ClickSure Affiliate Network Review – Scam Alert

Lately there is a lot of buzz around a new affiliate network called Clicksure. I think my review is going to be short because Clicksure right now is nothing else than Clickbank’s trashcan. Basically, all the bad products that violate FTC rules on Clickbank end up being listed on Clicksure 🙂

If you are following the IM space in the “make money” niche then you probably already know about Clicksure and what kind of products they sell. All the latest “get rich quick” scams are flocking to their network because it’s  the only network that will take them in.

You see, when Clickbank started cleaning up their marketplace couple of years ago and kicking out all the vendors who were flat out lying and using false claims in their sales letters, Clicksure was formed. It was created to get around the laws here in US to keep selling bogus products that never deliver on their promise.

The claims are simply ridiculous. For example, the latest product that launched on Clicksure called “Free Commissions” stated that you can make money online with zero work…without even lifting a finger! (Read this free commissions review by Eric Holmlund)

This stuff really makes me mad to be honest with you. Anyway, Clicksure is not located in the US and there is a reason for that. They want to keep themselves out of trouble with the FTC because they know that they would get shut down over here.

I went to their “About Us” page and it seems like their payment processor is located in China and they have another location in Mauritius, which is a small island near Madagascar.  That pretty much says it all.

I have a feeling that some of the guys selling these get rich quick scams are behind Clicksure, so I wouldn’t trust them with my credit card number. Do not buy anything from them – is my advice to you.

ClickSure Scam

I am going to go as far as calling them a scam and not just the vendors that use them. Why do you think they are located in China?

From what I hear they already have problems processing their payments. I’ve heard that whenever someone uses their credit card through Clicksure their bank or credit card company usually calls a few minutes later to verify that the card used was not stolen. I am guessing Clicksure is getting a lot of complaints (good thing) so US companies are starting to blacklist them already.

Their Refund Policy

On their website they state that you have 60 days to request a refund in case you are not satisfied, but it seems like they don’t like giving people refunds.

Just by doing a quick search on Google you can find a lot of complaints against them. Clickbank also offers a 60 day money back guarantee and they always honor it, but Clicksure is just a rip off.

Affiliate Payment

Some affiliates have problems with getting their payments from Clicksure. I did some research on it and it seems like it’s due to their high refund rate.

If you are promoting their products you should expect at least 40% refund rate which is HUGE! And if you are below $250 payment threshold you won’t get paid. So basically you will need to earn at least $400-$500 in commissions before you see any money from them.

Clicksure Products

Their marketplace is littered with bogus products that would never get accepted over at Clickbank. Just by logging in to the affiliate account I created for this review I could see exactly what kind of products sell the most over there.

Check it out:

Pretty much majority of their products are nothing else than get rich quick schemes. What really pisses me off is that they call it affiliate marketing. They even have a category for “data entry” scams ….geez.

Stay Away From Them

I strongly urge you to stay away from Clicksure and not promote their products as an affiliate. The claims made by the vendors on their network are not just ridiculous but also illegal here in the US.

If it’s sold on Clicksure do not buy it no matter what it is. You will save yourself a lot of time and money if you don’t fall for their scams. There are no products currently on there that are worth anything. After browsing around their marketplace I only found garbage that got kicked out from Clickbank long time ago.

It’s a shady affiliate network that you should not get associated with. I don’t like the fact that they are not located in the US and that you can’t really find out who is running it.

I suspect that the guys selling these fake products are behind Clicksure to tell you the truth. Do you really want them to have your email address and your credit card number?

Think about it.


89 thoughts on “ClickSure Affiliate Network Review – Scam Alert

  1. Great post! As it is, I’m a little nervous about promoting Clickbank products, because of the low-quality products they began to be known for.

