable campaign long enough to get the first payment. Most affiliate networks pay monthly or weekly.

In some cases you might have to wait 2 months to get your first payment! It totally sucks especially if you got something good going that makes you money but you are forced to pause the campaign because you got no funds left for traffic.

I had this problem once with Linkshare. Years ago I promoted an offer that had great ROI on eBay. Yes, I was actually promoting an affiliate link inside my eBay listings at that time. When I stopped running it Linkshare waited over 4 months to send me the check. I was not happy.

Some affiliate networks will work with you though if you run decent amount of volume through them. But again to run decent amount of volume you need funds first.

So if you want to get paid daily straight to your Paypal account like as soon as the sale is made then you need to check out affiliate networks that pay 100% commissions.

Why it’s a great solution? Well, if you were going to use the system I outlined here about buying solo ads then you can get paid daily and build a list at the same time. You won’t have to wait for payment so you can constantly keep buying solo ads or traffic from other sources (of course your sales funnel needs to convert well).

It’s nice to receive payments directly to your Paypal account right there and then without waiting. The only thing is that most of the offers that you can promote through these 100% commissions networks are all about “making money” and “internet marketing”. There are some in other verticals but majority of them are info products in the IM niche.

Here are some networks you can join to get paid instantly for each sale:

1. JVZoo ( – It’s new but it’s growing fast. On their network you will find many WSOs to promote as well as other stand alone products. They offer split payments through Paypal’s new adaptive payments system. What that means is that whenever a sale is made the paid amount is split in the background on the fly and you get your commission instantly. They have offers that pay anywhere from 50% to 100% (most of them anyway)

With JVZoo you can also deliver your bonuses automatically to people who purchase through your link. You simply upload the file you want your customers to get after they buy a product you promote and JVZoo will automatically deliver it right after purchase.

I guess the only downside (not really a downside) is that their order page could look a little better, but since they mostly sell IM products it’s not really a problem and doesn’t hurt conversion I would think.

What’s really cool about JVZoo though is that if you send someone to a product sold on their marketplace they drop a global cookie. That means that if the same person buys any other product from their marketplace you will get a commission on that as well.

JVZoo also pays out affiliate bonuses and constantly runs different contests. If you are going to sell inexpensive IM products then you should definitely give them a try.

2. Warrior Plus ( – This affiliate network was built for one reason only and that is to sell WSOs on Warrior Forum. Almost every product listed there is a WSO. To be an affiliate it costs around $3.99/month just to be a member. I think it’s a big turn off to be honest, but if you can make just a few sales per month that fee is really not noticeable.

They also integrated split payments recently. For a long time though you would get paid differently than on JVZoo for example. If you were getting 50% for each sale then it would rotate the payments so that 100% of every other sale would go directly to your Paypal account, but the first sale would always go to merchant.

One thing about WarriorPlus that is worth the price of membership alone is the data they provide in their backend. You can literally see which offers sell the most, their conversion rates, and EPC.

So if you are planning on running your own WSO in the future you could spy on other vendors to see what they are doing to get best results.

3. DigiResults (– Good network with products you can promote in many different verticals not just IM. There is no fee to be an affiliate. You also get paid instantly through Paypal’s adaptive payments. You don’t have to worry about refunds because everything is handled automatically.

They provide some good data as well like the EPCs, how many sales the vendor had etc. Some vendors use it to sell WSOs as well.

Digiresults has great customer support in case you need it and getting set up is fast and painless. I like how they show the entire sales funnel when you click on any of the products you want to promote, so you can see if there are any upsells that you could get commission on as well.

They offer some good incentives for product vendors so if you are going to sell something of your own you might want to check them out. You could take advantage of their seamless integration with other networks such as Paydotcom or Clickbank.

4. Rap Bank (– This network basically lists all the products that sell through their software Rapid Action Profits. The downside is that you will need to visit each vendor and sign up for their affiliate program independently  to get your affiliate links. Plus I don’t think they offer instant split payment feature.

If you promote something through them the visitor will be cookied only for that product unlike with JVZoo where you get a commission even if they purchase something else from their network.

5. E-Junkie ( – Stable network that has been in this business for quite some time now. I have never listed anything there myself or sold anything as an affiliate through them. It seems though that there are some products in their marketplace that also pay 100% commission on each sale.

I am not sure how they handle things because there wasn’t much I could find about affiliate payments on their site. They are great for vendors. You can sell physical products through them and their affiliate base is quite large. You can also offer free downloads with  their system to build your list of subscribers.

Anyway, I guess those are the top 5 worth mentioning. If you are just starting out and you plan on promoting products in the IM space then I recommend that you promote 100% commission offers first.

Most affiliates go to Clickbank and even though CB pays weekly you won’t get paid your first week. Plus refund rates are horrible there mostly because they have a lot of scammy products but serial refunders found Clickbank too lol

You would be surprised how many people buy stuff from there knowing before purchase that they will ask for their money back. Since CB makes it easy for anyone to refund without even the vendor knowing a lot of buyers abuse it. In other words they basically steal.

But I think the CB vendors selling in the E-Business Marketing category brought it on themselves by pushing “1-click” deals for the past couple of years.

It just makes more sense to promote something that will get you paid right away so you grow much quicker that way. Now just learn how to presell offers and start driving traffic 😉


4 thoughts on “Affiliate Networks That Pay Instant 100% Commissions

  1. Totally agree with your thoughts on CB especially the crap products in the IM niche. I work mostly in the health niches and although I promote some products from the CB marketplace 80% of my revenue comes from SellHealth and the rest from other health networks and individual merchants who pay direct to PayPal. I have yet to see an affiliate link for a CB product produce a commission so I’m seriously considering canning them completely.

  2. I haven’t had a problem with too many returns with ClickBank products but I’m in the health niches and I have more problems with people complaining “my product never came in the mail!” This group is not tech-savvy.

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