Fun With Fiverr: Making Money With The Web’s Cheapest Resource

By now, you’ve probably heard of Fiverr – the site where people list anything and everything they’re willing to do for $5.  A lot of the listings are pretty goofy (although it’s good to know where to go if I ever need someone to write a theme song about my site and sing it while wearing a banana costume…), but if you’re willing to dig a little, there are some pretty interesting listings for internet marketers to consider.

So first, let’s look at some of the Fiverr gigs you can use to grow your affiliate marketing business and then we’ll expand on how you can leverage these offerings into a fully-fledged business model in their own right.

But before we dive in, it’s important to understand how Fiverr works…

Unlike freelancing portal sites like or, you aren’t posting a description of what you’re looking to have done on Fiverr and then waiting for providers to bid on your project.  Instead, Fiverr operates more like a grocery store – you go in, browse the listings, find the one that will best meet your needs and buy it.

Because there’s less flexibility offered than on traditional freelancing sites, it’s important to look over each listing carefully before buying.  Read the gig description thoroughly and if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to contact the seller for clarification.  Also, be sure to check the feedback rating for each gig you’re considering.  If there aren’t any “thumbs up” ratings (or, if the gig has several “thumbs down” ratings), move on to the next listing – there are enough sellers offering services on Fiverr that it isn’t necessary to risk your money on an untried gig.

The following are a few of the different gig types that will be most appealing to affiliate marketers:

Keyword Research – Outsourcing your affiliate marketing keyword research on Fiverr is incredibly easy, and as long as you choose to work with a reputable provider, the results can be pretty impressive.  One keyword research gig that I purchased was delivered as five separate Excel spreadsheets, each of which highlighted a different area of the niche I specified that warranted further exploration.  Sure, I have the tools to do this research on my own, but sometimes just having a second set of eyes looking for potentially lucrative keywords can be incredibly valuable.

Article Writing – Clearly, you’re not going to find Shakespearean quality articles on a site where sellers only receive $4 for each gig they complete (after Fiverr’s fees, of course), but if you spend some time sifting through all the various writing gigs on the site, it’s entirely possible to find passable content that’s perfect for your backlinking campaigns.

Alternatively, one of the things that I really love about Fiverr is the number of article spinning gigs.  Even if I do run my articles through automated programs like The Best Spinner, I still like to go through and check the quality of my spin syntax by hand – which is pretty darn time consuming.  So finding manual spinning gigs on Fiverr that churn out consistently good results always makes my day.

Graphic Design – My absolute favorite type of gig to outsource on Fiverr is graphics creation.  There are tons and tons of talented graphic designers on the site who are selling their services at incredibly low prices.  Want to order a custom logo with three concepts and unlimited revisions?  I’ve done it on Fiverr.  Need an entirely new minisite design created for your newest Adsense site?  Just $5 here.

Yes, the graphics quality – like everything else on the site – can be hit or miss (to see a case study I did that illustrates this, check out my “How to Get Custom Graphics Cheap” article).  But even if you have to order a few separate Fiverr graphic design gigs in order to get an image that works for you, you’re still probably going to have spent much less than you would have working with a traditional designer.

Social Marketing and Link Building – Another great way to use Fiverr to grow your affiliate marketing sites is with the number of different social marketing and link building gigs that are available on the site.  My personal favorites are the social bookmarking gigs that will automatically send hundreds of backlinks to your sites and the gigs that will manually create 15-30 new Web 2.0 properties linking back to you.

You can also use Fiverr to buy Facebook fans, Twitter followers or “likes” on these services, but as I haven’t tested these offers, I can’t comment on how effective they are in improving your traffic or rankings.

Overall, there are dozens of types of gigs on Fiverr that can help you grow your affiliate marketing business – from video creation to WordPress installation and more – but I think you get the picture.  If nothing else, Fiverr can be a great way to learn how to outsource effectively if the thought of taking on a full-time virtual assistant sounds overwhelming.  Simply test out a few Fiverr gigs in order to see what kinds of tasks can and should be outsourced in your business, and apply these lessons when hiring a traditional VA in the future.

But like I said earlier, using Fiverr to grow your own business is only one of the ways you can use this service.  As you might expect, a site that’s full of people willing to do pretty much anything for $5 presents some great opportunities for savvy marketers…

First of all, you can make a little side money by posting your own gigs on Fiverr.  Yes, if you have a particular skill set – say, writing or graphic design – you can offer your services for payment.  And if you’re lucky, you might get noticed enough amongst all the competition on the site in order to sell a few gigs, get a few positive reviews and make enough extra cash to buy pizza and beer on the weekends.

Instead, for our purposes, the best gigs to post on Fiverr are those that can be automated or that require as little personalized action as possible.  One of the best ways to do this is with gigs that sell ebooks or other information products.  Say you have an ebook that you’ve written on how to write email marketing messages that convert well.  Why not create your own “I will teach you how to convert your email subscribers into buyers” gig and simply deliver the ebook when your gig sells?

