Google Is Going Social With The +1 Button

Google just announced their new +1 button function that will be rolled out soon to English speaking users. The plus 1 button will be also available for sites in the near future kinda like the Tweetme button.

So this is Google’s another approach to social marketing. I bet Facebook is making them feel nervous 🙂

They didn’t give us any date yet when it’s going to be released but you can start experimenting with here.

Basically when you are searching for something in Google while you are logged in you are going to see the +1 button next to search results kinda like this:

To use this feature you will need to have a Google profile (I have a feeling Google profiles will be used for their new social marketing platform soon)

So how is this going to affect your search engine rankings? Well, when you are logged in you are going to see which sites your friends 1up so that you can check them out when searching for the same keyword phrase.

I kinda like it because this is going to help weed out the spam blogs and sites that have nothing but duplicate content. Say bye bye autoblogs lol

Google is moving in the right direction, but I can see how this feature could be abused by marketers and businesses.

I can already see jobs on Fiverr where people will sell 1ups to your site. Right now it will only affect results for logged in users, but if Google was to roll this out to all users it would definitely create some panic in the SEO world.

If people notice any kind of boost in rankings because their link received a bunch of 1ups it will create a new marketplace again. People will create services selling 1ups.

I am not sure how Google is going to prevent it, but if the +1 button gets spread it will definitely have an impact on your rankings one way or another.

Google has tried before stepping on the social marketing scene without much success. Their Google Buzz was a failure, but the +1 button sounds really cool though. You can tell it’s in direct competition with the “Like” button from Facebook.

On Google’s official blog they said it’s going to be a very slow transition and not every country will be able to participate right away.

This new function could truly give Google an edge in the social marketing industry if their users “like” it of course 🙂

Anyway, I imagine that this is just a first step towards Google’s new social marketing platform and it’s going to be interesting to watch the development. If the +1 button impacts search engine rankings then it will definitely play a major role. I just hope that Google can prevent abuse somehow and stop businesses with big budgets to buy their way into the top of the serps.

What do you think?


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