Don’t Hope for ROI Create It

So many people fail because they can’t get the ROI they need to be profitable with their campaigns. If you are driving paid traffic you want to make sure you make more than you spend simple right? But what if you could know you will be profitable regardles how much you pay for traffic? Obviously there is always a limit on how much you can pay, but there are people out there running PPC campaigns that can outbid any competitor they have while staying profitable.

How is that? Because they create their own ROI and the value of a lead they generate is massive compared to the cost of acquiring it. This is only possible if you know how to create sales funnels. You see, if the only thing you sell is a $27 product with no backend, you absolutely have no chance to compete with someone who has a backend offer. You will get crushed like a little bug, seriously!

You need a sales funnel! You need 2 or 3 backend offers. Why is this important? Because that will allow you to pay WAY more for traffic and it’s going to be very hard for people to compete with you. In fact, with a good sale funnel you can afford to lose money on the frontend sale. Why do you think companies can afford to pay $20-$30 per lead on a CPA offer where the potential customer only pays $2-$10 for the product? Because they already know their matrix and numbers. They know they will make that back plus loads more on the backend.

I remember when I first started doing Adwords I was wondering how some people could afford paying to stay on top of the sponsored results where cost per click was $3-$5 while selling a product under $20 bucks. Well, let me tell you I figured it out the hard way back then 🙂

There is more and more companies each day trying to advertise online. Cost of advertising is going up because of that and that’s why backend offer is a must have nowadays. Without it you will not last very long out there…guaranteed!

If you create your sales funnel right you won’t have to worry about the prices of traffic. All you have to do is make the traffic convert on the frontend to get them into your pipeline. Once you have people inside your funnel you need to figure out the value of each lead that you generate. Then and only then you can actually create your own ROI instead of guessing.

So how can you do that as an affiliate? Well, build a list by giving away free stuff and upsell them later. It’s important that you have series of follow ups ready before you start driving traffic to your pages. Create your own low cost product to offset some of your advertising costs while your main income stream is affiliate sales on backend. Basically, this will allow you to build a list for free while still making money at the same time. But your ultimate goal is to create your own products at some point, your own funnel where you control everything.

Be smart about your marketing. Do the math and know your numbers.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Hope for ROI Create It

  1. There are far too many ways to gain FREE traffic, without spending a dime of your own money, you are just gambling with your money when you use ppc ads, that you don’t know are working or not! I also don’t think you need to create your own product, to make money, there are far too many out there already, that as an affiliate, you can generate a good stream of residual cash, the work has been done already, all you have to do is promote it!

  2. This is exactly my point, you don’t have to gamble with your money if you create your ROI. I don’t agree with you on the “there are far too many products out there” part. That’s like saying Wendy’s shouldn’t sell burgers cause McDonalds is already doing it.

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