Google Instant Good Or Bad?

So I have been using Google Instant for the last week and I hate it. I am sure many of you know what Google instant is lol but if not it’s just a feature of their search function that automatically displays results based on what you are typing into the search box before you even finish typing your keyword phrase.

At first, I though it was kinda cool for some basic keyword research and find niches. To some extent it is, but for the most part it’s very annoying. I didn’t like the fact that Google actually forced that option on me changing my default search settings to use the G Instant, so I had to manualy disable it.

Anyway, I find Google instant to be a big distraction when you are searching for something. It pulls all these results totally unrelevant to what I originally intended to search for. I discovered that I was wasting time. I would search for something and then other results would appear so I would go check some things out and before I knew it I have wasted 10-15 minutes on something I wasn’t even interested in in the first place. It sucked!

Another thing is that everytime I restart my browser somehow Google instant is active again and I have to disable it. WTF  I guess if I was logged in that would not have happened but I don’t want to be logged a lot of times for many reseaons 😛

So that’s my take on it


One thought on “Google Instant Good Or Bad?

  1. I disagree. This is one of the few Google features that I enjoy. It at least gives you some rough keyword ideas if all you have is a broad niche or keyword. I find myself using it as a starting place then move on to the Wonder wheel. But then again maybe that is why I am struggling with keyword research. 🙂

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