Empower Network Review – Is It A Scam Or The Real Deal?

So I had a bunch of people ask me why I haven’t joined the Empower Network yet and if I plan on joining in the future. Well, to be honest when I first saw it I decided to pass on it because I promised myself I wouldn’t join another biz opp again. Reason for that is because every single business opportunity I was in years ago died a miserable death lol

Biz opps usually die out and then people just move on to the next big thing. I am sure you know what I am talking about and you have probably experienced that yourself in the past. 99% of them are not sustainable and fall apart sooner or later.

Is it different with Empower Network?

Before I jump into my review let me tell you why it caught my attention and made me think about possibly using it as an seo tool. (I haven’t pulled the trigger yet)

You see, I love SEO and I am always on the look out for new tools and systems that would allow me to promote affiliate offers easily and more efficiently. The Empower Network marketing system is slick and allows you to do just that.

Their site quickly became an authority in the eyes of Google because of the massive traffic they have plus all the content being created on their blogging platform by the members.

Why is that powerful?

Because you could actually use Empower Network viral blogging platform to promote anything you want and easily get top rankings for your targeted keywords. This self-perpetuated system will probably allow the Empower Network last a long time because they will be constantly getting new traffic from the search engines and fueling their platform with more and more content.

The Empower Network is getting hot and the more members join the more content is being published on their domain name making it more powerful and driving even more traffic from the organic search results.

This is the only reason why I was looking at it and considering becoming a member.

First of all, what is Empower Network?

It’s basically an income opportunity that let’s you earn 100% commissions on every sale you make. It was created by David Wood and David Sharpe. It quickly became very popular because of the massive buzz around it. They launched around November if I am not mistaken and went viral from there. Once you read my entire review you will understand why it became so popular so quickly.

So let’s start the review with their product line.

Empower Network Products

They got 3 different products or levels I should say. The first level only costs $25/month and that basically gets you access to the viral blogging platform. I think that their lowest level actually has quite a bit of value. If you join Empower Network just for the opportunity aspect of it then you will miss out on something more valuable and that is the SEO potential of their domain name. So for $25/month you get to post content on their blogging platform. If you are smart then you would do some keyword research and find something to promote. Write some good content about a product you want to promote and post it on their blog.  Then hit it with good backlinks and get it ranked for your keywords.

The first level also includes access to all their marketing materials (capture pages, banners, autoresponders etc.)

The next level product is what Empower Network calls the “Inner Circle Mastermind Membership”. The cost is $100/month and it grants you access to their marketing training. Whether there is value in that or not you will have to decide for yourself.  Basically at that level you will receive new audio recordings each week that you can listen to and learn from. I haven’t joined Empower Network yet so I cannot elaborate on the value of this.  Either way, I know from experience that most people will join at the highest level simply because they want to resell it to make more money.

If you join at the lowest level and sponsor someone who purchase their higher level products you will only earn the $25 commission and pass up the other sale to your upline.

The last product of Empower Network is the “Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive” training course. This is an upsell to everything else and it costs $500 (one time fee). According to Empower Network people paid $3,000 for this content previously.

The last product includes over 11 hours of video footage that was recorded during the event David Wood held in Costa Rica. The video training concentrates on teaching how he was able to grow his network marketing business and market himself online.

I can see how this could have value for some people but again majority will only buy it so they can resell it. If you join at the highest level you will be able to earn 100% commissions on each product you sell.

Empower Network Compensation Plan

Their compensation plan is quite lucrative because you can make 100% commission on each sale paid directly to your bank account. You can take payments by Paypal or use your own merchant account which is what I would recommend doing. There is risk involved with using Paypal because they are known to shut down people’s accounts for participating in programs like this.

The comp plan is quite simple. Everytime you sponsor someone they pay you directly. At the beginning you pass up your second, fourth, and sixth sale then every fifth from that point on.

To demonstrate how it works here is the image:

I can see how this compensation plan is attracting a lot of people to Empower Network. The 100% commissions can easily add up and if you are at the highest level then you can pocket additional payments straight to your bank account.

Empower Network Facts

As I stated above the only reason why I even consider joining Empower Network is because of their potential as an SEO tool. Thousands of members joined Empower and published content on their blog, which of course is driving a lot of traffic back to Empower domain name.

If you look up how many pages are already indexed in Google from empowernetwork.com then you will see the potential.

Currently according to Google there are over 180,000 pages indexed.

A lot of these members also get backlinks to their posts and because of that the whole thing just went viral. I have seen the Empower Network domain name rank for some very competitive keyword phrases already.

Empower Network has over 13,000 members and paid out so far over $2 million in commissions to their affiliates.

I also checked out their Alexa rankings and it confirmed my prediction that Empower might be able to stay alive for quite some time.

They are in the top 500 most visited sites in the US.

I like the graph because it shows that they are able to keep the momentum going. It’s  not some overnight launch where just a few people made money and then gone forever. Because of all the content published on their blog and constant flow of backlinks they are able to funnel tons of traffic from organic search results and fuel the growth.

I wonder how it’s going to look like in a few months from now, but if this keeps up it could be a profitable opportunity to jump on while it’s still early in the game.

Can You Make Money With Empower Network?

That depends on your marketing skills. Some people join thinking they won’t have to do anything and make thousands per month. It doesn’t work like that …ever! You need to come up with a marketing plan and be able to put yourself out there.

If you already have an existing blog that gets a steady flow of traffic then you could very easily generate additional income with Empower Network.

If you know how to create high converting landing pages and you are not afraid of buying traffic then you could definitely make a profit.