  2. I had some dealings with Clicksure about eight months ago and you’re right, 99.9% of that stuff is straight garbage. I ended up buying four or five various products from them and returned all but one. Back then, they really didn’t have their itsh together, you’d make a purchase and wouldn’t get access for 2 or 3 days, thanks for the post

  3. And the sad thing is that some of the “gurus” are promoting the stuff from ClickSure… so I guess that’s a “sure” thing to get unsubscribed from them 😉

  4. Awesome post 🙂 I think as an affiliate marketer, you need to be honest with readers. Although the commission is high, sometimes we get 100% in commission, don’t sell our souls. I promised to promote only high quality products, so I choose to stay out of Clicksure 🙂

  5. Hi Robert, I read some of these posts to see if clicksure is a scam or not, because I am new in the internet marketing field, then I read your post and saw that you say you are a affiliate marketer, and I read alot about affiliate marketing. Is it true that some people are making alot of money with this because I want to learn more about it and maybe try it? Thanks, Riaan

  6. Riaan, you can make a lot as an affiliate. I suggest you to read some of my posts on this blog to get a better idea of how things work and how to get started. Shoot me an email if you get lost, but don’t fall for scams like the ones described in this post.

  7. Thanks for replying Pawel, I will do so and try it, because at the moment I work with machines but I’ve got a passion for working online and hope to change my profession and make money aswell. Thanks again.

  8. Hi Robert I’m lookin to get into affiliate marketing.I read your post and I’m interested into how and where you start .

  9. Clicksure product are kind of easy to get sale, I already closed 10 sales that earn about $280, got 2 refunds. Still have not get their money because of threshold. Hope I can get my money.

  10. @Mike Hello, if you used your Visa Card then you can just file a dispute, Visa has a “0″ (zero) liability on any purchase, Your reason is “Clicksure has not lived up to it’s refund policy.” Visa will put a chargeback on them and refund your money, Visa will probably go ahead and put the funds on your account instead of making you wait the 4-6 weeks it takes to process the chargeback.

  11. I am looking for a way to supplement our income…we are approaching retirement and it is my desire to save a little and have something to do past retirement. I found this article about Clicksure and now feel like this is the wrong solution. It is still within the 60 day period and I do not understand the process yet. Any suggestions?

  12. I have a question. If Clicksure is legit then why do you approve products that clearly violate FTC guidelines and wouldn’t get approved on any other network that is based out of US?

  13. I have been scammed by Clicksure. If anyone have Clicksure UK details please let me have it. I would make sure they are closed down.

  14. hi look I am fresh out of the box with being an affiliate here, and I was wondering why does clicksure make the affiliate pay the refunds when its their bad products.. this may be a stupid question, but I thought being an affiliate makes you nothing more then an advertiser?

  15. I don’t know a lot about clicksure. I can say I sent a request to terminate my account to them and it was done in under 24 hours. The reason I decided not to sell their offerings was because of their new choice of payment processor, Payoneer. Payoneer has a history of hooking up with scam sites such as

  16. Thanks for telling us this, Pawel. I was intrigued by clicksure Cash Machines Aaron Ward. I received about 200 emails– 1 month. Research Ripoff Report, FBI, Better Bussiness Bureau. Confident that he would have money to support smoothly. But sorry I wasted my time, you know I have no job, I feel totally lost someone not to do. Everything I do goes wrong. I’m in Mexico, a country where it is difficult to find well- paying job. My hope was the United States because it is a country that offers opportunities to all. Can you recommend some safe place to work home, with reasonable salary. Thanks and see you soon.

  17. I have been requesting a refund from Click Sure now for a period of 4 weeks for 2 x falsely advertised products they were selling. They are impossible to deal with and do nothing but lie. Every time I receive the response “please wait 3-7 days as your refund has been processed.” They were apparently unable to supply a transaction receipt for the email.

  18. I have just been introduced and registered as an affiliate with Clicksure, is it possible to make money and how does it work for one to make it easier and quickly.Teboho South Africa

  19. Thanks for this, I am new to affiliate marketing and I do not know what company to start from. I haven´t a website yet. But I am looking for something but I always check them out first from reviews.

