Blogging Challenges Your Readers Can Help You Face

For years, I’ve been propagating the importance of building up a loyal readers’ base for blogs, and for years I’ve seen bloggers worrying more about their rankings or earnings right from their first day at blogging, instead of going for the real deal i.e. the readership. Working on developing a loyal readership in a slow but steady manner is something every blogger should be aiming for, mainly because of the endless benefits it can provide to a blogger. It is not your rankings for certain keywords that will turn your blog into a known entity from a nonentity, it’s your readers, and together they can make one of the most valuable assets for your blog that you can tap for years to come. To start with, stop taking your readers as merely a visitor, here’s how a reader can be a lot more help than being just another visitor who might end up clicking on one of those ads.


Monetizing (earning money from) your blog is probably the biggest challenge you will face as a blogger. Let’s face it; passion alone is not enough to keep you motivated for blogging for longer periods when you are not getting any monetary benefits out of blogging. Again, your readers can turn into potential customers if you can find the right product, while keeping in mind their likes and dislikes. You can easily find a relevant product at one of those affiliate marketing networks, or even get in touch with some business selling a similar product or service. Your readers will be more than happy to purchase because of the credibility you’ve earned by blogging.

Title Creation:

A blog needs to be updated on regular basis, and to update a blog with regular posts, you obviously need to come up with regular topics and ideas to write on. With Google getting harsh on duplicate content, simply rewriting others’ articles or posts, or using news as a post is not a strategy that’s going to work anymore. You will need to have something real to write on, and coming up with topics can get really difficult at times. Here’s when your readers can be of great help. Regardless of the subject of your blog, you can simply ask your readers to let you know if they’d like you to cover some specific topics, and they’ll oblige. You can add a small survey widget to do so, or post this question to your social profile. Not only you’ll get the topics to write on, you will also get an idea of the likes and dislikes of your readers.

Social media marketing:

Social Media Marketing is becoming more and more important, and social signals are regarded as a ranking factor. You can try buying the likes, tweets, Plus Ones, or shares, but it’s not going to work, the idea is to keep it natural. Again, your readers can come to your rescue, you can start from posting social bookmarking or share buttons on your blog, and you can simply engage your readers on social networks. Remember that all social networks have the default settings that encourage sharing, so when any of your reader shares, likes, or even talks about some of your post, you will be getting some invaluable promotions.

Serving as Editors:

Many a times, you’d have seen a well-known bloggers making a mistake, or giving an obsolete piece of information, only to be corrected by one of the readers via comments. Your readers community works as a check and makes sure you are not missing or misquoting some information. At times, a small post can turn into a long threaded and informative discussion, with many knowledgeable fellows chipping in by sharing their thoughts or opinions, giving you and the readers some food for thought.

Content Creation:

Are you going on a vacation? Finding it hard to write quality posts on regular basis because of your full time job or occupations, you can simply open your doors for guest contributions and chances are that many of your readers will be happy to contribute articles and blog posts in return of a couple of links to their blogs or websites. In fact there are many blogs out there, which are powered solely by contributions coming from the readers.

Author Bio: Natasha Mesty is an Internet Marketing expert and writes on topics related to guest blogging. Watch this video on guest blogging to learn more about and how it can help you in your guest blogging endeavors.


3 thoughts on “Blogging Challenges Your Readers Can Help You Face

  1. Blogging is just so hard. You have to create content, market it, write content for others, do SEO and God knows what else. I tried it for a month and had no results so I abandoned it. Maybe I can start a blog when I am finally making some money.

  2. It takes longer than a month to see some good results! Stick to a good formula and keep with it! It takes time to build 🙂 Stay positive and keep blogging!

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