Google’s Hypocrisy Exposed

So a few days back in my Google Webmaster Tools I’ve noticed the message that every webmaster fears – I call it the “message of death”. Yep, Google sent me a notice of unnatural links pointing to my domain name. I have never thought or suspected that this could ever happen to me.

Obviously I lost rankings for my main keywords, which sucks because I actually try to play by the rules.

If you follow me then you know that I always preach the importance of quality content and how spamming links all over the place is a really bad thing to do. I thought I was doing great with promoting my content but Google doesn’t think so.

Sure I did use some SEO services over the years a few times for testing purposes,but nothing on a major scale. In fact I have nowhere near the amount of links other top ranking sites in my niche have that constantly spam for backlinks. (I will get back to that in minute ;))

Here is what the message looked like:

My site meets Google’s quality guidelines, so there is nothing for me to do.

So what did I do? Well, I submitted a reconsideration request of course and that’s all I can do right? No, wrong!

I have decided to write this post as a result of the above message to expose Google’s hypocrisy. You see, I hate bullys and I feel like Google is bullying me. When I get pushed I push back.

Round 1 is about to begin and I am going to share some very interesting info with you in this post. I am planning Round 2 already but let’s hope I don’t have to go there and that it will all work itself out.

First of all, I was aware of some questionable links pointing to my blog but didn’t really pay attention to them because I believed that a competitor could not get you penalized. Google proved me wrong.

You can get someone penalized and I think that’s what happened to me. I knew something was wrong when someone registered the domain name and redirected it to my site. Then I saw some links pointing to it and it actually got indexed.

Anyway, strangely a few months later some d-bag was spoofing my email address all over sending out bogus get rich quick scams. It was brought to my attention and I tried to work it out with Hostgator.

After all that I just continued on marketing my content through guest posting, press releases, and the usual so called “white hat” methods.

The only thing I was concentrating on was posting quality content on my blog. That was and still is my main focus. I thought that was enough to stay away from all the Google slaps or whatever.

So now that we know you CAN get your competitor penalized here is how to do that in 5 easy steps:

Step 1. Buy links with their main keywords in the anchor text from private blog networks

Step 2. Spam their domain name on forum profiles

Step 3. Generate edu backlinks to them from edu wiki sites

Step 4. Buy their domain name with a different extension (like .net or .org), redirect it to their main site, and build links to that as well lol

Step 5.  Continue until their site drops…

(Just kidding, would you like someone do it to you? Don’t think so, so don’t do it to others.)

Anyway, Google is not going to stop me from providing quality content and I will continue to market it the way I see is most beneficial for me. I don’t sell links (never did) nor do I pay for links.

So let’s analyze the top ranking site for the keyword “make money online” (which is the keyword I used to rank for) to learn what according to Google is a quality website that provides value to the end user.

Analyzing 😉

According to Matt Cutts if you have too many ads on your site you are not providing good user experience.

But that’s not really all that bad yet. This site is spamming links all over like it’s going out of style (or are they?). The only reason why I think they haven’t gotten penalized yet is because of great CTR on their Adsense ads.

You can tell me all you want that Adsense doesn’t have any effect but from my experience I know it does. Google might make an example out of a few people to prove they do something about it and to keep others quiet but overall I don’t think they are willing to sabotage themselves, do you?

To prove that they use spam for backlinks check out this page on and look at the last comment by Brian Kevin. If you hover your mouse over the (URL) part it points to right?

Do they spam or not? You can’t tell and that’s the point here I am trying to make. It could have been them or someone else trying to sabotage them.

So in my case how the f***k does Google know if I did anything wrong? Why penalize me if there is a strong chance that one of my competitors did something to get me in trouble? It’s all bullshit if you ask me.

Google’s Paid Links :O

Google is big on paid links believe it or not. They fund all kinds of schemes with Adsense. For example, scraper sites steal your content and then can outrank your original post with their Adsense code around it.

This is why I don’t offer full posts in my rss feed, but that doesn’t really stop them either. I have seen sites scrape my blog’s content and actually get decent rankings with it.

Anyway, let’s talk about something much worse that Google is well aware of – arbitrage on massive scale.

Just the other day I discovered a cool little scheme from They place pay per click ads on the job search engine to drive traffic to their search results pages.


When you follow the ad it takes you to another search results page with some Google Ads on it LOL


So basically here is how this works. The user is sent from Google to at some point. Then from Indeed to, then back to Google, and then finally to the advertiser….WTF!!

