Here Is What To Do When A Merchant Tries To Bully You

Believe it or not some merchants will try not to pay you if you are making sales from visitors that type in their brand name to Google and then landing on your site, or people who search for reviews of their products and finding your affiliate page.

I actually don’t know why those merchants run an affiliate program at this point to be honest. You will find plenty of those idiots on

Basically they don’t want you to rank for their brand name or do advertising targeting their product names. While I understand why they might not want you to do Adwords ads for their name, I don’t understand why they might want to take you out if you rank organically.

They claim that an affiliate who ranks for their brand name is stealing their sales. They think that the customer who lands on an affiliate page would order the product anyway without reading the affiliate’s review.

Those morons are so wrong!

How many times have you actually typed in a product name and went straight to the merchant’s page and bought it? I always read what others have to say about the product before making my decision to buy it. A smart affiliate can make a great side by side comparison with other competing products and presell it to save the sale. (They don’t get it though)

I have heard different horror stories recently where a merchant contacts an affiliate and tells them to stop using their name or they get booted from the affiliate program. If you are not using their trademark in your domain name then it should be perfectly fine, but not according to them.

I guess you are supposed to just write about them without revealing their name.

Some merchants will even try to bully you and file a fake DMCA complaint against you. They might even go a step further and try to tell you that you need to sell them the site. (Yes, it happens)

First of all, you can write whatever you want about them as long as you are not making shit up. If their product sucks you can say so. They can’t stop you from doing it unless you use their trademark in your domain name.  If they file a fake DMCA complaint against you then you file a lawsuit and make them pay a fine lol

When you are promoting them with a positive review that ranks for their brand name, they might kick you out from their affiliate program knowing that most likely you won’t change the content, and it will stay positive making them more money.

If that happens to you what I suggest you to do is promote their best competitor.  You control the traffic not them. You can change your opinion about their product or service and drive those visitors away.

It sucks when this happens because of all the work and time you put into ranking the page and writing your presell.

In my opinion it’s great for the merchant to have huge affiliate force promoting their products and targeting their name. This helps with keeping the negative stuff away from the front page of Google.

As soon as they start messing with affiliates who are banking from their name, things start to get nasty and all kinds of negative reviews can instantly show up right at the top driving those supposedly guaranteed sales away.

The person that controls the traffic is always in control, so if they don’t want your business then send that traffic elsewhere 🙂


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  1. I got kicked out from an affiliate program before for bidding on trademarked terms. The campaign was making good money but that was before I got banned from Adwords ha!

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