Edu Backlinks Scam – Don’t fall for it

Ok , so today I received another email from somebody trying to tell me that they own .edu domain name and wanted to link to my site from it lol

The person also said that they will link to my site first before I link back to their site.  The fact is I was already aware of this scam but today I decided to post in on the blog because I really hope that you don’t fall for this BS.

Here is a screenshot of the email I got (it’s really funny)


EDIT: After the person admitted to wrongdoing I decided to blur out his information from the screenshot. Just beware of this type of linking tactics.

When you look closer you will notice that his supposedly .edu domain name ends with .pe which is nothing more than Peruvian domain extension.

So basically these scammers register a domain name like this and include the .edu in it. Then they contact webmasters and offer them a link from that site in exchange for a link from your site to their “money page”

I replied to this guy telling him to stop trying to scam people with this approach. I imagine there are people out there who will fall for this BS unfortunately.

If you got an email like that just ignore it or reply “nicely” and tell them to get lost.

Edu domain names do carry a lot of authority and getting a link from one of those domain names can truly help your search engine rankings. It’s not easy to get a natural link from edu pages and if you do get one, you are very lucky.

There are ways to get links from edu pages though. Most marketers search for old abandoned message boards and create profile links. Then they bookmark or get some additional links to these profiles so Google indexes it and sees the link to their site.

I am not sure how Google actually treats those links. I would imagine they discard them but I am not 100% sure about that.

There are so many ways to get backlinks to your website nowadays that it’s totally pointless and quite stupid to try to scam webmasters like that. What you should concentrate on is creating high quality content and use white hat methods to get backlinks.

Press releases combined with linkbaits are very effective. Publish articles on other people’s blogs and sites. How hard is that?

If you got good content then people will link to your website without you even asking for it.

I have known about this edu backlinks scam for some time now and I know exactly who taught it. I am not going to name the marketer but I just think that scamming people like that is just not right.

I imagine that if you own a site with decent traffic and rankings then you probably received that kind of email too. Don’t fall for it! Those links are not edu backlinks.


20 thoughts on “Edu Backlinks Scam – Don’t fall for it

  1. Nice catch… Didn’t notice it on the first read of his email. Nice to know someone is spreading the word about these dirtbags.

  2. It’s not a scam. Yes, its true that .pe is the location domain for Peru, but it’s also true that is the .edu equivalent to Peruvian educational establishments (same as is the .edu UK equivalent). You can verify this by doing a google search for where you will get a huge list of Peruvian educational sites. Since I manage that subdomain, I tried to do something I’ll admit was sneaky. He already has ranking and it get an extra link from his site, but it was in no way a scam.

  3. LOL, you got some balls to come here and defend it. Your site is nothing more than a regular domain name. Since you posted it here I am going to add more information about this. Anyone can register these domains or rent them from Those are not actual Edu domains that carry all the authority that domains ending with .edu do.

  4. Don’t bother approving comments like that… If the link that is in the comment is not to a credible resource or something of value to your readers, you should never approve the comment. Also, you really need to set up Akismet on your blog. It’s a free wordpress plugin that is already included when you download and install wordpress. This will help you in not getting as many spam comments and also greatly reduces the number of automated garbage comments you receive.

  5. Edward, I wouldn’t approve anything like that especially with explicit content. A lot of comments are nothing more than automated spam. Like Neil said make sure to have Akismet installed and if some of them still go through just delete them. I usually don’t allow trackbacks either.

  6. The creator of this scam technique is Paul Lynch (http:** he was marketing in partnership with Russel Brunson (http:**

  7. Nice article. I get up to 400 spam mails a day!! I delete all emails to which I´ve never subscribed. Spammers/Scammers are around, have to be very careful.

  8. I have fallen for this scam unfortunately. After doing some research on Warrior Forum I discovered it was a lie so I removed their link from my website. Some people really need to get a life and stop trying to scam honest marketers who want to build their business.

  9. Yep, it’s a scam. Those supposedly edu backlinks have no value and the webmasters who are using this technique to fool people should get banned from Google.

  10. I just snagged a free .edu sub-domain with hosting account and is an actual .edu from You also get cPanel use with your .edu sub-domain. They do not allow link farm type sites but this does not matter to me since I am developing on-line defense teaching courses with video’s, supplies etc. Will also try using my new .edu email for some on-line order discounts. Hope it works! 😉

  11. I’ve lately started a blog, the information you provide on this web site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for your whole time & work.

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