I wonder if the advertisers know that they are being milked for everything they got. But who cares right? Those brands are a safe bet for Google.

I made an image to show you how this sales funnel works.

I think it’s important to notice that Google happens to be a middle man twice in this whole little sneaky deal.

What’s funny is that they criticize affiliates and are calling them an unnecessary step in the sales funnel, but the truth is they were not. The affiliate sales funnel is actually much simpler than the one above that Google is participating in.

It’s kind of similar to what did, which I pointed out a while ago in one of my previous posts.

What’s even funnier is that Google got caught red-handed buying links from bloggers to spread their propaganda about Chrome. They were buying dofollow links but didn’t penalize themeselves for it? How come? There was enough legitimate proof that they indeed sponsored the campaign. If you or me tried to do that, most likely our sites would get deindexed completely.

The Problem With Getting  Good Rankings

You see, you can’t just write quality content and hope for people to come and reward you for it. You need to market it and be able to put that content in front of your audience. In todays economy you don’t have a choice, but to be a little aggressive in your marketing. I mean, let’s be honest right?

You can market your content in many different ways but links is what helps the most. Spammers know that and that’s why they win.

When a spammer gets top rankings for their thin affiliate site most likely they will drop off sooner or later. That’s all good, but after him there is another wave of spammers already on the way lol

How can you compete? I thought I was immune because I care about quality content. I don’t post crappy posts that have no value. I reject around 10-15 guest posts per month simply because I don’t think they meet my quality standards.

I guess Google just wants you to write good content and hope that some day you will get noticed… Or better yet, share your content through their platform so they can monetize it themselves.

Google – The Scraper Site Of The Year

Google is the ultimate affiliate scraper. They win hands down. Nothing can compare to the amount of duplicate content that Google puts out. Just look at their new shopping comparison engine.

This is why I am awarding Google with the “Scraper Site Of The Year” Award. Congratulations Google!

Meets All The Following Criteria:

– Scraped product descriptions

– Scraped actual reviews from merchants

– Scraped number of reviews from merchants

– Interlink other scraped product pages with scraped descriptions

– Possibly scraped images

– Monetize the scraped content with Adsense

– Insert itself twice or even three times in the sales funnel (I like this one)

– Play dumb like it’s not happening during anti-trust hearing


Here are my 2 favorite Eric Schmidt’s quotes:

“It is better for the consumer for us to answer that question so that they don’t have click anywhere”

– So basically what that means is that Google knows what’s best for you. They want to make decisions for you too and keep you on their platform so you “don’t have to click anywhere” else.

“I can assure you we’ve not cooked anything” – I call bullshit! You’ve indeed cooked it (Senator Mike Lee is right). It was all part of the plan since 2010. Google filed for patents that would allow them to weed out the competition.

Watch the full video below.

So let’s take a look at an actual page hosted by Google that scrapes the shit out of merchants and forces them to play their immoral and unethical game.

For example, if we go and make a search for “Nikon d3100” we will get search results similar to this:

Now if we click on one of the results provided by Google it will take us to their shopping comparison engine. Once on that page, there are very interesting things happening that I want to bring to your attention.

Check this out:

What really stands out to me is the fact that Google appears multiple times in the sales funnel to milk merchants and advertisers for as much cash as possible.

If you compare the affiliate funnel to Google’s little arbitrage bonanza it looks much more ethical, doesn’t it?

Here is how Google wants the sales funnel to look like:

The question I keep asking myself is how the “do no evil” fits in into all this? Do you know? Please enlighten me if you do.

Google’s new agenda (in my opinion)

– Eliminate the possibility for users to leave our platform

– F**k the merchants twice, three times…..or 4 times if we can get away with it (can we do it sideways too?)

– Force merchants to play by our new rules

– Let’s monetize our new sales funnel to the max and milk the brands for all they are worth.

– Nuke (Penalize) those that market themselves effectively

Here is my prediction: Google will probably even try to force merchants to sell products directly on their platform so the transaction happens through Google. This way we never leave Google ever. Amazon watch out!

All of this has been in the works for quite some time. I read about Google developing these new sales funnels in 2010. I even posted about it in my blog when nobody paid attention.

Anyway, back to my case. I hope that Google stops messing with my blog and actually clean up the serps from the spam we see today.

I also would like to see Google lift the PR penalty I got like 2 years ago. My domain name used to be PR5 and then droped overnight to 1 (or 0 can’t remember). Come on G! How many more years?

