Google Buys Mass Control?

I have a strong feeling that Google bought Mass Control 2.0 🙂 How do I know? Well, I can tell by their actions.

Google launched recently what they call “Google Screenwise Panel”. I knew about it since day 1, but haven’t really talked about it much.

Today I decided to point out some very interesting facts regarding their so called screenwise panel.

When Google started to promote it through Adwords I noticed that they were using Frank Kern’s tactics to generate leads.

Looks like Google took massive action and implemented some of the strategies they’ve learned to control the masses lol

Here is how it works in a nutshel:

You sign up for their screenwise panel so that Google can monitor your browsing habits.
Quote –

This panel is designed to help us understand web usage better – such as what times of day people browse, how long they stay on websites and what types of sites are popular (or not). As a Screenwise Trends panelist, you’ll add a browser extension that will share with Google the sites you visit and how you use them.

Sounds scary if you ask me. But that’s not what I want to point out. We all know that Google wants to monitor everything you do and learn everything about you, so that’s not really the news here.
The part that is interesting is how they promoted it. They used the same marketing techniques we marketers use which I think is kinda funny.

The first ad I saw about it was on Youtube. Here is how it looked like:

If you analyze this ad you can quickly notice the techniques they are using.

“Need Money?” – Implies that they have money for you

“Join Google’s Screenwise Panel” – Call to action

“Get up to $30 in Gift Cards!” – That’s what it’s in it for you

Here is another ad I spotted just recently by making a search for keyword “free money”

Not sure how that ad would have such an awesome quality score to run for that keyword, but that’s not what I really wanted to point out either. What’s cool is how they split tested and structured their landing pages.

The first one I landed on looked like this:

It’s a simple landing page (squeeze page) that says the following:

– What they got

– What’s in it for you

– What to do next

In this first example, you get up to $30 in Amazon gift cards. If you joined from this lander you would have received $5 gift card instantly and then every 3 months (if you stayed a member) you would have gotten additional money to spend on Amazon.

So let’s take a look at another lander also used to promote Google screenwise panel

In this particular example Google gives out prizes that you have a chance to win. From $3,000 in cash to spend on whatever you want to big-screen TVs and other gadgets.

I like how they are split testing their landing pages to see which one gets better conversions. I didn’t know that Google buys internet marketing products. Maybe soon they will even start writing their own IM reviews, who knows?

Anyway, here is another one I also landed on:

In this example they split tested not only the “what’s in it for you” part but also the title. Instead of using “Help Us Make Google Better” they are using “You can make the internet smarter” (yeah, right!)

They also split tested the funnel. Instead of entering your email on this page you need to click “Join Now” and then start answering a sequence of questions on the next page that looks like this:

Very interesting stuff to be honest. Google is modeling our proven templates to get conversions. If I were you I would stay away from their screenwise panel though. I am not sure about Google being trustworthy these days.

Do you really want them to monitor what you do for some gift card? Maybe if they were paying out $1000/week! (The data they are after is priceless so why sell it to them for just a $5 gift card?!)

I wonder what’s next. Soon Google might even set up their own JV page and offer prizes to affiliates pushing their products.

I can only imagine their JV prizes. Let’s brain storm here…

Google JV Prizes

1. Get permanent organic rankings for any keyword you want (just name it)

2. Run Adwords campaigns without worrying about quality scores (Just like we do with our landers)

3. We will nuke your competitors for you (provide the urls)

4. $5 Amazon gift card (must generate at least 10,000 leads to qualify)

5. Lift your Google penalty (We can do that with a push of a button)

Got any other cool ideas post them below lol

I think it’s interesting how they are using the same techniques affiliate marketers were using for years. Makes you wonder huh? They banned thousands of affiliates from Adwords but kept all the data for themselves.

What do you think?


10 thoughts on “Google Buys Mass Control?

  1. Hey Tom, I totally agree with you. It would be easier for them to just join those networks and get a list of all the sites from the inside.

  2. He he he…Pawel you really rock man. I still haven’t unsubscribed from your email list and from Gauher’s Choudhry cause I like your emails, you are not as the most of the (brothers marketers) that promise you the sky and the is all day long buy my crap promotions. I actually have a lots of fun reading your posts. Great stuff. I’am keeping my eye on your struggle with the BDMSECGM (Business Destroying Money Sucking, Evil, Cruel and Greedy Monster AKA Google in disguise) since the beginning and I identify myself with you. I feel the same rage toward (see name above) I wouldn’t name it. And I know so many hones marketers feel the same. We are with you in this. I wish there where more people like you in our and other Internet communities. Thank you buddy. Wish you the Best. Michael

  3. Thank you Michael for your kind words. I appreciate it. Did you see Google Play roll out? Now they are going after credit card numbers lol

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