CPA Marketing Plan For 2011

CPA marketing has always been a hot topic, and that’s because a lot of people make tons of money with it. It takes less effort to get someone to fill out a short form or sign up for a good deal than sell them a product. Most cpa offers are simple form submits and you get paid when someone fills them out without even paying for anything. It’s called lead generation, which is becoming huge and getting bigger every single year.

In 2009 we had huge spike in trial offers (Acai Berry, Colon Cleansers, Teeth Whitening etc.). Some people made a fortune promoting these offers 🙂 but the problem was that the companies selling these products turned out to be not so legitimate. People would get charged every month and didn’t know how to cancel it so eventually it generated a lot of consumer complaints. The whole thing got a lot of attention fast, and of course FTC got involved.

In 2010 trial offers still paid well but the EPC dropped dramatically. Also a lot of affiliates got banned from Adwords for promoting these offers. Then we saw the gaming industry grow and advertisers realized that people will give out their information if that effects their game play (Facebook games). This marketing in fact is getting HUGE and it’s getting to the point where the game developers make more money from promoting offers than from microtransactions (Microtransaction is a term used for payments made by players to get some kind of game credits). Zynga is one of the biggest social game developers and is raking in hundreds of millions a year!

By the way watch this video that I think really puts things into perspective how the gaming industry is changing the world.

You see, people will fill out these offers because they get some premium items or credits (points). This is also applies to premium content, which is why CPA networks such as CPA Lead and Leadbolt are in business.

So let’s talk about how you can grab your piece of the pie this year and make it profitable

First of all, think of a website with premium content that people would want. Then put a content blocker on it from CPA Lead or Leadbolt and start driving traffic to it. It’s actually that simple. The most important thing is that you should always make sure to deliver what you are promising in your ads. There are some blackhatters out there creating these fake sites with content blockers on them and when people actually fill out the offers they get nothing. That can in fact get you banned from the cpa networks, so don’t do that.

What’s premium content?

– Videos

– Images

– Freeware

– Ebooks

– Information not available anywhere else

So for example, if I wanted to make some money fast, I would probably go after the gaming market because the players are already used to filling out the offers. I would create some of kind of a guide with cheats, tips etc. Then I would create a page with the content on it and download links. Next, I would set up the content blocker and get traffic to it. Something like that would be easy to promote with Youtube because gamers always search for cheats and hacks etc. A few videos uploaded to Youtube would probably do ok.

Now why stop there? Create more priemium content sites and get into more niche markets. Before you know it you got a nice steady income coming in without actually selling anything yourself.

CPA marketing in 2011 I predict is going to be all about incentive offers and premium content in exchange for consumer info. Go and sign up with some of these CPA networks offering content blockers and start building sites now. It’ll be the easiest money you will ever make!


9 thoughts on “CPA Marketing Plan For 2011

  1. Thanks Pawel. I really want to get into CPA marketing but don’t know where to start. I guess I need to create a website first and then sign up with some CPA network. I have some good ideas for premium content so I think I am going to try this method. Which network should I sign up with?

  2. Daniel, I would apply to as many as you can. Apply to Leadbolt and CPA Lead to start with and test both of them out to see which one gets you higher EPCs.

  3. I’ve made money with Aff. marketing {infoproducts and shipping products) but Not CPA’s I signed up with Neverblue a while back and have not made any meaningful income yet.

  4. Pretty much, but it’s just easier to generate a lead than a sale. For most people it’s easier to make money promoting CPA offers than for example Clickbank products.

  5. Pawel, great information about cpa marketing. I want to start cpa marketing and I don’t know how to create a landing page. Do you use any particular program to create the landing pages? That seems to be the key to your success. You mentioned adwords, how much did you spend to make $3,939.30 if you don’t mind sharing that information.

  6. Yeah I did it with Adwords and good landing page promoting free trial offers. It was highly profitable at the time. Now it’s not effective this way anymore and EPCs went down by quite a bit. I wouldn’t use Adwords for these type of offers anymore. Only use Adwords if you are selling your own products or providing a service.

  7. Just removed your link for spamming. This is not how you do it. People won’t fill out those surveys to get your ebooks. You are in the wrong market with that.

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