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A few days ago I received the Get Rich Click book from Clickbank as a gift. I went to check my P.O. Box and there was a package from Amazon which surprised me because I haven’t ordered anything lately. Anyway, when I got home I opened the package and it was the book.

I didn’t have the time to read the entire book but I scanned it a few times and it looks like a cool guide about different ways to make money online.

The Get Rich Click book is written by Marc Ostrofsky who is famous for selling the domain name for a cool $7.5 million. He bought the domain name for only $150k lol from a British internet service provider. What’s also important is that he then reinvested into which sold later on for $345 million 🙂

The book is about 247 pages long and structured very well. What I really like about the book is that Marc is using the QR codes to make it more interactive and give you some more extra content on his website. This is definitely a smart move on his part, because when you scan it you are taken directly to his website for more info – Very cool and smart marketing technique. QR codes are getting more popular each and every day. You can create your own QR code for free using or by the way.

It seems like Clickbank has entered into a Joint Venture with Marc to promote his Get Rich Click book. They are sending them out for free to their affiliates and vendors.

After scanning the book I found 3 things the really caught my attention.

First, on page 17 Marc Ostrofsky tells a quick story how he made money selling jewelry in college. He used his dad’s credit card to get $3,500 worth of jewelry at wholesale prices and sold $1,000 worth of products for $2,000. He then returned the rest and ended up making $1k for the day. There is an important lesson to take out of this story and that’s the fact that if you don’t have money use someone else’s money to get what you need to sell. Of course you need to make sure there is a demand for what you are selling.

For example, if you don’t have money for media buying use a credit line to roll out your affiliate campaigns. By the time the bill is due you would be getting paid from your affiliate network to cover the bill plus extra money you made with the campaign. A lot of people who are now successful CPA marketers started like that including me.

Second, on page 39 Marc talks about the benefits of owning, what he calls a “generic” domain name. I know he means a dictionary word domain name, which you wouldn’t be able to get nowadays, but you should own a short brandable domain name. I have told people this many many times. Get a domain name that is short and brandable and market the hell out of it. Look at my domain, I didn’t register , I registered which is nice and short.  Who knows maybe one day your domain will become very popular and then it could be just as good as owning a dictionary word domain.

Third, on page 192 Marc Ostrofsky talks about Maria Orlova’s story who became a YouTube celebrity by simply making sexy videos explaining the meaning of different words. Check out her YouTube channel . She now appears on shows like The O’Reilly Factor and even FOXNews.

Youtube has provided an opportunity for anyone to become popular through video marketing. If you sell products online then Youtube is like free advertising for your business. There are many different ways to make money with Youtube. You can build a community, sell affiliate products, make money from advertising revenue etc.

Anyway, I think it’s cool that Clickbank sent me the Get Rich Click book. There are a lot of great ideas inside that you can use to build your own business. When I have some more free time I am definitely going to read the entire thing.

The book sells on Amazon and you can get it (not an affiliate link) for like $11.98 right now. It’s definitely worth reading.


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  1. Funny that you posted this because I just got the book in the mail yesterday. It’s a great book actually. Marc is genius but he started when it was so much easier. He was at the right place at the right time and took advantage of the opportunity.

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