Is For Sale Got A Billion? the giant among domain registrars is up for sale. Qatalyst Partners firm run by a banker Frank Quattrone has been hired to manage the sale. According to them Private-equity firms are expected to bid. Godaddy has over 43 million domain names under management which makes them the largest domain registrar. Bob Parsons has founded the company in 1997 which quickly became a leader in the industry.

I have about 15 domain names still at Godaddy. I actually moved away from them and started using Namecheap a few years ago. I am probably going to move the rest of my domain names as well before the sale.

There is no doubt that Godaddy generates huge amounts of cash every year, so the auction might end up at well over a billion. Nice retirement plan for Bob lol It does kinda suck that he is selling it to some bankers, but I guess he just doesn’t want to run it anymore. I wonder how the new owners are going to run the company. Bob had a good thing going with the Godaddy girls and all the funny commercials . Time will tell.

What I didn’t like about Godaddy was their sales process. Everytime you were buying a new domain name they would try to upsell you all their services which was quite annoying.  With Namecheap you can just add it to cart click checkout and presto it’s yours, plus they offer free WhoisGuard for every domain name you buy through them.

It’s going to be interesting to watch what happens with the auction and who actually wins the bid. I know I wish I was Bob right now :)


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