On the other hand if you have no marketing experience then you could leverage the Empower Network domain name to get traffic by posting in their blog. You will still need some basic SEO knowledge, and learn how to get links that matter in order to succeed.

The Conclusion

I think Empower Network has the potential to last a long time if people keep publishing new content on their viral blogs.

As long as people continue to post new content and get links it will continue to drive new traffic and create buzz around the opportunity.

If I was to join Empower Network I would definitely use their blogging platform to promote other affiliate offers. I like the fact that it could be marketed as an SEO tool and not as an income opportunity.

Overall, it looks like a great way to make some money fast. Most affiliate programs out there make you wait a month or sometimes even 2 months before you get your money.  By joining Empower Network you can quickly recoup your advertising costs because the commissions are paid instantly to your Paypal or bank account.

Am I going to join Empower Network?

Nope, I won’t!

Quick update on this review: I wrote this review early 2012 and since then I have changed my mind about Empower Network. It’s nothing else than a biz opp that sooner or later will dry out like they all do. I am not affiliated with them and will not join it, so stop sending me emails asking to join under you! It is a pyramid scheme no matter how you look at it. People don’t join the program to learn anything, they join it to recruit others into it. That’s a classic definition of a pyramid scheme.


20 thoughts on “Empower Network Review – Is It A Scam Or The Real Deal?

  1. I have seen ads for Empower Network all over the web. I think I even got one of those automated calls pitching it. I looked at it but most people promoting it only talk about how I can make tons of money…none of them brought up some of the facts you did in your review Pawel. I guess it could also be used to get links back to my own sites right?

  2. That’s a good point which I forgot to mention above. You should use it to get links to your own sites if you have any. I would definitely take advantage of that. It’s probably smarter to build a site on your own domain and then link back to it from your page on Empower blog. This way you could actually rank both if you know what you are doing.

  3. I am also thinking about joining. I found your post doing research on Empower Network. You make some valid points but since you don’t recommend using Paypal with this how long would it take to get set up with your own merchant account?

  4. To set up your own merchant account takes about 48 hours or so with Authorize.net. It’s just too risky to go with Paypal so I wouldn’t recommend using that for getting payments. I know it’s easier but not recommended.

  5. I am still on the sidelines but I am reading a lot about the Empower Network. I really wanted to find something that I could promote ethically without all the hype. They do have an edge though and as you pointed out if they can keep the momentum going it would be smart to join it at some point. Thanks for your review!

  6. It is a good spin on a biz opp. I think that the thing to take from it is the SEO benefits for posting one way links from an authority site to a landing page. Regular biz opps usually have their rise and fall, but this may last, since the sites authority will continue to grow as more new members join. Let us know what you think from a user perspective if you do decide to join.

  7. Who cares how everyone else is promoting this. You do not need to promote the biz-op side of it. Use it for backlinking. Use it to sell other stuff. How long do you need to research, investigate, contemplate on a $25/month product? If the potential of getting burned out of $25 makes you uncomfortable…you’re probably in the wrong industry. If you don’t like how people are promoting this, be different and promote it as you see fit. People who resonate with how you feel it should be promoted will be more likely to join you. Right Pawel?

  8. Martin there is a lot more to it. It’s not the $25/month lol but putting people into a biz opp knowing it won’t last long is not just wrong but also a waste of time. So far Empower Network is shaping up pretty well and that’s why I even bothered writing this review. You are right, it should be used for backlinks and getting traffic. Their product does provide value if you got basic SEO skills.

  9. I have been approached by at least 4 people wanting to recruit me into this. I find your review refreshing and spot on. So does anyone know what exactly is inside the $500 course being sold?

  10. You do not have to put people into the biz opp. If you are concerned that it won’t last long…don’t put people into the biz opp. EN has become an authority site, use it as such. Besides, I don’t know anyone good at predicting the future. In entrepreneurship there are risks. This is a calculated risk. $25/month. Unless you know for certain that it won’t last long…don’t sweat it. I’m sure you promote other things that may or may not last long. Why would this be any different.

  11. That’s a valid point. I think we are both saying pretty much the same thing. My main issue was the if people join solely based on hype thinking they can get rich then they quickly lose motivation when the buzz go down. EN is unique because of it’s viral component which is what caught my attention.

  12. If you don’t have a list, start building one today. Everyone who has a list today started with no list. If you don’t currently have a blog that is what empower network is. EN is a viral blog platform you can use to leverage it’s authority and rank your keywords higher in the SERPS. It’ll cost you $25/month. A strange thing happens when you don’t advertise your business… Nothing. If you don’t have money to advertise you’re gonna have to put in some sweat equity. i.e. youtube, craigslist, doing keyword research & targeting keywords you can rank for in google & get free traffic from search engines.

  13. Good points here. We’ll see how long the Google mother likes all the new content on the empower blog. Thus far though I agree with everyone here. Use it at the very least for the SEO side of things and back linking. Heck toss up some niche affiliate products just to get some good rankings on a few long tail and phrase keywords. I am already in and the trainings are well worth it. You really can’t beat it for $25 for the back linking alone as Pawel mentioned. If you’re in it for a biz op, do small banner buys on niche sites and solo ad traffic, it converts nicely.

  14. Hi, I also see much advertising about Empower Network. For me this is the old Australian 2Up plan. In the History of Compensation Plans you see not much Companies with this Plan. And so much I now not one are living longer than 5 Years with a plan like this. An this is why I would never go with them.

  15. Hi,, Is there any Indian in Empower Nework. If yes, please call me at 09419189880 or send me an email with your contact no, please

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