Affiliates – Paid Traffic Vs Organic SEO

What’s better paid traffic or SEO? Well, just so you know SEO is not free anymore. Sure you can get some niche site ranked without spending too much money, but if you want to scale things up then you are looking at investing some cash.

When you are first starting out as an affiliate it’s probably easier just to try to rank some website for 1 or 2 keywords to get some steady cashflow, but once you do that you want to start buying traffic, because paid traffic is the fastest way to make money. It’s simple, traffic plus good offer equals profit, right? Well the fastest way to get traffic is to buy it. A lot of people think that buying traffic is costly and they try to stay away from it. Sure it can be very costly, but nothing is better than taking an offer and sending some test traffic at it to see if it has a potential to make bank.

The truth is you should be doing both. You should buy traffic while at the same time work on your content sites. Content sites is where the real money is at. I don’t mean 50 page sites. I am talking about websites with thousands of pages or tens of thousands. To do that obviously you need some capital because you are not going to create all these pages yourself. But there is also user generated content which is the best and quickest way to grow a site from just a few pages to ridiculous proportions.

Let’s take for example The site is almost 100% based on user generated content and gets shit load of traffic. If you are an affiliate then you know well what Hubpages is. You can create a hub there with your own content and it will get ranked well because you can piggy-back from their authority and if you actually throw some backlinks at it it will rank amazingly well. But wouldn’t it be cool to have your own site where people create content for you and build links to it? Yea!! I am actually working towards it right now and it slowly happening for one of my sites.

The thing is that buying traffic before scaling up SEO campaigns could be a wise decision for some people. Paid traffic can get you instant cashflow that you can use and leverage for your SEO projects unless you have some brilliant idea that hasn’t been done before and it could just go viral on its own, that happens too.

On the other hand some people prefer to create products and get affiliate traffic which is also powerful because affiliates pay for it not you. You just pay them commission for the sale, but that is a whole different topic.

You should always test paid traffic because you can uncover a gold mine that can bring you a lot of cash FAST if you know how to scale.


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