CTR Is Everything In This Game

The biggest mistake I see people make when trying to promote CPA offers is that they don’t test their banners all the time. It’s absolutely crucial that you test multiple banners because a good CTR can transform your campaign from unprofitable to profitable very quick. Whether you are using Google Adwords or any other contextual ad network you need to create a lot of banners for each size.

For example, let’s say you are running a 300×250 banner which is the most popular size, you should have at least 10 different styles when starting out a campaign. You would be surprised how small changes or different color can increase your CTR. I have had banners that I though were doing ok and then uploaded something different and doubled my CTR which basically means more clicks and more conversions.

Let’s say you are starting a campaign for some offer you think will convert well from your CPA network. Most people will create 1-2 banners or just grab the ones provided (don’t use those) and send traffic to it. They lose money or break even and then stop the campaign thinking it’s not profitable and quit promoting that offer. What you should do is test multiple banners and increase the CTR before dumping the offer. If the offer converts that means all you need to do is get better CTR (I am assuming your landing page is converting well) and it could become profitable for you.

Every super affiliate does this. Test your banners and go for the CTR because that’s what matters the most. When you find a banner that makes the numbers work for you then create another one to see if you can beat the best one.

I usually start out my campaigns with about 10 different banners of one size (usually 300×250) and then I can quickly pin point the best performer after one day and pause the other ones. Then I create a couple of more banners similar to the best performer with just a few small adjustments to see if I can make the CTR even higher.

I guarantee you that if you do this your chance of success will be way higher and making a campaign profitable will be much easier too.

It’s a numbers game


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