Cupid PLC Affiliate Network Review – Make Money In The Dating Vertical

If you have been doing affiliate marketing for a while then you probably know how profitable the dating vertical actually is. There are some great networks with high converting offers and Cupid PLC is one of them.

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Cupid PLC is an affiliate network specializing in running dating offers. They are based in the UK and offer many niche oriented dating sites for you to promote. The sign up process is quite easy and you will get approved instantly. Once inside the members are you can choose which offers you want to run and get your links.

Their payouts are very attractive. You can get paid up to $140 per sale with their Facebook dating app! They also offer mobile version of their dating sites which is great because if you are collecting phone numbers on your landing pages, you could follow up with them by sending a text just like you do with emails.

Let’s check out their offers

A lot of the offers are from reputable brands that invest millions of dollars into testing so you know you are promoting high converting landers.

When you are on the “Programs” page you can also click on the “Other sites to promote” link and that will take you to their more adult oriented programs 🙂

What’s cool about their affiliate network is that you can choose which payout structure you prefer. On the “Programs” page you can switch to get paid per sale, per lead, on CPA basis, or revenue sharing.

If you discover that your traffic is converting very well then it’s probably a good idea to switch to revenue sharing because you can make more money that way.

Another cool feature of Cupid PLC is that you can redirect some of your traffic that is not accepted to another offer using their “Traffic Back” technology.

To activate that you simply click on the “Traffic Back” link on the left sidebar inside your member’s area and set up a redirect.

They show a table with a list of countries they accept traffic from as shown above. So for example if you are promoting then you might want to set up a redirect for visitors from countries other than UK and Ireland to another offer that accepts that traffic.

This is a powerful feature because it allows you to monetize your traffic better and make money on possible leads that would be otherwise lost.

Cupid PLC also offers a cool promo generator tool. When you click on the “Promo Tools Manager” tab you can quickly get the code you need for banners, links, landing pages, and even their API.

As you can see Cupid PLC offers a lot of tools to help you get started and make money fast. I like how you can create GEO targeted pages etc.

I haven’t played around with their API yet, but it’s definitely something you might want to look into. With their API option you can basically build your own landing page (which I recommend) and then post the data you collect on your form directly to Cupid PLC.

This way you can build your own list in the background at the same time. Simply make the form also submit names and email addresses to Aweber for example automatically.

Cupid PLC pays out within first 15 days of each month. You can get paid by Paypal, wire transfer, Alertpay, Check, or through Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard.

When you start driving traffic and generating leads you can monitor your performance through their reporting tools with great detail. Cupid PLC offers support for affiliates so if you got any questions you can always reach their marketing team. They can even design a custom made landing page just for you to maximize your conversions.

Cupid PLC is definitely one of the leaders in the dating affiliate space. If you want to make some cash promoting dating offers then make sure to create an account and test out their offers.

They can help you set up a campaign that generates money. You could promote them through Facebook ads or on PlentyOfFish.

You also might want to read my post about driving adult traffic.

Overall it’s a great affiliate network


6 thoughts on “Cupid PLC Affiliate Network Review – Make Money In The Dating Vertical

  1. Cupid is a strong network. Tip to other affiliates out there: It pays to shop around and see if you could be making more doing the same thing with another network. The easiest money you can make is through simple optimization. The same traffic can earn you more revenue.

  2. sir good day I hope you get this message.I made an account for the cupid plc affiliate last month. me and my friends made sales and it all showed up on the stats. we emailed them so we could at least talk to them just to make it more formal. I emailed them many times but unfortunately they didn’t reply. Now, I don’t know if we will still get paid cause our sales stats already turned zero. We don’t know what happened. Hope you can help us with this. Thank you so much.

  3. Some of my ads generated over 30,000 views, but no one has signed up for any of the sites promoted. I don’t understand why. Is Cupid Plc less popular than other networks? I don’t understand why the people who click on those ads don’t become members.

  4. What traffic are you sending? Do you use a presell page before redirecting visitors to their offers? When promoting dating offers it’s important to choose the right demographics. I would also capture name and email before sending your traffic to the offer page.

  5. My website features dating articles and reviews of the most popular dating websites. I get visitors from all countries, especially US, India, and UK. I do not use a presell page. People read my reviews, click on banners and ads, but no one signs up, not even as a free member.

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