Another Traffic Loophole

So if you are on some of the gurus lists and you follow the internet marketing trends then you know about some of the latest Clickbank product launches that took place in the last few months. It’s usually some secret traffic loophole and some amazing software to go along with it LOL

Well, first of all let me tell you that there are no traffic loopholes in the marketing space. There are different traffic sources and ad networks but you can find them yourself just by searching Google. Here is a link to Gauher Chaudry’s post with a nice list of different ad networks you can use to drive traffic to your offers.

Anyway, it seems like the latest Clickbank launches follow the same template. I guess it must be converting very well since there are more people searching for ways to make money online now than ever before, but it sucks that they fall for that kind of marketing. Most of the sales letters now  never tell you what you are actually getting or if there is any additional costs involved. The people get hammered with the promo emails from affiliates plus the entire Google front page is filled with garbage affiliate sites that say one thing “here is my bonus now buy it”

We post some product reviews here on this site but they are more like entries about the product so people can post their own opinion and it won’t be censored. Anyway I see some strange keyword phrases that people type into Google to find legitimate reviews. I get traffic from like 6th-10th page of search results LOL This basically shows that none of the results on the front page are actually useful to them.

Some gurus also started running their own review sites to make sure there is no negative links on the front page because it would hurt their sales. It’s quite interesting to watch what is going on in the internet marketing industry these days.

Back to the point, like I said above there is no traffic loopholes. There is no magical source of traffic that has no competition or can make you rich overnight. It’s all hype! Ok there is nothing wrong with using a little bit of hype because it does help increase conversions and I use it too, but some of the stuff I see now on the sales letters are simply ridiculous. For example, the crazy guarantees like “I will give you $100 if you don’t make money within 24 hours”. Has anyone taken them up on that yet? or is it just a blatant lie?

What you should do is concentrate on your sales funnel. Check out my previous post about how to make $100 a day online. You can always get traffic but what good does it do if you can’t monetize it?

These traffic loopholes are seriously getting out of control nowadays and it seems like more and more marketers are following the same path. It’s almost like they don’t care about their reputation at all. The worst part is that now the smaller marketers think that to get any conversions or compete they need to follow that same sales process.

Anyway, that’s it for this rant 🙂


3 thoughts on “Another Traffic Loophole

  1. you will see the change in traffic and you will be able to link it to the particular (past) activity in your advertising campaign.

  2. I’ve been seeing a TON of this same thing and I’ve even looked into a few of the products. Most of the free videos they offer to hook you into their product cover the same information. The thing that varies between them is the charisma of the promoter, and which part of the puzzle their offer is supposed to automate or simplify. I just can’t believe that generating free traffic has changed that much in such a short amount of time that people really need products like these.

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