You can increase profits even more by selling PLR products – just be sure that the content you provide is good quality and that your Fiverr listings explain clearly that buyers will be receiving a digital product.  If you’re interested in going this route, consider the following tips on how to create gigs that sell:

– Create an engaging gig title – This one’s pretty much “Headline Writing 101”.  When browsing Fiverr gigs, do you think people will be more likely to buy one titled, “I will sell you my email marketing ebook,” or a gig labeled, “I will show you how to DRAMATICALLY boost your email marketing conversion rates!”  Spending some time improving the quality of your gig titles will go a long way towards increasing your sales.  (Also – take advantage of Fiverr’s policy of allowing one word in your title to display in all caps to highlight your action words.)

– Include a custom picture and video with each listing – When drafting your listing, the more information you can give about what you’re selling and the more engaging you can make each element of your listing page, the more successful you’re going to be.  Create a fun graphic that will catch peoples’ eyes and put together a charming, engaging video that will make your listing stand out. (As a pro tip, some people say that mentioning “” helps you get a front page listing, so be sure to try this out!)

– Create as many listings as possible Fiverr lets you have as many as 20 gigs listed at a time, and by filling as many of these slots as possible, you increase the likelihood of people buying several of your listings at once.  As your popularity on the site grows, you’ll also increase your chances of becoming a featured listing on the front page of the site.

But wait…  There’s still more!

Fiverr is great for growing your business and it can be a quick way to make some extra cash on the side, but so far, we’ve only scratched the surface in terms of how the resources on this site can be leveraged in order to create an entirely new business.

To do this, think for a second about the resources you have at your disposal on Fiverr.  You have an army of workers who are willing to do tasks for very low prices, and the competitive nature of the site means that there’s always going to be more people wanting to do more work for less money.  This means that – at least for the foreseeable future – you don’t have to worry about this source of cheap labor drying up.

How can you spin that to your advantage?  Consider any of the following ideas:

Article Writing Service – Many internet marketers and website owners are willing to spend at least $10-$15 on an article, as long as it’s high enough quality.  The problem they face is sifting through all of the bad writers out there in order to find articles that are worthy of this price.  So what if you tested different writers on Fiverr, contracted with the best ones and then resold their articles to the clients you find who are willing to pay for good content?

Social Marketing Service – There are plenty of people out there selling social marketing services – typically, a guaranteed number of Facebook “likes” or Twitter fans for a set price.  The people who buy these services are typically website owners who know that these social signals play a role in search engine rankings, but either don’t want to build them organically or don’t know how to outsource them effectively.  Because you know how to find people willing to do these services for $5, you can turn around and resell the packages for much more to these webmasters.

Outsourcing Service – Most website owners know that outsourcing can help them grow their businesses faster, but plenty of these professionals are overwhelmed by the thought of finding a remote worker and delegating tasks to him or her.  To help relieve them of this stress, you can screen Fiverr gigs and offer outsourcing “packages” to these site owners.  For example, if you can find a good keyword research provider and a good graphic designer, you can offer other internet marketers a complete outsourced package where you find a niche site idea and build the necessary graphics all at once.

Of course, it’s also worth keeping in mind that if you build your Fiverr businesses to be relatively automated, you can later turn around and resell your business on a website selling service like Flippa.   Websites listed there tend to sell for 4-10 times their monthly revenue, so imagine the following situation:

You spend $50 testing different Fiverr gigs and find good gig providers who will manually create 30 Web 2.0 sites and then send 100 social bookmarking links to each site, for a total ongoing cost of $10 per package.  Next, you create a listing on the Warrior Forum “Warrior Special Offers” section, selling your backlinking packages for $20 each.

Every time you promote your listing (which costs $20, but exposes a new audience to your promotion), you pick up 20 sales, resulting in gross sales of $400 and a net profit of $200.  Say you advertise your listing four times in the first month, making your total investment in this system $930 and your total sales $1,600.

Now, say that after four months, you decide to sell this site on Flippa.  By this point, your site has earned around $800 in profits each month, meaning that it will likely sell for between $3,200 and $8,000.  Not a bad return on your limited investment, right?!

Obviously, none of these projections can be guaranteed, and you’ll find that your success with any of the business models described above depends on your willingness to experiment and work hard.  But if nothing else, I hope that these ideas have opened your mind to the potential offered by this unique site.  There are tons of opportunities to profit with this extensive work force if you’re willing to be a little creative!

Sarah Russell is a freelance writer, blogger and affiliate marketer who shares way too much about her business models and techniques over at her site – Common Sense Marketing.  To learn more about how she turned a single writing contract into a five-figure content agency, be sure to check out her free series “How to Start an Article Writing Service.”


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  1. I just started using Fiverr for link building but it’s too early to tell how effective it actually is. It’s dirt cheap compared to other services out there that’s for sure.

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