Google Allows Ponzi Schemes To Run On Adwords

Today I was researching German Shepherds because I really want to get one and Google served me with an ad that was promoting a ponzi scheme called Banners Broker lol.

Here is the screenshot of the ad on the Youtube page I was on:

When I clicked on it it took me to a page that basically said it was the best thing since sliced bread. The url of the page was: (I won’t hyperlink it here)

Part of their copy said the following:

“With Banners Broker, EVERYONE is making money…It’s literally impossible not to make money.” – haha

So now that they got my attention I searched for “Banners Broker Ponzi” on Google and saw more ads from these people pushing it through Adwords.

Google stop being so greedy and don’t run those type of ads! It has “Ponzi” written all over it. People that join them don’t even realize how much damage they do to those who join at the end before it all crashes.

I wrote a post years ago about one of those scams that was called ASD Cash Generator. It was pretty much the same shit with a different logo on it. Some folks lost their entire savings…go read about it here. Notice how all the cheerleaders came there to defend it and when it all went down none of them came back to admit they were wrong.

I am actually very surprised that the Feds allow this type of stuff get so big before they take action. Are they greedy too? They wait till there are millions in the bank accounts of these scammers and then move in to seize it 🙂

They could get rid off this crap within months if they wanted to. Just create a dedicated team to monitor all the HYIP forums and serve lawsuits as soon as they pop up. That’s it … problem solved!

I understand that the economy is in a bad shape and all so people get desperate and join these programs but for Christ’s sake it’s not a real business and more people will lose money at the end.

There are a few other ponzis that are also getting huge. JustBeenPaid or Zeekrewards (update: Zeek just got shut down by the SEC) just to name a couple.

Check out their Alexa rankings:




Why is this even allowed to happen? I find it funny how all these ponzi programs make it difficult to understand how it works. Maybe that’s why the authorities don’t know WTF to do about it?

It’s really not that complicated. The Feds don’t need to know the details. If you put $10 or whatever in it and after 10 months make hundreds or thousands of dollars then something is fishy right? Where is the money coming from?

All of them are ponzis and sooner or later will get shut down but some people will lose a ton of money again like it has happened before and before and before….


8 thoughts on “Google Allows Ponzi Schemes To Run On Adwords

  1. Google has been lately less judgmental about the ads they review, but I am surprised that they let a ponzi scheme to run. As far as Zeek goes I knew this was going to happen. The other 2 will share the same faith as well.

  2. My friend tried to get me to join justbeenpaid a few weeks ago. He wanted me to recruit my Youtube subscribers but I said NO! It’s best to stay away from those scams.

  3. Ahh I had the opportunity to join justbeenpaid right when it launched, 1.5 years ago… hm surprised this still exists.

  4. Was reading your review and thought it was interesting that you said programs like ‘Just Been Paid’ should be shut down by the Fed’s for being a ‘ponzi’ scheme. Now I understand your thoughts and reasoning, however have you thought about what the largest ponzi scheme on this planet is…? That’s right, the government. 16 trillion dollars deficit, a base currency that has been tripled in just the last few years alone and a bunch of other facts too long to list here. Are you wrong about Just Been Paid and other similar programs? Not saying you are, just thought I would chip in my 2 cents why I believe the gov has no ethical stand point on ‘shutting’ programs down for what they believe is something that they are doing themselves. Only difference is, they’re doing it on an exponential scale all while robbing the people. Keep the posts coming! 🙂

  5. We all don’t like how the government has been running this country for the past 10 years but it doesn’t give a green light for ponzis to grow. For every 20% of people that make a ton of money from it way more lose at the end, so in my opinion ponzi schemes damage the economy even more. Just read some of the stories out there. People lost their entire savings.

  6. Banners Broker is not a Ponzi Scheme If you know the rules Ponzi Schemes the don’t leave a paper trail. If you knew what Banners Broker is you would know it is not an MLM at all. Nobody gets paid for referrals. If you knew Banners Broker everything is documented the panels are coded the transactions are posted if you buy panels with a bad credit card they can chase that down and lock the account of everyone that you transferred the panels too. So until you learn what Banners Broker is don’t put it in that Ponzi catorgory it is more than what you think. And besides nobody is out of anything if you think profit is your money than you are nuts. Profit is a blessing money you didn’t spend int he first place and stop telling grown people what to do everything is a risk dam your job is a risk. Take some dam chances in life maybe you will make it. People so use to programs like Zeek , Just been paid and MLM, Matrixes they can’t get there head out of that and look at BB as something new a great concept in the Internet banner impression market. All I say is if you not in it be quiet and if you are in it keep making money 2013 is going to be a blast and BB not going no where not in the same league as those programs.

  7. You’re right Banners Broker isn’t in the same league as Zeek. Banner’s Broker is MUCH, MUCH worse. The good folks at RealScam and Eagle Research Associates have been warning people about Banners Broker for long,long time – the same way they warned people about Zeek and ASD Cash Generator WELL before both had actions taken against them.

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