Do You Have A Business Plan?

A lot of people that get into internet marketing have no game plan at all. They keep chasing the overnight profits which doesn’t happen. Even when they do start making some money they have no idea what to do next. I know people that started making $200-$300 per day and after a few months their campaigns were not working anymore. After they spent the money they were right back where they started.

Are you that person?

You need to come up with a game plan. Imagine if the money was not an issue to fund your business projects. What would you try to develop?

For example, an affiliate starts making money promoting CB products on Adwords. When he starts making $100-$200 per day he develops his own product to tell people how he does it. Now he develops relationships with other marketers for future JVs. This is how most internet marketers started. They make some money and then create products about it and build massive lists. For most that’s where it stops. In fact, it’s not a bad game plan.

Here is another example. You launch a campaign and it starts making you money. Next you scale it up and get into media buys. Before you know it you drive hundreds of thousands of visitors and making a killing. Now you decide to create your own affiliate network and resell traffic directly to merchants. That’s not a bad game plan either.

The fact is that most people when they start making $100/ day they start feeling comfortable and stop thinking about scaling up or the future. Some even quit their jobs too quick and when the money stops coming in they are in some deep trouble. I have seen that happen before.

It’s important that you have a game plan and know what to do after you start making some money, that you can use towards bigger better things. Don’t stop just because you replaced your job’s income. That’s not security! Make sure you plan ahead like the money isn’t an issue anymore. Develop your own business plan and strategy on how you are going to get there. It’s very important if you want the real success and financial security.

Don’t be like everyone else. Think BIG!

I have some pretty big plans of my own, but obviously I won’t reveal them here. To get there I need some large sums of money, but I am already planning ahead like it doesn’t matter. I am going to achieve my main goal one step at a time.

I am doing quite well now and it wasn’t easy to get to this point, but my plans are much bigger.

You should come up with your own plan and figure out the steps to make it happen, because it’s impossible to just jump right in without the right cash flow. Most important though make sure to take action, because nothing happens unless you actually do something about it.


2 thoughts on “Do You Have A Business Plan?

  1. My business has started moving a lot quicker since I created a business plan. Before I was just doing random activities and didn’t have much focus.

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