How I Almost Shut Down The WarriorForum By Mistake

Since I am running a WSO on there I was checking my messages today and noticed I got a PM from the admin – Allen Says.

The title was kind of scary because it said, “Banned – URGENT”

At first I was like WTF?! I have never violated any rules over there. Who would file a complaint against me?

Anyway, I replied of course and asked what was going on? Allen replied and told me that someone filed a DMCA complaint against the Warrior Forum, and forwarded me the message.

Well, turns out it was my massage that I sent to a hosting company against another site that happens to host the WarriorForum as well.

I guess the wording was a little confusing so they thought that the complaint was against the WF.

So finally I got it figured out and sent them another message saying that WF was just where I was selling my latest product and the other site I mentioned was in violation.

Long story short I was not banned and it all worked out.

So lesson to be learned? Make sure to word your DMCA complaints right or you risk running into trouble.  I outsourced the sending and I guess the person that was sending them out for me must have made a mistake or something.

I was very confused for a while to be honest. I didn’t know what in the hell was happening and what Allen was actually talking about. In his first message he said that their IP was about to get banned, so I thought maybe someone was spamming my affiliate links somewhere. Then after he forwarded me the actual DMCA complaint I got even more confused because it was mine against another site.

So I was about to get banned because of my own complaint lol

Good thing I actually checked my inbox and saw it just in time because he was about to delete my account and remove all my posts to save the forum.

I am going to personally check each DMCA complaint I send out from now on.


4 thoughts on “How I Almost Shut Down The WarriorForum By Mistake

  1. That’s pretty crazy, I never had to send out DMCA complaints before so not sure how it works, but good thing you didn’t get banned Pawel. Looks like it was a close call.

  2. Very interesting read and always enjoy your articles. I picked up your last WSO (Traffic Project X) and it is great, so I am glad you didn’t get banned.

  3. I own the registered trademark “Never Cold Call Again” which of course is infringed from time to time in WSOs. I leave the Warrior Forum alone, since I am a member myself and don’t want to cause them any harm. When someone uses my trademark in a WSO, I send the DMCA complaints to PayPal and to WarriorPlus or whoever happens to be the WSO platform. That way the problem is solved but I don’t run the risk of getting WF itself in trouble.

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