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So what do you do after you join a CPA network? Well, I’ll tell you what I would do if I were you. First you need to talk to your affiliate manager because they have the info about what converts best, what traffic sources work, and also for the most part they know how top affiliates promote these offers. That information is crucial to your success. Seriously do NOT skip that step. Always ask your affiliate manager what’s hot right now, they know 🙂

The next step is to do your own research. The best thing to do is browse some high traffic sites to see what offers are being promoted and how. Basically you want to piggy-back from those top affiliates. They already did all the research and testing now you can just figure out how they drive traffic and start building your landing pages.

So how do you find these top affiliates? There are tons of high traffic sites out there and lots of different Ad networks. Sign up with some of them and see if they offer inventory of sites in their network. Login to Google Adwords and use the placement tool to find high traffic sites.

Next visit these sites and browse through their pages. Refresh a lot of times to see other ads. etc. This is how you do it….. seriously!

For example, let’s check out some movie sharing sites.

I found this site which is movie site where they list links to movies uploaded on other video hosting sites. Whether it’s legal or not what they do is not my problem but let’s check out some of the ads there.

First let’s see traffic stats for on Alexa.

Next I am going to check out who is advertising on that site.

Here is a screenshot:

Check out the ad on the right sidebar there. After refreshing the site for a while I had this ad show a few times. Now I would watch it for a few days to see if they keep running that ad. If they do then you know it’s profitable and you could jump in.

How do you find out what network they are using to drive traffic? Just do mouseover it and look at the status bar of your browser. In this case it looks like they are using

So now I have the site where they advertise, which network they are using, which offers they promote and how 🙂

Their landing page is just a FLOG (fake blog) with health offers to help you get ripped. Anyway, what I would do at this point is copy their campaign and see if I can make the numbers work for me. Pretty simple huh?

This is how it’s done

I just gave you one quick example, but you can go out there and find tons of opportunities like this. You just need to have your eyes opened and do some research. It doesn’t take very long to find a winning campaign. Once you get something going that is profitable then you need to scale it up. Find other sites to advertise on, check out other networks etc.


6 thoughts on “CPA Offers That Convert

  1. Great info! this just gave me a cool idea. I couldn’t make media buying campaigns work before but I am going to give this another try. Thanks Pawel

  2. Hi Pawel, Recently I purchased your ebook, but I have some doubts I want to ask you. So could you please tell me how can I contact you to clear my mind up? I am sorry to leave this question here. Thanks

  3. Ok…and what gives you site where they advertise ? Adperium do not allow “per site” placement as well as no guarantee that that site will work directly.

  4. They list traffic sources and you can disable the ones that don’t perform for you. Also the placement depends on your CPM bid.

  5. I paid for a system/software that teaches and walks through everything you just taught in this one simple article … Please people don’t fall for the dream of “overnight riches” it hurts me to say it simply doesn’t exist …

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