Not only real people like my blog but also Pittsburgh Sexy Strippers were kind enough to stop by and leave me a {spam} comment-testimonial on my post.

I think we should be able to market our content the same way Google does theirs.

So what now?

Well, if you like this post I would appreciate it if you could share it. Hit the plus 1 button, Tweet it, Like it, Stumble it, or write about it! In fact, you got my permission to republish it if you want (if you decide to give me credit for it I would appreciate it).

Don’t let Google bully you. If you have quality content that’s all that matters.

Got something to say? Leave a comment below!


78 thoughts on “Google’s Hypocrisy Exposed

  1. Out of all the scammy sites promoting data entry crap and other scams they actually slapped yours? haha Google is losing credibility on all fronts lately.

  2. Thanks Ray. I am not sure about their forum. I would imagine you can’t really get any help there. They just penalized my homepage and not the entire site. Hopefully it will resolve itself.

  3. The key to all of this is Search. If there was an active campaign started to get people to switch to Bing and away from Google, the whole pyramid scheme falls apart. Google’s entire business model is predicated on the 80%+ search traffic they get directly and through property sites like YouTube.

  4. I’ve been visiting your site and following your content since 2005. You have poured your heart and soul into this site obviously, and yet the Google model considers your site to be of low quality? You provide free information of high quality, that many charge for. Shouldn’t quality be synonymous with value? And if so, how much value in dollars would all of your posts (Which are free to read by any visitors by the way) have cost if everyone of them paid for it?

  5. Wow, what kind of anger. I Understand what you are feeling like know when a “big guy” with unlimited power like Google doing something and build a rule as they want (even if they dong crime) as they hand that rules. I think the only way to fight back is attend the event they are hold ( in the future ) and debate them in front of others marketer. And I think it will sove theie evil action. thanks

  6. That’s why I never use webmaster tools, analytics or any other bells and whistles by google. Never giving them a chance to take my sites under total control.

  7. That is exactly what happened to me. I once heard that adding your site to Google analytics will give the big G to control you and eventually ban you the moment it sees anything aginst their “good practices” or tos which in fact can be out of your control.

  8. Nice writing and case study Pawel, you have made us aware about google’s policies and that would help struggling marketers to know why they are not ranked.

  9. Classic case of David vs Goliath. Big business, antitrust, cooking the books, un-leveling the playing field etc. is par for the course. Good luck.

  10. This is one of the most hilarious posts I think I have ever read about Google. They truly are the biggest hypocrites around. Can’t wait for someone to knock them off of their high and mighty pedestal.

  11. This is absolutely shocking. I do notice that Google is controlling everything. But im surprised they milk every cow twice or worse 3 or 4 times. This is a bit scary. They are getting a bigger piece of the pie everyday and we need to accept bread crumbs.

  12. Very interesting, I find myself in the same boat. I write quite often about local real estate conditions and have found my website ranking dropping quite a bit in the last few weeks, quite upsetting!

  13. Google can suck it, biggest hypocrites ever. Telling webmasters not to put ads above the fold when they put them above, beside, below…basically everywhere in the search results.

  14. Google google on the wall, who is the best search engine of them all…….. not google anymore.. what happened, it seems all companies follow this trend, they start of ethical and then after a while they dont give a damn anymore, they lose innovation, same with banks, all the big banks are terrible, rather stick with the small ones. Google panda raped a few of my sites , its difficult to keep track of whats going on with the big G, all i know is after google plus I think the company is going down the drain slowly… i never concidered another search engine but I must say bing is starting to look like an option.

  15. This has happen to my site too, on 18 March I have received the same message. The traffic is the same for now, but I guess it will go down in few weeks, you see any change in the traffic coming form Google?

  16. A lot of nerds are willing to give Google the benefit of the doubt because they say the right things about “doing no evil” but the reality is that Google does engage in many evil acts, whether intentional or not. I realize that Google, despite being filled with many smart technical geniuses, faces some really difficult technical issues with ranking people in search and they’re not going to always get things right. I think this is part of the reason that social media has become much more hyped and important in most average businesses lives. It’s gotten to the point that there’s dozens and dozens of companies listed at that do nothing but promote Facebook business pages. Social is great for businesses because when people post about a page their friends see it too and that word of mouth is more predictable than Google’s algorithms that may be wrong a significant percentage of the time. What will be really interesting to see is how the market will eventually react when Facebook enters the search market full time using some of the structured social data that they have…that will be a significant threat to Google IMO.

