How Much Money Can You Make Blogging

I read a cool article today on Yahoo Finance about how much money some people make with their blogs. It really puts things into perspective for some of you who are just starting out. The fact is that blogging can be very profitable, but it’s a long term business venture if you have no brand awareness already built.

Most people think that they can start a blog and start making money their first month, but the truth is that you might have to post content for many months or (in some weird cases) even years before you see any money from it. Of course you can speed things up if you are good with SEO and know how to drive traffic, but if all you can do is write content then it won’t happen as quick as you might expect.

Things are changing though, and Google now puts more weight on the content you write. I have found that content pages with over 1000 words rank better than pages with 300-500 words, although that’s not always true either. It all depends on how much authority your site carries, but when you are just starting out it’s important to write longer posts than your competitors (at least that’s what I conclude from my observations). Once your site gains traction in the serps it seems that then you can get away with less content on your pages and still rank well.

Back in the days I used to do 20% content – 80% offsite optimization (link building). Now it’s more like 95% content – 5% link building. I actually like that because now I can concentrate on building my sites for the user instead of the search engines. I have seen many of my pages rank well without any backlinks to them simply because they had good original content. So I have decided to put all my effort into producing high quality content now.

You can actually start making money with a blog within just a few months if you are good at linkbaiting.

Your content should be your link building campaign. You want people link to your pages because of the value you provide. Sometimes it’s not easy especially when you are starting out and your blog looks empty. One way to overcome that is to create web based tools or just offering stuff for free that others are charging for. You can also speed things up by simply making good connections with other already successful bloggers. The famous quote “It’s not what you know, it’s about who you know” comes into play here. I have seen people who really don’t know shit about what they write but because they know someone who is already successful personally they rise up quick…I know it’s annoying but there is nothing you can do about it.

So anyway…back on the subject…after reading the article on Yahoo I can see a huge wave of new bloggers 🙂

According to that article some bloggers like Steve Pavlina can make $100,000 per month from just affiliate commissions…not too shabby I guess.

Steve owns a blog about personal development. He started it in 2004 and now gets over 2.5 million visitors per month!

I’ve actually visited his blog a few times before and I have to admit that his content is pure gold. Go check it out and pay attention to the length of his posts. Some of them are over 5000 words long!

Another site featured in the article is founded by Stephanie Nelson in 2001. Her site is about saving money by using coupons. What’s important to notice is that the site wasn’t making any money for the first 3 years.

“The first three years I made no money at all, so I had to love what I was doing to keep going.” – Stephanie Nelson. now gets over 3.8 million visitors a month!

What I don’t agree with is that you have to be passionate about the subject your blog is about. I can see how that’s important if you have no budget to outsource, but if you got money to play with you can get into markets without knowing anything about them. What stops you from hiring an expert (or team of experts) on the subject and pay him/her to write good content for you?

I own content sites that are built by people I paid to write.  Some of them are in markets I don’t know much about, so really you can get into any market you want if you got the budget.

Of course, most people don’t have that kind of money so in that case you probably want to get into something you like writing about, because otherwise you will get burned out.

The problem is that most people try to blog about making money. If you haven’t made any money online or don’t own other already successful sites then it’s going to be tough breaking into the IM niche. It’s easier to make money in other markets by the way.

I actually just recently started making changes to this site because I like talking about making money, but I have other sites that already produce income.

So if you would like to get into blogging check out some of my previous posts below that will help you get started.

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Basically your ultimate goal is to build a massive authority site. You don’t want to get into very narrow niche markets because then you don’t have much room to grow. Go where the money is at and start cranking out high quality content!

Here is a tip: To start making money quicker you could find an evergreen product in your market that people are heavily searching for. Then review it on your blog and do some link building to rank the post for the product name. Once you get it on the front page of Google you will start making sales and earn affiliate commissions. This could help a lot with building your blog and staying motivated. The key though is to find something popular that people search for. Always have your eyes opened for timeless products that you could sell as an affiliate. Part of the money you earn from your affiliate sales should be reinvested back into your blog to keep the growth going.

Once you gain momentum you will be unstoppable, so what are you waiting for?


17 thoughts on “How Much Money Can You Make Blogging

  1. Those are some crazy numbers! I can’t believe Steve Pavlina’s blog gets so many visitors. He doesn’t even sell any advertising on there. How is that site making so much money?

  2. The site makes money in many different ways. Steve collects names and email addresses on his blog. I imagine his list is quite large with that kind of traffic, so when he sends out an email promotion it generates a nice chunk of change. Second, he recommends other people’s products and gets a commission on every sales. Third, he makes money from selling his own stuff like workshops etc.

  3. It’s never too late to get started. Everytime I feel there is something I can improve on my online business.. i prefer to start something afresh.. am considering venturing in one of the niches you recommended (in fact am done with keyword research, domain registration, just doing a few graphics and then get started with content).. my goal is to review 3 evergreen products in that niche and have them ranked on top as I write authority content on specific subjects in that niche.. I prefer to write the first 15 articles before I start outsourcing.. this encourages me to do some research and get a basic understanding of the niche

  4. Mike, thanks for your feedback. Those are some good tips you gave here. Nice work! The cool part is that once you get a hang of it and your site is making money you can easily enter other markets and dominate 😉

  5. I am one of those who wish to do good on blogging and I think your article will be a really great help. Blogging is an excellent way to start earning money using the internet. It is easy, there are lots of templates, and lots of the work is automated for you.

  6. Blogging is a good way of online money. But it needs a lot of time, I think. At least in my case I have to spend whole weekend.

  7. Fahem, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Blogging can take a lot of time before you see any substantial results. It all depends on your marketing skills and the content you put out. This blog doesn’t make much money compared to my other sites in other niches. I blog about making money because it’s fun.

  8. David, good to hear that. I guess it worked lol. I see people have mixed feelings about PLR stuff but it can be very beneficial if you 1. Get good plr content 2. Rewrite it adding your own personality and other ideas to it.

  9. Whats funny is Ive been in internet marketing for almost a decade, made millions of dollars and never touched a blog before but have recently started building a few and playing with various plugins and this article was very helpful. Most of my posts are probably 500 words or so but I suppose could be longer. I have seen google announcements as well that correlate to what you are saying pawel, they say people need to concentrate less on backlinks, and more on quality content. Should probably listen to the Big G when they throw something like that out haha. Great blog here by the way.

  10. You talk a lot about “original content.” What about trademarking? I am about to start writing my blog, and am wondering what happens if in time to come, i start producing some quality. What’s to stop others from simply copying and pasting an entry of mine and using it as their own?

  11. Tim, I wouldn’t worry about it. Google usually knows where the content was posted first. Scraper sites that steal your content automatically get penalized most of the time. If some major authority site tried to rip your stuff they could get into big trouble if you decided to sue them.

  12. I have two websites that get over 500 hits per month. I have backlinks, free ebooks, and the sites are seo: The most I have ever gotten in 1 month is 2.00. The people making money on this stuff are people selling programs that make people think they can set at home and make money: You can make more money driving a cab or working at starbucks : Get a real job and forget this bull shit.

  13. Stephen, I feel your frustration but it’s possible to make a living online without selling anything. Just building content sites and selling advertising is one way to do it. Sounds like you maybe entered the wrong niche. 500 hits per month is nothing. You need thousands of visitors. It takes time but it’s well worth it at the end.

  14. Don’t forget to actually focus on trying to survey readers as to what they might want to know. I’ve heard bloggers using this for some of their posts-to help with some ideas for potential content creation. Blogging for me is a combination of fun and a marketing platform for the future Android apps I’ll be releasing in the coming months.

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