  20. I am presently having an issue with ClickSure courtesy one of their Niche of the year “Trafficfortune” it’s over 60 days i’ve been asking for A Refund of $47 If any of their agent is reading here let them prove me wrong. I will post Every document i have.

  21. I have have been asking for a refund via clicksure from these cowboys ‘Live Cash Machines’ for over a week but all they do is keep asking me why even though I told them that the cashmachine is a scam. Be warned!

  22. Clicksure a long with those Gurus who sell a heap of B. S.need to be bought to justice for their fraudulent activity. In most countries fraud is a criminal offence. Clicksure while they are just a processing company are still party to this theft. Of what use is it if you are a Million Dollar Guru and you have to hideaway on a remote island. lol. Scammers or Million Dollar Fraudsters.

  23. I have been using clicksure pretty much since their first day and I still haven’t had a problem with them. Sure some of the products are bogus, but that’s true for all of these sites. If I am going to review a product, I think the scams are a part of it. I have received every refund I requested in a timely fashion and I get paid for my sales every time they schedule a payment for me.

  24. I agree with all the comments i’ve been trying to get a refund for (4) products since aug.30 and this morning i was able to reach them finally on the to any one needing to contact them here is the number i called 1-800-853-3688 good luck.

  25. I bought something from Clicksure for $47 and the guy who owned the program said that I wouldn’t need to buy anything else to make it work, but when I got into the members area I was asked to watch 5 videos, before getting to the main videos which asked me to buy 5 other different products.

  26. (You can edit this if you don’t want to publish something you don’t want to, as I used some language that some people don’t want to read) I bought something from Clicksure for $47 and the guy who owned the program said that I wouldn’t need to buy anything else to make it work, but when I got into the members area I was asked to watch 5 videos, before getting to the main videos which asked me to buy 5 other different products.

  27. Hi, I am sorry to hear about your negative experience. Here at ClickSure customer satisfaction is very important and we take customer complaints very seriously. Below I have covered the points which you have brought up.

  28. I’ve never seen anything good come out of Clicksure. That’s not to say that some honest vendor may have a product in their marketplace. But with Clicksure’s bad reputation, I wouldn’t suggest using them to sell products.

  29. I don’t think ClickSure is a scam site. One reason is that I get paid on time and the second and the most important reason would be that many big internet marketers are choosing it to launch their products and manage the sales and affiliate payments. This reason is enough to see that they are a legitimate site and not some scam site. I hope you will update the article with the latest facts and figures.

  30. I would also like to point out that this review was made a very long time ago when ClickSure was in it’s infancy. The network has improved massively and ClickSure is now a large well established company.

  31. One thing I dont like is that clicksure doesn’t seem to know where my money went. I made 7 sales this week… 5 for “only 34″ and 2 for “Secret Method” , both are binary options programs.

  32. Please contact the affiliate support team and they can look into this for you. I have also replied to your message on the Warrior Forum. 🙂

  33. Warning to all I’ve been a victim of Clicksure recently. They robbed me of my commissions amounting more or less $1,100.00. They charged me of CPA fraud by entering fake email address to obtain commissions. I admitted and explained to Ben Marshall that I used to enter fake email address not to obtain commissions but to test the CPA website if it will go through Clicksure checkout page to make sure that I’ll be credited if I get a sale. But Ben did’nt believed my explanations. I did this because I discovered lots of CPA products are using separate Checkout page. This is a clear fraud. Not my acts. CPA owners and Clicksure are in cahoots to scam both the affiliates and customers. Ben Marshall of Clicksure play good guy in answering comments in forums. But in reality he is part of the scam. He offers services to help people but he can do nothing when it comes to money. BEWARE and AVOID CLICKSURE before you become a victim.

  34. I apologizes with Clicksure especially to Ben Marshall for criticizing them. I was wrong of my speculation. Ben is a MAN. He helps me resolved my account issue and brought my CS accounts into active status again. All my commissions are intact.

  35. If anyone else has any questions, issues or gripes then please feel free to reach out to me directly. I am genuinely happy to help out where I can.

