Google Panda 3.4 – Content Is No Longer Important

Google, just rolled out their Panda 3.4 update. According to Google only 1.6% of search queries were affected.  Matt Cutts tweeted it too:

The new algo is supposed to target sites that over-optimize their pages. I am not sure if I understand it to be honest.

What’s an over-optimized page? If you say “Keyword Stuffing” then I get it and that’s great, but I have doubts about Panda 3.4 so far.

So if you write about a certain topic and your homepage includes many of the keywords you provide content for is that too much?

From my experience users want to find pages for keywords they type in into the search box. They want to find relevant content rich sites that can help them.

But if you have too many keywords on that page it could get penalized for onsite optimization.

Panda 3.4 also is supposed to punish sites that have too many ads. It seems to me like this only applies to the little guys who are still trying to build their brand, but not to the big dogs like CNN.

Check this out:

It’s only going to get worse from what I see so far. Big brands are getting a free pass to do whatever they want, while smaller sites are going to get squeezed out from the serps with time.

Google is going to make your starve. They want you to write super ultra-high quality stuff but you can’t monetize it too much because then you are taking advertising profits away from big brands. How could you?!

Did I say quality content is important? Scratch that! Google Panda 3.4 is proving me wrong. I cannot argue with Google. Now it might be possible to rank blank pages for highly competitive key terms.

For example, I went to Google and typed in “make money online” to see how the serps are shaping up after the update.

What I have found is quite disturbing to say the least.

At first I thought maybe Google was tracking my IP and I clicked on that link a while ago so that’s why it was showing there, but I ruled it out after doing a search on a brand new machine with a different IP.

I even recorded a video to show you that the blogspot page is in fact ranking there.

Hmm, seems to me like creating a bunch of Blogspot blank pages and throwing some ads like CNN does might be actually quite profitable.

Good work Google!


32 thoughts on “Google Panda 3.4 – Content Is No Longer Important

  1. Love the keyword density on the blank Blogspot page. Maybe if you just target a concentration of 100% and have no inbound links, as long as your content (1 Word Title) is on a Google property, you stand a chance. Monetize it with 4 ad spots or more and you’re golden!

  2. I just checked and that page is indeed there. How is that possible? That blog has absolutely no content whatsoever. That’s crazy! So it’s still all about links then and not content as Google wants us to believe?

  3. Astonishing. I’ve seen results in other niches that are just rubbish – and the only thing I see is keywords in URLs. Perhaps it’s time to buy up keyword rich URLs (and get the Google blogspot ones too)… at least until they roll back this naff Panda update.

  4. Look it is an update every week. Firms have absolutely no way of adjusting in such a tight schedule. Google is getting rid of its competition – small firms.

  5. Well, the whole thing is just so discouraging. Sadly the internet power-play is becoming more and more a reflection of the horrible real world, where the big players squeeze out everyone else.

  6. Yup, I’m having the same problem. I now have sites being outranked by competitors with 200-word content on the homepage and blank posts for all their other pages. I also have another site that is being outranked by another that copied articles from several people in the top 10 (myself included).

  7. Well, you are going to have a hard time unless you are building a brand. I just received a reply from Google in response to my unnatural links notice and supposedly now some of my pages violate Google’s quality guidelines. I think they got a little upset with my recent post here. To me it sounds like Google is against freedom of speech.

  8. Great post Pawel, and I feel your pain. We write unique highly professional content and get little love from G. And then when you point out a search result like this you have to wonder. I was thinking for awhile that the old school, content is king would hold true but not in this lifetime. The results are continuing to get worse. Big brands and useless information. Thanks for your post made me laugh, well kind of.

  9. Hey Stu, thanks for stopping by my blog. I know what you mean man. Big brands spend money on Adwords so Google tries to push them up in organic rankings. So basically you could say that organic listings are becoming paid listings.

  10. I tried what you said about doing a search for “make money online” and what you say is true. I’m STUNNED and sickened to see the results. If content doesn’t matter and backlinks don’t count, I’m getting pretty frustrated, confused, and discouraged. I just found your site and I love what you are doing here. We need people like you to be Google’s watchdog.

  11. Dee, I think backlinks still matter but either way the results I am seeing so far after the update are not very encouraging. I think what we need to do is build brands NOT websites.

  12. Well, that’s what I thought too, but now according to Google my blog doesn’t meet their quality guidelines! Absolutely ridiculous.

  13. Hi pavel. I try to type what you write about ” make money online” in and the result is not like what you talking about.

  14. Hi Pawel, your site doesn’t meet Googles quality guidelines?!?!? WTF! what utter nonsense, as a writer and blog builder I am always searching the web for inspiration and research and there is just so much rubbish out there that Google loves.

