Google Instant Preview feature and SEO

I knew Google was testing this feature for a while but it seems like now most users can actually see it in action. Google’s instant preview is a feature that allows the user to instantly preview the webpage before clicking on their search engine listing. Kinda cool for the user and I actually like it, but how is this going to effect the way we do SEO?

Here is a screenshot of how this works.

So now when you do a search on Google you can click on the small magnifying glass icon and actually preview the webpage you are about to visit (or not)

So now I wonder how it’s going to effect CTRs within the serps? Well one thing is for sure it’s going to weed out some of the spam blogs. But there are more factors that might make the user not visit your website such as:

– Too many ads (banners)

– Not much text (content on the page)

– Boring design

– Too many distractions on the site (site looks too busy with all kinds of pieces of content everywhere)

Those are just some that I can think off right now. So if Google makes this a permanent feature then we need to start optimizing our sites for the preview :O

How can you optimize it?

– Don’t make your font too big so people can read it on preview ( seriously I have seen those)

– Get a nice eye catching design or theme made

– Think outside of the box 🙂 (got to come up with something cool)

– Clean up your site so it doesn’t look too busy in the eye of the user

– Eye catching headline that is readable on preview but not rest of the content (add questions?)

There are definitely more ways to optimize and factors that will determine if the user actually clicks on your listing or not. Looks like Google wants to keep their users longer on their side and offer more content at the same time.

I wonder how it’s actually going to impact Adwords, because if you think about it Ads have no preview so they might trigger more curiosity than the regular organic listing thus possibly getting more clicks for the advertisers. Not sure about that though, but it could be possible.


2 thoughts on “Google Instant Preview feature and SEO

  1. I have noticed this new feature too, but on my laptop it’s not working for some reason. I guess they didn’t roll it out everywhere yet. Some good optimization tips though, thanks!

  2. I’ve been checking this out, I only get the magniflying glass appearing on my windows 7 pc, it does not appear on my XP pc

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