Hot To Set Up 7Search PPC Campaign For CPA Offers

If you want some cheap traffic then 7Search ppc engine is something you might want to consider. They won’t deliver the volume that Google or Bing would but you can still get some decent clicks from them.

I have been playing around with 7Search for a while and I have to admit that their traffic isn’t the same quality as traffic from Adwords.  I have discovered that to really be successful with them you need to advertise an offer that has mass appeal. For example, dating offers seem to be doing well with them.

Anyway, if you want to set up a campaign and start testing some offers you can create an account with only $25. They also accept Paypal so that’s really cool.

First, you want to go to and sign up for an advertiser account. Once you fill out the form they will send you confirmation email. Next, to enable Paypal you will need to contact their support through the link on the “Add Funds” page.

When their rep reviews your account they will enable Paypal payments for you and you can deposit some money straight away.

What I like about 7Search is that you can directlink to an offer you are promoting, so there is no need to create a landing page to get some conversion data.

The next step is to create an actual campaign.

On your main dashboard click on “Campaigns” and you will see the following screen.

Now just click on “Create Campaign” and then you will be able to create your first ad. On this screen you can set your daily budget, country targeting, and even categories if you want to let the ad run on their content network.

It’s actually quite simple and straight forward. But before you create your ad you want to get some keywords you are going to bid on as well as the ad copy.

7Search has a tool that allows you to see how many searches different keywords get and how much people are bidding on them. You can also see their ads which is cool for spying on other affiliates.

You will need to enter captcha code to access the tool.

In this example I typed in “screensavers”

This might not be a high volume vertical but check out the low bids. Some keywords have only 1 advertiser at $0.01/click.

I know there are CPA offers that pay up to $3.50 per screensaver download. used to run these offers on Neverblue network.

What’s cool is that you can click on any of the keywords and actually view the ads that people are running.

So maybe this campaign wouldn’t make us millions but if it could get you $50/month then maybe you could find a few other winning campaigns?

It’s all about testing and getting conversion data. I use Affiliate Prophet for tracking some of my campaigns. It’s a great tool for affiliate marketers who want their own self hosted tracking platform.

So the first thing you need to do is find a good converting offer. Login to your CPA network and find something that has mass appeal. Then go use the 7Search keyword tool and find possible keyword phrases that you might want to use for your campaign.

You can use Word to nicely layout your different ad copies and keywords for each campaign. I recommend targeting only one country per campaign with 7Search. Don’t add all countries allowed by the advertiser into your main campaign.

When you have your stuff ready simply login to your 7Search advertiser account and create your first campaign.

Remember, you can start slow and deposit only $25 to see if the traffic will convert for you. It won’t go very far but if you can’t get a single conversion then I would probably bail on them or try a different campaign.

It’s important that you track and monitor your traffic. I wouldn’t bid to be in the #1 spot for every keyword.

Bid only what you think you can afford. I like to keep my ads in the top 5 though. Sometimes you can get #3 spot for 50% less then what the guy in #2 is paying so keep your eyes opened on the bids.

Anyway, I think 7Search has some potential and you can definitely get some legit traffic from them. It’s not super quality but conversions are there. I had some success before with them promoting health offers, so I was able to bid quite high since the payouts were good.

7Search is a great starting point for affiliates though. Basically anyone can try them out and see if it’s worth their time.


5 thoughts on “Hot To Set Up 7Search PPC Campaign For CPA Offers

  1. I haven’t tried them yet but I heard some bad stuff about their traffic. I only use Bing or Google now for my campaigns. Even after trying out PPV and other content networks, Google still sends the highest quality clicks for me.

  2. 7search offers affordable traffic in many profitable verticals as long as users are willing to give the platform similar respect to what they would give Google, Yahoo, Bing,etc. I have had many clients who simply dump as many keywords as they can at a penny per click, zero customization of their ad(s), ignore industry standards tweaks like negative keywords and match type optimization, who then claim that “7search sucks”. Simply put, you get out what you put in.

  3. I’ve just gotten started with 7search and so far for me the best use is split testing offers. You can get a nice flow of traffic immediately on your campaigns. You can setup 2 or 3 identical campaigns and test 10.00 to 3 offers each and see which will be better converting.

  4. I do have a CPA account as well and now I know where at least to start to get some traffic I will give 7search a try seems to be worth it. Thanks for the post and info.

  5. Actually, I was not aware of a quality site like that. For 2 years, I spend more than $2000 on Adwords. Yes, I earned more than this. However, by using 7Search something around $500 I can earn more. Thanks!

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