Auto Blogging Is A Waste Of Time

Honestly I think that auto blogging is a waste of time unless you have a large capital to invest into custom coding and brand development. Lately there have been all kinds of new software tools poping up that post automated content to your blogs. Usually they scrape Amazon, Youtube, Clickbank, article directories, press release sites etc. It’s all duplicate content and you are not going to survive with these sites. Even though they might get some initial traffic they will eventually die and become history.

For example check out this graph I pulled from Alexa for which was an automated content site:

They all eventually end up like that. Those sites do not provide any value at all, so why should Google keep them in the serps? Now there are thousands of affiliates trying to create these automated content sites which is not really going to get them anywhere. It’s not a business model!

There is only way to make something like this work long term. You need to have capital to invest into custom coding and you better have the programmers to sign the NDA for that. There are sites that provide APIs with lots of content for grabs, but it needs to be combined with user generated content as well. You can even pull stuff from Amazon too but it needs to be done right. The site has to be brandable and provide value.  With Amazon I would do comparison with other merchants and allow other stores to submit XML files with their products.

There is a lot more to automated content site than what the people who sell these scripts want you to believe. Just imagine how many other people are using the same software. It leaves footprints and Google is great at finding them out.

Some people might argue with me on this topic saying that there are all kinds of high traffic sites based on duplicate content. Yes, that’s true but most of them have been grandfathered in. For example pulls all kinds of duplicate content, but look how the site is structured and how much custom coding was done. Also since they have a lot of traffic that is not dependent on Google, they get special treatment. There are a lot if sites like that.

The point is that an average joe who just purchased some auto blogging script is not going to make tons of money from it. It will get slapped before he gets any substantial traffic to it.  In my opinion you should not waste your time on this. Develop unique content sites and you will be much better off.


One thought on “Auto Blogging Is A Waste Of Time

  1. I agree automated blogs are not the way to go. You have to learn the buisness. Not just buy some software and expect to make a ton of money. Buy building and writeing and posting you see the results and learn from the process

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