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It has been said that many Internet Marketers are worried about the advancement of technology believing that it is taking away the money making opportunities they once loved. Even the hard job of making websites, which had thousands of dollars being handed over to web design companies, has nearly become a thing of the past with kids being able to knock up a WordPress or Blogger based website within minutes.

Handheld cameras and easy to use software are making it really easier for the average Joe to make the once hard to create tutorial series, when finished these can be uploaded to YouTube and other video sharing sites while they sup a well-earned coffee. No more hiring studios or equipment.

Podcasts can be done at home with a headphone set, quality free open source software like Audacity and royalty free licensed music for an intro. No more expensive studio sized kit required. Again these can also be uploaded to sites like & iTunes or shared across several Social Media networks with a click of the mouse.

So it is no wonder that many people are getting concerned, but should we?

With the population of Earth going over 7 billion and with many third world countries now opening up to the world while embracing broadband and social media, more opportunities lay ahead of us.

More and more people can do or are learning to do the things we can do however that also means that there are more and more people who cannot. More and more people wanting to learn how to do these things and more and more people who would rather not and simply outsource them to those who can.

We know how easy it is to build a WordPress site and add several articles, so what if someone wants to build several sites to create an empire of affiliate money sucking websites designed around well-chosen long tail keywords? Could you become the guy who can build WordPress sites for these people?

Not everyone wants the work that is involved when managing  an empire of sites, not only could you build the sites but for an extra  small monthly fee you could manage the sites for clients adding new content as and when you receive it or maybe creating the content is part of the deal.

Believe me, entrepreneurs like money, they like desired results and they don’t get them doing all the work themselves. Some may have done the work at the beginning but once they are on the move up they don’t want to waste time doing the hard stuff.

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, do you think he is the one and only developer working at Facebook these days? Do we actually believe he sits at a computer doing 8 hours of coding still?

No of course he doesn’t.

The same can be said be for Social Media, the role of self-employed Social Media manager has boomed recently. Many companies now offering to build Facebook pages for businesses and managing them along with Twitter, Linkedin and Google+ accounts. Interacting with customers and creating an online brand.

Internet Marketing isn’t just about selling “make money online products”, most people think it is but it really isn’t. It can cover many forms of selling online and that can include services. Many million dollar businesses have sprung up from creating a service that other people need.

For example, building an email list is very important for a traditional Internet Marketer, to build that list they need a squeeze page, many squeeze pages require either a well-produced video or a well written piece of copy that is designed to persuade the site visitor to enter in their email details.

You might not be aware of it but there are 4 parts in the squeeze page that is often outsourced. Big money has been made from products and services that have come from making the squeeze page building process easier.

Software was created and sold so ordinary people can make a squeeze page. Copywriters get paid to write the copy. People get paid to make the videos. People are hired to add the email forms and upload them to the internet. Even special software and WordPress plugins have been created and sold to make the process easier and available to the average person.

So I hope you see where I am leading to. For you at the beginning, it might be a better option to make money online by branching out and do something you find easy that others do not want to do.

At least you are earning while learning more about the business, what is the worst that can happen? It could grow into a large and profitable business for you. If you get really good and proficient at what you do you will start getting referrals and business will grow. You will become the ‘go to’ outsource guy.

There are many jobs that you could do for other online companies.

  • Set up an Aweber account and build/manage email lists writing promotional emails for clients.
  • Writing articles and content for websites, article directories and emails etc.
  • Build WordPress websites for people uploading all the relevant plugins
  • Do keyword research for clients
  • Build Google places for small businesses
  • Write sales copy for squeeze pages
  • Make and upload video tutorials for clients
  • Create and manage a Social Media profile for clients
  • Do SEO and link building for sites
  • Search out great affiliate offers and promote them for clients

There are so many more that you can come up with, the list is virtually endless and when you get closer to the bottom of the list new ideas and opportunities will appear as new methods, ideas and technology is created.

Whatever industry you can think of someone somewhere has branched out and created a slimmed down version of a business that has complemented similar businesses and become the “must have” service that they outsource to.

So what can you do? And can you start today? I think you will find you know how to do things now that other people would happily pay you to do.

Author bio: Andi (the Minion) Leeman is part of Tim Lowe’s research & development team and primarily writes about Internet Marketing, working from home, blogging & WordPress and Social Media for the fun based educationally blog


6 thoughts on “Become The Go To Outsource Guy

  1. Good tips Andi, but the problem with being a freelancer is that you basically create a job for yourself instead of living the internet lifestyle 🙂

  2. Hi MikeTheMarketer, yes you are right, but the nature of business is that if you get a lot of work, ramp it up and outsource it :). Of course if you want to that is, then you become a business and not a one man band. However, a lot of Internet Marketers are like property developers, they create the projects then delegate the trades to do the other jobs as and when it is needed, It is possible to do the same with an IM off shoot business. It doesn’t need to have full time staff, jobs can be outsourced the same as the normal IM businesses.

  3. Outsourcing is something I do now a lot. I actually used to be a freelancer myself over at Odesk so I know a little bit about it. After about a year the constant chase for clients got old and I decided to do something on my own.

  4. Hi BK, thanks for the comments, when you say you do something on your own do you mean you use outsources to do work for your IM projects and now you are the one who delegates or have you created a small off shoot business now where you focus on one or two small aspects of work that you do for others?

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