Google’s Love-Hate Relationship With Affiliate Marketers

Interesting infographic below from SEO Book by Aaron Wall. I really like how it presents the history of affiliates’ relationship with Google.

Affiliate marketers made Google what it is today. That’s the truth! When Google didn’t need us anymore they simply decided to pull the plug and kick us out lol

Back in the days you could launch a campaign on Adwords and be in profit within 15 minutes. It was awesome! I miss it 😉

Now  Google bans affiliates for the simple fact that they are affiliates. According to them affiliate marketers are an unnecessary step in the sales funnel.

You can still promote affiliate programs on Google Adwords, but the game is much different now. The action needs to take place on your site. You can’t just redirect the traffic from your landing page to the merchant, because if you do it’s considered a “bridge page” in the eyes of Google.

Anyway, in my opinion Google is the biggest affiliate out there. They constantly try to roll out products that compete with review sites, and their own advertisers.

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