Frank Kern’s New Book

So today I received an email about Frank Kern’s new book he will be releasing soon I suppose. I don’t know about you but I think Frank is a true master of persuasion. His videos always make you take his desired action, don’t they?

Anyway, when you go to check it out the page only has a video of Frank talking about his book and the option to get it for the price of shipping and handling.

You can check out the video here

What’s important to notice is his brilliant marketing strategy of the book. You are not getting the finished book only part of it. He also tells you that he hasn’t come up with a title for it yet and he wants you to give him some ideas for the title 🙂

The whole thing is nice a simple. You pay $6 and you get his initial draft plus a chance to win one on one consultation with Frank at his secret headquarters.

I liked how the cover had a big question mark on the front and looked so mysterious. It made me purchase lol

So anyway, the Frank’s new book is supposed to be about his journey in the internet marketing industry. Fact is he was the one who orchestrated some of the most successful internet marketing launches. I have actually purchased his Mass Control course in 2009 and went to the seminar in San Diego. That’s a picture of me on the right with Frank…good times

Despite what other people say about him I think the content he puts out is great and his Mass Control course delivered a lot of value for me. I guess it wasn’t for everyone but those who have an existing business got their money’s worth for sure.

It’s interesting to watch what he does. I am sure I will be getting the book when it’s officially released.


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