  15. The blogspot blog in question was of Grizzly. He used to write different internet marketing strategies for beginners. In 2010, Blogger deleted that blog blaming him of spamming the web. Somebody registered the same address and again got it deleted. It is registered by somebody once again and soon be deleted for sure. This very blog is ranking because of its backlink profile. Content was never mandatory for Google. I have seen lot of it.

  16. That’s even worse then. The blog was deleted already once, and now simply because it’s on Google’s property and has a strong link profile it ranks with no content.

  17. I see websites with bad content right on the first page of Google results all the time. Yeah, I have also seen blank blogspot pages rank but I just assume they had some great content before but got hacked or something so it is showing that blank page. Google can be weird sometimes. I hope they can somehow tweak their algo so that it ranks really good websites better.

  18. Hey Pawel all those things that is happening for the past several weeks all those slap’s in fact Google penalized over 800K sites for “unnatural links” all those changes are part due to Advertiser complaints about certain types of sites that were ranked #1 for certain keyword’s it was making less click’s on Add’s by the users and receiving more clicks on the sites ranked #1 on Google,Google goal is to keep advertisers happy and they start to knocking down hundreds sites this whole thing is the part for financial reasons of Google also another very interesting things that I stumble across doing ton’s of keyword research is that Google doesn’t want to display results for that particular keyword so things that happening is if you for example typing kw “how to save gas mileage” Google display results “How to save gas” and if you look up right side of the page there is tons of ads to be display I am checking CPC for those ads and they are over $10 + per clicks but there is no affiliate sites in the top 5 positions I know site it was ranked #1 for some of those kw and has PR 4 site is drop by Google I find that site all the way to page 7 so this seems to me that Google doing on purpose to make as much money as possible from adwords , In the past, the internet was a relatively easy place for anyone to take a shot at earning some money you just create site add good content and backlink and in a few weeks you could get ranked in the top 3 spot, Not so anymore With the number of pages in the Index, and with the way that Googles Advertising program works, and how they actually make a big portion of their money, they are changing things to give certain sites and groups an advantage over the typical affiliate marketer, and the “work at home” crowd.

  19. You think that Google would destroy their search results just to drive more clicks to Adwords advertisers? Hmm, that might be true lol

  20. I am astonished, amazed and disgusted. What gives… Why bother create quality content at all? Keyword rich URL Blankspots are the future. I really was loving the Panda updates. Google one step forward, three steps back. But, really it is good to remember that google are not the only search engine.

  21. What about adding a strategy for obtaining niche-relevant incoming blog(blank)spot links? Do a “blogs: [niche key term]” search in google. Get a list of a couple hundred blogs and effectively work towards sharing content and gain links from them? If Google is protecting it’s own properties by default, then build those links in and possibly benefit? Or maybe I’m completely off base (which per Google, I am :)…. so do the 1 key term blankspot approach and “make money online” or switch all link building efforts to making videos and drive that youtube traffic

  22. I talk about In past time, I saw it got ranked at the first page of Google for “make money” keyword.

  23. I think Google is just responding to their large advertisers whose Adwords campaigns are becoming less and less effective and are pressuring Fat G to make a change. Awww the large companies getting beat out by the smarter, smaller guy. So sad. Won’t see me shedding any tears. Well I guess when Google decided to lock out the little guys they took on the responsibility of defending their large corporate customers. Good luck guys. I been doing this since 1999, you aren’t getting rid of me buddy. Ban all the blog networks you want. My prediction is Google in the end will be one of the largest failure stories in internet history. Eventually, and I stress that word, the sheeple will realize that Fat G doesn’t provide the results YOU think are best, just the results they think will be more profitable. I for one can’t wait for that day. Google is not beyond being overshadowed. Take away GMail and who even gives a crap anymore. The only reason they are still on top is because there is no real alternative. Just Yahoo and Bing, the most corporate of corporate. I mean, who the f says my little affiliate site doesn’t provide better quality content and user experience for the visitor? Not the user. Google and that’s it. What is that based on? Their financials. What a joke. “Damnit we keep coming out with these new updates but our ROI for our corporate Adwords customers keeps going down” “I know, we’ll spin it so that everyone thinks we are working to provide better quality for the user.” I’ve got news for you assholes at G: People go online to get away from the big brand, constant corporate drone of our everyday life experiences (ie: TV). People know when they’ve landed on a big brand site, no updates will ever change that. You can return whatever results you like but you can’t change what smart people are looking for, and that’s an alternative to this corporate cutthroat, no choice, automated phone system consumer market we have now, so again – good luck!

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