Guest Blogging: Some People Don’t Get It

I recently opened up more for guest bloggers to come here and publish their posts. It works great because it generates additional traffic and links for me, but the trend I have noticed a while ago continues to grow.

It got worse since then actually and to show you what I mean I am going to publish a few emails I exchanged with someone who wanted me to run their post here.

Everyone is trying to guest post nowadays because they think it’s the only way to get links. Well, since Google penalized so many sites in recent months I don’t blame them, to be honest. In competitive niches it’s extremely hard to get natural links – sometimes impossible unless you start creating them yourself…but then they are no longer natural 😉

You see, when someone who has a website in your niche sees your content and likes it, what’s stopping him from rewriting your content and publishing it on his site? Why link to your competitor if you can create something similar and rank for the same keywords?

It happens a lot in competitive niches. Also, if you don’t rank already nobody is going to see your content to begin with. So in order to rank one might say that you need to engage in aggressive link building and then hope for natural links after you get to the top to make your content stick.

Believe it or not, that’s how a lot of successful sites did it before Google started handing out penalties. But because they ranked on top for so long and their content was good enough to gain natural links they were able to avoid getting slapped, even though they got there through blackhat link building.

Anyway, let me show you how some people use guest blogging only to get links without trying to contribute any value.

A few days back I received an email from this guy who wrote the following:


I am interested for the guest post on your blog

I have read all your guidelines.

I have written 700 words superb article for your website which may help you to increase the traffic for your blog.

The content will be 100% cs passed, unique as well informaive and also seo friendly.

Let me know if you are interested.



As soon as I read it I pretty much knew that this was going to be some low quality shit but I replied and gave him the benefit of the doubt.

I told him to send it over for review.

He replied with the post attached:


Thanks for your interest.Please kindly review the attached article and let me know when i expect it published on your excellent blog.




So I opened the word document and started reading it. After about 20 seconds into it I stopped because there was just no way I would publish that. It had no personality and it felt like it was written by an outsourcer from overseas, you know what I mean?

After just a few hours he sends another email asking if I’ve already reviewed it.


What about the guest post?

Have you reviewed it?

Let me know



I replied to him and told him this:

Sorry I cannot use it. Go ahead and use it for something else.

Then he replied again:

Can you please tell me what do you need?

At this point I felt like I didn’t have to reply to him anymore since I already told him that I won’t publish it. Anyway, the next day he sends another email:


Please have a look on the content I really want to write something for your blog.



Again, I decided to ignore him. I thought it worked because he didn’t send another email the next day, but he wasn’t going to give up and it was about to get better.

After about 3 days I get this email from him:

Have you sent my payment?????

Now I don’t know what this guy is talking about. What payment? WTF! I replied to find out what his deal is and then he wrote back:

It would be $5 for the post.

Let me know when can i expect publishef it?


Ok, what is this guy smoking?…Do I owe him $5 now? I sent him a reply and told him that I don’t pay for posts.

Now here is the kicker…

He replied and said this:

I will pay you $5 for this post…
Let me know.


So he wanted to pay me $5 to publish his post on my blog. For real? I mean, seriously?

I didn’t even reply to that and just decided to completely ignore him from now on, but he didn’t stop trying 🙂

After a few days he sent me another email with a different post that was even worse. I just deleted the message and hoped that he would get the hint finally.

But I was wrong! He sent another email right after that again:


I will pay you $5 for that post,It’s very important for me to get live link from your site.

Thats why i wrote is again.

Please do it because it’s about my reputation in the market.



So, all he really cares about is a link from my blog. I was thinking about outing the company behind it simply because they sell “reputation management” services, but I’ll just leave it alone.

He even contacted me through a few times.

These companies don’t understand how guest blogging works. It’s not supposed to be a massive link building campaign. Guest blogging shouldn’t be 100% outsourced either.

Would you let someone go around and ask bloggers to publish shitty articles with your name on it? It makes no sense!

I am afraid that Google will soon start discounting links within guest posts. Why wouldn’t they since majority of them are outsourced these days?

That’s why I require every guest blogger here to have a Google+ profile in order to have their piece published. I also reject most of them because the quality just isn’t there. I think that the only way to make sure you get quality content is if you contact the author you want to guest post on your blog yourself.

Update: The guy sent me another message and this time he told me I would make thousands of dollars if I published all their posts! Wow


See we need thousands of post every year so you will get lots of new posts every week with some aounts.

And if you agree for it I can assure you will get thousands of good posts and will pay for every I think around $2000 per year you can get easily because we like your site and our company will mainly focus on your site by giving you every day posts of informative quality but you need to get start with it by $5 for this post.


I guess I am just going to out them now. The company behind it is Let’s see how they manage this.

Update 2: Got another email. This time he is apologizing and would like me to take down their url.

Hi Pawel,

I saw your post this morning and I just want to express my apology for my insensitive behaviours and actions.

I have realized that I was very wrong to offer you money just to publish the content. My action was totally inappropriate and was sincerely sorry for that. I will promise that it woukd not happen again and would not do the same thing to other blog site.

Also, the company has nothing to do with it and I was not in any way connected with them, I’m just a guest post provider offering service with them. I would appreciate if you could at least remove the name of the company on your post and will take any responsibility to what I have done as I am really sincere. Please disregard the company about this issue as it is my fault and they are not aware about it.

Would no longer email you again, this will be the last, really sorry and hopefully you could grant my request.

Very Sincerely,


Well Mr. P, I won’t take it down and you should be happy that I didn’t publish your full name and email with it.


9 thoughts on “Guest Blogging: Some People Don’t Get It

  1. Wow, I could tell from that first email that the post wasn’t going to be good enough to be posted here…stupid people. And $5??? LOL. Why would he think $5 would persuade anyone?

  2. I am not sure why he thought $5 would get the post published. But in his last email he sounded desperate, so maybe he gets paid per post and he hasn’t been able to get anything published recently?…just guessing.

  3. This post would be HILARIOUS, if it weren’t so pathetic. So, first he tries to kick the door down with his sorry blog post. Then, HE DEMANDS MONEY?!?. Then…he gets on his knees and begs you by offering you money!

  4. He probably works for some SEO company that is doing work for their client who doesn’t give a damn about the quality of the content that is being published with their brand attached to it.

  5. Well done on turning the experience into content. Guest posting is hard work if you are trying to turn it into a campaign. You’d be lucky if 10% of people you reach out to respond. Then of the 10% who do it could take weeks or months before the article is published. I can’t see how people can offer it as a service as there is no guarantees that the articles will be published….unless it is part of a diverse link building campaign.

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