Commission Junction Released CJXBeta

If you are a member of Commission Junction then you have probably noticed their invite to CJXBeta program which they are testing right now.

I went ahead and applied. Got approved about 2-3 days after and I started doing some testing with some of my sites.

Basically they are trying to compete with Adsense in my opinion. The program allows you to choose what category you want ads from and then simply place their code on your site.

CJ will then scan your site and try to display most relevant ads.

So here is how it looks like.

When you get approved you will notice the CJXBeta tab in your account.

When you click on it it’s going to load the CJXBeta console which looks like this:

It looks nice a slick all based on flash. The first thing you need to do is Click on “Create New Placement” and choose your banner size you would like to display on your site.

Once you select your banner you simply click on the “Get Code” button and select which category you want to display ads from.

You are automatically approved for all the affiliate programs that are inside the CJXBeta. That means if your clicks generate a sale or lead you will get credit for it.

From what I read they will have different payout models. You will get paid per click, CPM, CPA etc.

I haven’t done much testing with it yet, but so far I haven’t been much impressed with their targeting. Maybe I haven’t given it much time but the banners I placed on some of my sites displayed totally unrelated ads.

I guess that’s why it’s still in beta stage 🙂

The code they provide is an Iframe which I don’t like either.  I tried to use it with DoubleClick for publishers but that didn’t work.

It’s going to be interesting to watch how it develops but as of now it looks like they need to make some improvements for me to even consider it.

I am going to wait and see what happens with this program before I give it another try.


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