  17. Spot on and very detailed insights about what Google is doing these days. I for one have been complaining about Google Places for years as they scrape most of that content from the business’s website and display it along with their ads and even competitors so that a user looking for a certain business can actually wind up finding the competitor if they do a name search for the specific business.

  18. I have to say I had seen that coming since before 2010… They have stated that their “intention” is to control world information.. (maybe in fancier and prettier words) however, i’m do not fancy myself to be a genius, yet i understand what it means…

  19. I’ve built a site up from scratch over the last two years –, writing unique content every single day, and focusing on making the site as sticky as possible to encourage repeat visitors and continue driving growth.

  20. I’m new to all of this, so of course I have questions or at least want to clarify what you said… If you buy ad space on a blog google will penalize your site? Is this other people’s experience as well? I bought ad space on a blog site for my wires business and we have seen a drop in sales, could this be why? And my other question is, I have a domain and I also pickup serval variations of it and now have them pointing to my main domain, will I get penalized for that? Thanks for a very informative post, I’m bookmarking this site now! Thanks again,

  21. I don’t believe you will get penalized for buying advertising on other blogs unless it’s just a dofollow text link with a purpose to influence your rankings. To your other question about domains the answer is – no you won’t get penalized for that (unless someone starts blasting links to it or something it shouldn’t be a problem lol)

  22. You are bothered about the spam comment you got from “Pittsburgh Sexy Strippers”? The thing is when i get most of those spam comments on my site I try to search for the keyword they used as their anchor text and to my surprise these spammers are actually highly ranked in the SERPS. There was a day I checked one of the Google’s blogs (adsense or webmasters I can’t actually remember) I saw several pure spammy comments and guess what? These guys are not in any way being penalized by Google.

  23. i tryed to play by G’s rules for 3 years, posting 100% UNIQUE HIGH Quality content and doing ONLY the white hat seo because i did not know what grey hat or black hat means that time, for 3 years my website appeared on the first page (not even first place) for only 7 keywords, out of 2023 original blog posts, i got 7. i knew something is wrong last year so i said “F*** IT !!” lets get the dirty guns out and fight the SOB, so i got my self a couple BH seo automated software and in less then a month, i ranked first for 300 keywords. i was smart not to use “the default settings” and “link farms” so i tweaked everything so i can leave no footprints what so ever. and i still do it no matter what Google do or say because i had enough. panda plapped 23 pages of my site, and i still got {now} more than seven hundred page one appearances and more than 300 #1 results even when i cheated in like a gazillion way.

  24. I think they have deserve a class action suit, only thing is when will it happen, Even the big company’s are being screwed by them, Sooner of later and I hope soon someone will take a stand. The longer you let them do this the longer they will

  25. The moral of the story is that now you need to watch your back because if your competitor decides to take a swing at you and you don’t have an authoritative established website, you are finished. A competitor can easily mess with your link profile and harm you. Plus how do you know I used any of these tactics? My blog was gaining traction so possibly someone took notice and link boomed it.

  26. I think its more about how obvious the comment is to be a mass spammed scrapebox comment or something along those lines.

  27. Been doing it the white hat way for a decade and never once been slapped. I’ve got tons of pages and many websites in position #1 with far fewer links than competitors who are below me. I’ve never been lured by any of the SEO firms or quick hit link building software. From what I have seen, folks climb in the ranking because of some gray hat, at best, links. At some point, Google figures this out (it’s not hard; they DO troll all of the SEO forums where all schemes are potted and tools are released) and devalues all of those links that contributed to a website’s rise. The website owners cry that they have been dropped in the rankings. No, you have just been restored to where you would have been before you added those links. It sure is nice passing them as they slide, though!

  28. You are wrong there Scooter. Google might have devalued the links (I like that actually) but they also penalized the site. Go do more research on that. People that have built links to their sites through spam had better rankings before they even started than after they got hit.

  29. Pawel really great post, I agree with all you said very truth, Google also penalized 3 my sites for “unnatural link building” they were all onto first page of Google, I end up very disappointed, Pawel I want to ask you regarding this new issue that Google keep penalizing sites for “unnatural link building” what do you thing, do you thing this is gonna now last for ever Google will keep penalize sites, or you thing this may change in the couple of month or so this new issue for link building ?

  30. It is pretty ridiculous. I used to always tell my clients that links can’t hurt you – I mean it came straight from Google’s webmaster guidelines. Now I have to stick my foot in the mouth because they CAN hurt you, even if you don’t place them yourself.

