How I Got My Guest Post On Problogger And JohnChow – Let Me Give You Some Tips

If you are a blogger then you know how powerful guest posting can be. There are many hidden benefits that come from having your guest posts published on high traffic blogs such as Problogger or JohnChow.

Most bloggers do guest posting because of the link they get back to their website. Some do it for traffic and hope to gain more readers for their blog.

Backlinks from guest posting can truly help your website rank better in the serps. Google treats those links well too, because there is manual human review of your website and the content you are submitting.

Guest posting is something you should seriously consider doing if you want to get on people’s radar in my opinion. I know it’s hard to come up with killer content and just send it off to someone else to be published on their website. That is why I haven’t done much of that for a long time. I have written many posts that were supposed to be guest posts for other blogs, but after I finished it I just published it here 🙂

Anyway, so how did I land my guest post on Problogger?

Well, just like anybody else would I went to and started searching for information about submitting guest posts. After reading their guidelines I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and looked for the Contact Us link.

I filled out the contact form and waited for someone to respond lol

After about a week (or longer don’t remember exactly) I didn’t hear from anyone. I almost gave up on Problogger and wanted to try somewhere else. But if you know me I don’t give up easily so I decided to take a different approach.

I went back to Problogger and looked up Darren’s physical address 😉 Then I printed my guest post and mailed it first class mail! I figured that will get seen by someone over there. After a week I got an email from their content manager (Score!).

I was asked to send over the post again by email so I did. Next day I received a response that it was rejected 🙁

It wasn’t rejected because of low quality content or anything, it was rejected because they already had published a similar post before.

So I asked if I can submit another piece and this time I was going to do some research on what’s already been published over there. Have you gone to before? I had a hard time coming up with something fresh to be honest. Darren’s blog is huge and they publish new content daily.

Anyway, I decided to use Google to find out my next topic.

After about an hour of searching I found something I could write about.

The above image shows the keyword phrase I searched that got no results from Problogger. Now if you type that in you will find my guest post.

So basically, by using Google I was able to find something that has not been covered on their blog. I quickly emailed their content manager and told them my next topic. Then after I finished the post I sent it over and this time it got accepted.

My tip to you is: Research the topic first so that you don’t have to jump through all the hops like I did.

What was the effect on my site?

The traffic doubled the day it was published, plus I did gain some new subscribers to my list. Was it worth it? Absolutely!

Now how did I get my post published on JohnChow?

Well that was a bit easier 🙂 I just emailed John and attached the word document with the post. I formatted everything nicely (including the author bio) so all he had to do is copy and paste.

So you might be wondering what is the hidden benefit from these guest posts? The answer is leverage!

I can now use that as leverage when trying to guest post on other high traffic blogs. It’s going to be much easier now to get attention and be taken more seriously. I think that’s the biggest and most important benefit you get after you land a guest posting deal on authority sites like that.

If you are interested in growing your blog then guest posting is something you should seriously consider. Find a few good blogs and ask! That’s all it takes to get an answer.


7 thoughts on “How I Got My Guest Post On Problogger And JohnChow – Let Me Give You Some Tips

  1. Thanks for this post Pawel. I am going to do some guest posting in the future. Good idea to send it by regular mail 🙂

  2. Congrats on getting published on Problogger. I wanted to send them a guest post myself, but couldn’t find any indication as to what email they wanted submissions sent to. Think you could share?

  3. I myself recently (last week) sent a request to guest post on Problogger. The content manager just got back to me yesterday, had me send the copy, and said she would love to post it in Dec.. From the time she responded to me by e-mail it only took about 15 minutes to get a spot in the rotation. It may be due to my background being similar and yet different from the main threads there. I have also submitted one to John Chow without feedback as of this comment. 🙁

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