Can You Make Money With Facebook Fanpages

So how can you monetize Facebook fanpages? It’s simple really, but first you need to create one and get fans. There are a lot of possibilites to make money with fanpages if you know how to be social and interact with your fan base.

So the first step would be to create your fanpage. Before you create it though you need to do some market research. You want to create a fanpage in a niche market where there is money to be made and lots of it. You should also realize that people go to Facebook to socialize not to buy stuff.

Tip: Facebook layouts is a hot CPA offer right now and it would be easy to create a fanpage for it that could possibly go viral πŸ™‚

Anyway, to create your fanpage simply login to your facebook account, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Advertising. Next, click on the “Pages” link on the left sidebar to proceed with creation of your first fanpage.

The next step is to choose whether you want to create a community page or an official page. It’s going to look like this:

You want to choose the “Official Page” option and select the “Brand, product, or organization”. Next, we need to choose a name for our fanpage and this part is actually very important. The name of your fanpage will appear within your facebook url as well as within the title of your facebook ads (in case you want to promote it using their ads).

I would also try to include a good keyword phrase for SEO purposes πŸ™‚

Once, you have your fanpage created, you need customize it. Upload a nice image, add some initial content etc. I recommend installing the FBML app so you can create a custom tab with your own html code within your fanpage, but I heard Facebook is going to discontinue supporting it. You can also select which tab the user lands on by default, and if you are using FBML then you can build a list with it or redirect them to your own website.

The key is to consistently provide new content on your fanpage to get your users engaged. But how do you get initial fans? People are more likely hit the “Like” button if they see you got already existing fan base. Catch 22 again πŸ™‚

Well, you can pay to get some fans. You can go to a site like and have someone blast out your fanpage to their FB friends. There are also sites like where you can purchase 1000 fans πŸ™‚

When you get some users now you could try FB ads and see if you could get your fanpage to go viral. Obviously for it to go viral you need awesome content and give the users some motivation to help you spread the word.

Keep building your fan base and once you hit a few thousand you could try to post a link to a CPA offer. To make any decent money with Facebook fanpages you need thousands of fans and keep the page active. All that stuff can be also outsourced, so keep that in mind.

Anyway, there are people making huge amounts of money with fanpages. If you could grow one to over 100,000 fans it’s like having a mailing list of 100k subscribers, and everyone knows that the money is in the list.


2 thoughts on “Can You Make Money With Facebook Fanpages

  1. This is an answer to my prayers. I have been looking into this for the past week or more and been trying to fathom out what to do for the best results for my needs. You have just explained it so simply yet I have looked and looked, even on Facebook it’s self. Thank you big time as I really needed this info for two of my websites so I can grow and develop my following. All I can say is since I found this site I come back again and again and find good content and answers. Keep it up Thanks rob

  2. Thats awesome article! I have a big fan page, but its not with english speakers. May be I need to make a new on in english and make it huge to profit!

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