Hostgator Review – Get These Hostgator Coupons And Save

If you are serious about starting your own online business then you need a reliable hosting service. The only one I recommend and have been using myself for years is Hostgator.

I wrote a while ago why it’s important that you get your own hosting account for your blog or website. You should read that post if you are still hosting your blog on some free blogging platform. Blogging is a business and should be treated like one. Having your own IP and hosting the blog yourself makes a huge difference. It helps with search engine rankings and provides you with security. Nobody will be able to delete your content simply because of some fake DMCA complaint if you use a good hosting provider.

So with that said, let’s talk about Hostgator.

Hostgator Reliability

I think over  5 years I have experienced downtime maybe 3 times. Their servers are up like 99.9% of the time and if something goes wrong they come back within minutes.

I host this blog on Hostgator and many of my other sites too. I can always count on them to fix any problems I have (rarely ever have any) and everything always loads fast for me.

Let me tell you that I have tried other hosting providers before and nothing comes close to Hostgator. I have had many problems with other services. Sometimes the site could go down for an entire day or someone who hosted their site on the same IP would spam and blacklist the entire server. Trust me, you don’t want to deal with that.

Hostgator has proven itself to be secure and reliable on all fronts. They monitor your sites and if there is an issue you can count on them letting you know what’s up.

Hostgator Features

Basically they got everything you need. Majority of people won’t have any problems installing scripts or plugins that they need. Sometimes, you might have to contact support to enable certain permissions, but that’s about it.

Every plan that Hostgator offers comes with free Cpanel which makes it very easy to navigate and install anything you want.

If you want to start a blog just login to your Cpanel and from the Fantastico tab you can launch your WordPress blog with a click of a button.

Honestly Hostgator has too many features to list here. What’s important is that you can run almost anything on their servers. If you are more advanced I recommend getting their VPS plan, or a dedicated server.

Starting with a VPS plan is probably the best option because it’s easy to scale, but if you are on a low budget then get a reseller account.

With Hostgator reseller accounts you can host multiple sites. You can also order dedicated IPs for each domain name you host, which is awesome for affiliate marketers who are trying to rank their niche sites high in Google.

If you are flipping websites then getting reseller hosting plan or a VPS plan is probably a smart thing to do.

By the way, If you decide to go with Hostgator VPS option make sure to choose Cpanel instead of Plesk.

Hostgator Support

Well, quite frankly I am not sure how they are able to provide such good support with millions of sites hosted with them.

Not only you can always call them, but you can also chat with them 24/7 if there is a problem you need to get fixed asap.

Hostgator support agents are always helpful and actually know how to solve problems. Other hosting companies might also claim that they provide 24/7 support, but from my experience most of the time their support staff doesn’t know much about coding and how to help you. Usually they will simply escalate the ticket and you have to wait like a day or 2.

This doesn’t happen with Hostgator and for the most part you can get any problem solved right there and then while chatting with their support.

One time I had an issue with a plugin I needed to have installed that crashed one of my sites and their support was able to actually edit one of the files and tell me what exactly was wrong with it. At the time I had no idea how to deal with stuff like that so without their experienced support agents I would be dead in the water.

Hostgator can even move your entire existing site (including the database) you host with other hosting company to their server. So if you are tired of your current hosting company you can quickly move to Hostgator…problem solved 🙂

Hostgator Pans & Pricing

There is a plan for everyone, but I personally recommend starting out with Hostgator’s VPS servers because like I said it’s easy to scale once your site start gaining popularity.

Their VPS plans that include Cpanel start at level 3 ($39.95/month).  It’s going to give you a lot of room to grow your business and quite a bit of bandwidth each month.

Here is what each VPS plan comes with:

Hostgator also offers smaller plans if you are low on funds.

You can basically start hosting your own site for as low as $3.96/month but keep in mind that it’s a shared hosting account. That means hundreds of other sites will be hosted on the same IP. I do not recommend that because it could hurt your search engine rankings. Google won’t penalize your site based on IP but I know from experience that sites hosted on these small plans don’t usually rank well.

Here are some of the smaller Hostgator plans they offer.

Hostgator also offers reseller accounts which is what I recommend for affiliates who build niche sites and play the SEO game. Reseller accounts are great for website flippers as well. You can order dedicated IPs for each domain name on your reseller account for like $2/month each.

If you flip websites you can actually make some additional money by charging your clients monthly hosting fees if they decide to keep the site on your server. One client could pay for the entire monthly cost of your account so do the math.

Hostgator of course also offers dedicated servers which I don’t recommend if you are just starting out because you won’t use the firepower it has for quite sometime. I would only recommend getting a dedicated server if you are going to launch a product or web service and you expect large volume of traffic your first month. This way you could save yourself a lot of headaches that comes with moving and upgrading accounts.

Their dedicated server plans start at $179/month so for a small time blogger or affiliate it’s probably not a good option to start with. You should start with VPS and then scale from there.

Here are the prices of their dedicated server plans:

Hostgator Coupons

If you are looking to save some cash then I got some Hostgator coupons for you below to use. You can use them to get 25% off any plan you decide to order or get instant rebate as well.

Hostgator 25% OFF Coupon Code >> Type “dospost25” when ordering a package for instant 25% price reduction.

Hostgator $9.94 OFF Coupon Code >> Type “dospostsave1” to get instant $9.94 off when ordering the smaller plans (it works for any order though)

Hostgator $24.94 OFF Coupon Code >> Type “dospostsave2” to get instant $24.94 off when ordering the reseller plan.

By the way, they also offer full money back guarantee if for some reason you are not happy, but to be honest I don’t know anyone personally who wasn’t happy with Hostgator after using their services.

Now is the time to start your own online business and trust me when I say this…you need a good reliable hosting for that. Hostgator is the only one I recommend because I have been with them for years and they haven’t failed me yet.

Once you start hosting with them you will become a customer for life. They will treat you well and provide top notch service with great support team available 24/7 if you need them.

If you are looking for the best hosting company then your search stops now. No company is perfect but Hostgator is the best I could find and I tried many before.

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9 thoughts on “Hostgator Review – Get These Hostgator Coupons And Save

  1. Great review! I use Hostgator for all my blogs too. Their support is awesome and available 24/7. They also offer SEO Hosting packages by the way.

  2. Hi Pawel. Great post, as usual. What do you think what is the number of visitors per day when you should move a site (WP blog) to VPS from shared hosting? If I have 1000 visitors per day, is the Level 3 package (768MB, 1,13GHz) enough?

  3. I would start moving the site to VPS when the traffic goes over 500 visitors per day consistently. The level 3 is not bad and can handle a lot. What’s cool about the VPS plans is that you can scale fast by upgrading to the next level as soon as you need it.

  4. Nice review of Hostgator. I have been with them for over 2 years and have always received great support and service. After reading your post I am considering upgrading to VPS server. I got a few sites that are getting busy so it’s probably a good time to crank it up a notch.

  5. Thanks Jason. I appreciate your feedback. I know you won’t be disappointed when you switch to VPS server plan. You might even experience a little boost in your search engine rankings because of that.

  6. Thanks for the coupons. I used one of them and it worked! I am going to get another reseller account with them soon for my new network of blogs I am building. All my main sites are now hosted on Hostgator for the same reasons you stated above. Thanks again!

  7. Awesome! I found your site and got what I was looking for. The coupon worked for me and I just started my first account with Hostgator. Going to work on my blog and see how it goes. Thanks for your tips and review.

  8. Hostgator has been one of the most popular hosting firm in the online world today….we have a couple of sites with them and they seem to be very reliable and hardly giving us any issues so far:)

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