  31. I’d love to leave a full-on lengthy comment telling you just how insightful and amazing this article was, but I need to start building some new domains/redirects to my most staunch competition. I mean, if it works it work, right?

  32. You are a god! That I agree with you is no big suprise – anyone involved in internet marketing knows this stuff to some degree, but you have clarified things. Google wants everything its own way and through its kafka style rules gives us no trial or any forum to appeal its verdict – ridiculous. Quality content means nothing to Google, unless it can steal it!

  33. Yep. The scraper sites outright stealing huge blocks of content and outranking seems worse than ever now after recent Google updates – and I have natural links not placed by me from several government sites!

  34. “Scraper Site of the Year Award”? I love it! Thanks for doing such a thorough job investigating the situation. Clearly things with Google are rotten, but I had no idea it’s as bad as you explained. It seems they are trying to do what the banks did in their own way – by getting paid multiple times but adding no additional value and milking their paying customers dry.

  35. Looks like the homepage and also some pages. But now I don’t know if they penalized me more because of this post and my press release? hmm

  36. Very informative post thanks for such a nice post , That is true true wants to dominate internet , they are day by day capturing all information about internet users ..Google is no more a user-friendly search engine in fact its a business now and all they care is about increasing their own profits

  37. Not sure if anyone picked up on it but that video of the “Google Senate AntiTrust Hearing” youtube/google have removed the ability to vote it up! Hmmm I wonder why!

  38. Google shopping content is delivered from merchants uploading their own content so they can show up in the almighty “shopping” search results (that’s if they can get selected over the big boys of amazon, target, wal-marts, etc). Does G scrap additional merchant content, maybe? It would make things easier for merchants who don’t have the time to upload each item of via csv file.

  39. This is very sad to know actually. Google do blackhat activities on large scale than anyone else. See Google caught scamming a Kenyan company and end up apologizing:

  40. I received an unnatural links email from Google the other day for one of my sites, and for another I got an email saying, “Search results clicks for “mysite” have decreased significantly.”

  41. I don’t disagree with a thing you are saying. The fact is that it is Google’s game, you are playing in theri arena, and they make up the rules as they go along. If you don’t like it, too bad, go somewhere else. And until they don’t have 65+% of the search share. This is the way it is going to be. So, figure out a way to play by their rules, or go to Bing.

  42. I really hate Google for their hypocrisy and I tell everybody about this. One of the best posts I’ve ever read. Keep up the good work. Bookmarked.

  43. This is a great post and something I was wondering myself- what should we do, make great content and just hope someone comes across it? I try not to look at it like Google sucks because in the end I have to rely on them partially, right? I’m hoping the next update will help. I realize they have to change the game often to get rid of spam and such, but it would be nice to see results that make sense.

  44. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Your content is excellent, Pawel, and I hope you are successful in your quest to have your integrity recognized by the all powerful Big G. You are right, just excellent content doesn’t cut it. When content alone does rank, Google will have shown its search engine users that they know what they are doing. Until then, its “penalties” are random punishments that leave enterprising bloggers bewildered and scared.

  45. Google is a bully, that’s a fact. That kind of thing can be handled in two ways: govt. intervention and the free market. I choose the latter. I won’t spend a dime advertising with them. There are other ways to spend your ad dollars.

  46. Scary, very scary. I feel like I’ve just walked through the doors of a top prison, and heard the warden is a sweet talking, meglamaniac. I started worrying about Google awhile back whilst checking youtube, and came across the “Google Masterplan” video. I remember thinking, “Why would anyone want so much power?” And later thinking more importantly “What would they DO with so much power?” I didn’t have to wait long, to figure that out. Perhaps there is some wisdom in the suggestion, of a “Google blackout” of sorts. A close quarters combat practioner once told me, if your on the ground getting viciously kicked, it’s a good idea to grabbed the feet of the person kicking you. Perhaps someone needs to grab Googles feet. lol. Thanks for your site Pawel and this page. It’s the first really long page I’ve read. A real eye opener brother. Take care. kind regards, harry.

  47. I commented before on this post But when I checked today the traffic of this blog, it is arround 5k monthly uniques. I checked it in I think that is good and hope it will increase through time.

  48. I couldn’t agree more. I received the “email of death” for one of my sites but I have since managed to regain its position (even moved up 1 position) so there still may be hope. Just goes to show that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. Nice write up. Keep em’ coming!

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