Drive Traffic To Your Review Sites Using Youtube

Youtube can send you instant traffic that actually buys what you are selling. Smart affiliates know this and are taking advantage of it. If you are not using Youtube to drive traffic you are missing out big time in my opinion.

Here are some benefits of using Youtube to drive traffic to your review sites

1. Videos get instantly ranked in Google – When you make a video and publish it on Youtube they get indexed within hours or sometimes instantly.

2. You can presell your visitors with video – Youtube links in organic search results usually get higher click-through rates than other sites. When someone clicks on your video link you can presell them before sending them back to your website, which increases conversions.

3. You can build a list of subscribers – When people like your videos they will subscriber to your channel so you can get more views every time you make a new video.

4. You get more traffic – With Youtube videos you not only get search engine visitors but also people who view other related videos.

I have discovered that this strategy works best for only certain niche markets. For example, review sites in the entertainment industry do extremely well. Any big niche market that has mass appeal will do well on Youtube actually.

If you are passionate about different mobile gadgets you could run a review site that is monetized with Amazon links and Adsense. If you get a lot of traffic you can even sell advertising directly from your website.

The key here is value though. Your site needs to provide objective reviews and comparisons. Some thin affiliate site won’t do the trick.

Let me show you an example how it’s done.

I searched for some mobile apps the other day and found a very smart affiliate who is cashing in on this mobile trend.

The channel name is AppSpy

All they do is review mobile games with video and then drive traffic to their review blog. The site is monetized with advertising and ITunes affiliate program.

Their channel has over 1750 videos uploaded! Some of them have over 100k views. Do you think they make money? I bet they do.

I also like their branding angle.

The videos are simple and only tell you what the game is about with their rating at the end. Their market is massive so these videos drive a lot of visitors.

If you want to start making money this way you need to find a hot market. You don’t have to be an expert when getting into video games, mobile apps, or gadgets.

To get started just find something hot that generates a lot views on Youtube. The easiest thing to do is to build your site on WordPress platform. Get a nice looking theme and customize your layout to fit your needs.

Start reviewing stuff and make videos! It’s that simple. You can also jump start it by paying Youtube for views through Featured Videos.

Each video you upload should have a link back to your website so that you can make money. You can also build a nice size mailing list this way if you are smart.

Youtube is hot right now and there is definitely a lot of money to be made. The main benefit is that you don’t have to worry about SEO too much at the beginning. Your videos will drive traffic and generate backlinks on autopilot.

Once you make some money you can reinvest into a nice SEO campaign and get even more traffic.

The longer you wait the harder it’s going to be get started. Now is the time 🙂


5 thoughts on “Drive Traffic To Your Review Sites Using Youtube

  1. The mobile market still has amazing potential… All it takes is someone who can adapt an already popular concept on the internet over to the app market. So many opportunities; so little time.

  2. I’d like to do more utube marketing/videos but I’m slightly confused now by the connection with Google, it seems you can only have 1 account now, how do you get around this?, I have several old utube accounts that I can’t access anymore!

  3. Why do you need multiple Youtube accounts? You could probably have 2-3 channels but I wouldn’t create more unless you just want to spam. The key is to create a real channel with real videos providing real value.

  4. Well I would want to at least keep personel/family videos separate from IM videos so at least 2 accounts are required, unfortunatley my personel account is now the only one I have access to, a few years ago the old school thinking was to have an account for every niche that you were in

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