Forum Link Building – Does it work?

So a few people asked me if forum link building services work? Well, I said that in my make money blogging guide that forum links still pass some link juice but doing this on large scale and just for the purpose of getting links is not recommended. There is nothing better than creating link baits plain and simple. What those services are doing is pure spam in my opinion.

For example the site has the exclusive package for like $3899 LOL did you see what’s included? If you have no traffic and great content, by using that package you will probably be penalized for spamming your links all over the place. That money can be invested into something much more rewarding. For example, get someone to create you some useful tool to put on your site that others might want to link to. You will get higher quality links and they will look natural rather than just spamming forum and blasting out hundreds of articles all over the place.

Another thing is that the backlinks generated from these services appear on unrelated sites. On they say they will submit your site to PR9 forums like,, etc. LMAO  So now they have hundreds of clients and posting their links into these forums. How does it look to search engines? It looks like spam for sure.

To be honest, I would never use their service especially for my main sites. It’s not worth it in my opinion. It’s so easy to get backlinks nowadays that are legitimate and actually help you get rankings. There is no reason why should use those services at all.


3 thoughts on “Forum Link Building – Does it work?

  1. I agree, links from forums especially unrelated ones don’t really give you any benefits and actually can hurt your site.

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