  36. I’m watching the video right now where Corey visits Sally in Redding and now he is talking to Hank. No website needed and the money magically appears in their account. Whaaaaat? Sally made $750 in 1/2 hour and Hank made $1,345. They didn’t do anything. What kind of account is that? Ben… you got some explaining to do.

  37. Now I’m at the part where Sally made $4,780 and her son made $3,900 in one day. Too good to be true. Did she even lift a finger. Abra kadabra alah kazoo alah kazam. And he made money without being logged in. Students making millions.LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Just mail me some money to cover my costs so you can get this for free

  38. I don’t know whether Clicksure is a scam. Perhaps it’s true that their products have been refused or booted from Clickbank because of excessive complaints and/or high refund rates and chargebacks. I can’t really say because I’ve never promoted, nor will I ever promote or endorse such products. BUT, in regards to any CPA affiliate program, Newbies should be made aware of a couple of things, specifically..

  39. I’m no fan of ClickSure – but this person’s claim is highly unlikely. The Feds don’t announce that they are investigating a company or a person.

  40. I really wanted to try this but I c more bad reviews then good I dont want to regret spending the only money I have since im unemployed at the moment :/

  41. Yes, every month they took $77~00 from me. I can’t stop them because my mails somehow don’t go throug to their help e~mail adress!!!!!

  42. Hello, I;m new to clicksure only a few days and was very interested, and I need a person with experience. Somebody will respond please. Here;s my Skype J-SERGEY

  43. Shame on you Ben (or whatever you stinking name is). I’ve been receiving tons of email spam from an affiliate (click id: 1526327003) promoting a vendor ( on your network. Checked your site and there is **Absolutely NO* mention of how you address unsolicited emails.

  44. Why the F should I create a customer account with you to submit a spam report? Spammy affiliate network spammy people spammy business. clicksure/clickbetter. No thanks. I’m actually in the process of making sure you people get whats deserving of your dirty practices

  45. I now understand why I returned my products. Many sellers who use Clicksure sell products that do not work as advertised, and some are outright scams. I thought this was a reflection of the Internet, but I’m glad to find it is more a reflection of one “banker.” The fault with Clicksure is not in their service (which seems good), but in allowing sellers to scam people with bogus products.

  46. I am an affiliate marketer to ClickSure and I bet your comment on ClickSure is eyes opening and disturbing. Now, I like you to direct me to a much better internet marketing outfits I can subscribe to for affiliate marketing. I have over 10,000 email messages in my inbox requesting my involvent with them but I’m skeptical.

  47. Please! Can you help me please?my name is johnson can you tell about transaction? how can I do?I went to marketplace and I try everyone one of each but its still nothing. Please tell me what to do.I hope you will reply me back thank you

  48. ClickSure super sucks.I checked in there for two months and not a penny earned .Support does not work and does not help.Products not who buys .I think if it’s a good company should be interested in their customers and help them in every way, but this is not happening .WARNING: DO NOT ADVISE cooperates with ClickSure!it sucks organization!A million times I contacted them to help me , but the results 0

  49. I made an account on clicksure now it kicking me out and making me sign back in when I click on to some thing what going on is it a scam ???

  50. I like clicksure more in the way that they do not have some fees. When clickbank invented some fees, that pissed me off.

  51. Hey I am an affiliate and so far some of the comments i have seen are out of line, maybe if you pay attention to details you will understand what they are saying, its like he is explaining it and everyone all of a sudden dont speak english, like the guy who came up with what 40 fake emails to test out the product? look be an adult if you were going to test it have someone do it for you….. you just made yourself look very guilty….. Now so far I want to make money and it is my responsibiity to make sure it works. if you think its a scam then delete…. geeze as far as the other stuff Ben that is your area. and speak english so they understand

  52. Hi, I would like to know if you can tell me how to stop them taking money monthly. I have sent two mails to them but it keep failing. I have changed the subject words, still it won’t go trough. There is no support from their side.

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